Elizabeth Peale




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Identity   Interpreter
Nickname : Liz

Father : Sir Richard Peale

  Professions : Painter, museum commissioner  

Lauren Chase :
December 12 1984 (# 97) to March 05 1985 (# 154)


In the story of Santa Barbara, the arrival of Lady Elizabeth Peale has nothing accidental, as she tries to make it believe. Only Lionel Lockridge knows about her coming. Several time before she appears in the show, they converse on phone. Lionel takes a great care not to reveal the identity of his interlocutor, simply calling her "my friend".

And this is a few episodes later that the face of Elizabeth Peale appears to us. She arrives at the Santa Barbara museum, to replace at the last time her father. Indeed, Sir Richard Peale being sick, it is his daughter who comes to make the conference on his behalf.

As of the first day, her way crosses that of Lionel Lockridge, like that of his eternal rival, C.C. Capwell. And as of their meeting, our friends play the game and do as if they cordially hate each other. Lionel insults Elizabeth, whom he claims to hate, besides just like her father. Elisabeth, very affected by Lionel's remarks, is quickly taken under the protection of C.C. Capwell, who invites her to settle at the Capwell mansion. Because C.C. and Richard Peale are long time friends.

Elizabeth's arrival in Santa Barbara is far from being anodine. Her objective is to help Lionel, her friend (and perhaps her former lover) in the rescue of the Amanda Lockridge. The Amanda Lockridge, baptized with the same name that Lionel's grandmother, is a sailing ship chartered by the Lockridges, which would have sunk in the Santa Barbara bay, during a violent storm. The boat was returning from Europe with on its board Master paintings (one Leonard de Vinci for example) which would have allowed the Lockridges to findagain the first place in the Californian high society. Lionel needs Elizabeth to give again light to these engulfed treasures. Elizabeth's role is to create copies of the Master paintings, because there are too few chances that they have not suffered from the time and the ocean. And to make their story being credible, they need that everyone to be unaware of the links which unite them and that is for this reason that Lionel does not want his son, Warren, to take part in the rescue.

Moreover, while she settles in the Capwell mansion, Lady Elizabeth Peale will poke the jealousy of Gina DeMott. Conscious of the tensions she creates between them, Elizabeth enjoys trying to seduce C.C. Capwell. But it is finally Brick Wallace who wakes her heart up. Highly interested by Brick, she initially proposes him to sit for her. She  thus sees an excellent mean to admire his body when she wants to, and especially a possibility of to seduce him. And despite Brick's many refusals, Elizabeth persists. Only listening to her desire, she even goes until proposing him a lot of money if he agrees to be a model for her. And Brick always refuses to yield to her harassment. He explains his refusal by recognizing that he is engaged with Amy Perkins and that he is destabilized by too enterprising women. And there, Elizabeth cracks and begins to cry in front of Brick. She realizes that she does not know who she really is. She opens her heart to him, letting him see some deep wounds. She recognizes she always tried to impress her father, who did not care of her, and that she always fell back upon him or other painters not to have to face the light.

Elizabeth finds again the confidence she had lost thanks to Warren, that she helps thereafter during his fugitive escape, while he is pursued for the murder of Channing Capwell Junior. Once her work completed at the side of Lionel, Elizabeth Peale leaves Santa Barbara, after however having attested the authenticity of Lionel's paintings.

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