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Married to : Harland Richards (198?-...)

Former known boyfriend : Mack Blake (1990)

Profession : Owner of Bar None

  Jenny Lester-McKeon :
May 16 1990 (# 1462) to July 09 1990 (# 1498)

Rosalind Allen :
July 19 1990 (# 1506) to October 08 1990 (# 1563)


It is in bed with Mack Blake that we discover Gretchen Richards for the first time. Under her beautiful and loving appearance hides a manipulative femme fatale, who married the wealthy businessman Harland Richards only for his money.

Already manager of Bar None, Gretchen takes on the business world by trying an association with Craig Hunt for a real estate transaction, in her husband's absence. But her desire to double Craig is discovered by him, and Gretchen sees the project fail. For still mysterious reasons, she also turns to be the cause of the disappearance of Ric Castillo, who worked for her husband. She even tries to shoot him at the moment he is found by his brother, Cruz.

Knowing that Tawny, Harland's daughter, will be able to inherit from her father only at her 21 years old, Gretchen sets up a plan to get rid of her husband before this birthday. She shares to Mack the jealousy of her husband's, who discovered their affair, and the blows he gives him regularly in retaliation. Gradually, she leads him to envisage only one solution : to kill Harland to save her own life. As Mack, despite his love for her, does not adhere to her desire for violence, Gretchen holds a meeting between him and her husband at the Pacific Bay polo club stables. She shoots Harland and deposits the weapon in Mack's hands, whom she had previously knocked out.

But having not succeeded in killing her husband, Gretchen does it again, this time by trying to inject poison into Harland's blood at the hospital. She is discovered in time and arrested by Michael Donnelly. She thus ends her days in prison, as she will have well deserved it...

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