Dylan Hartley






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Identity   Interpreter
Year of death : 1986

Brother : Nick Hartley

  Former known girlfriends : Janice Harrison (1985), Kelly Capwell (1986)

Professions : Plane pilot, manager of the casino Nick's Place


Page Moseley :
October 07 1985 (# 306) to May 20 1986 (# 461)


If Nick Hartley is a reliable straight and honest man, his brother Dylan Hartley can be considered as his perfect antithesis. He landed one fine afternoon in Santa Barbara on the board of an aircraft in flames he leaves over the ocean, and swims to the beach, where Julia Wainwright looks at him coming with excitement. Dylan finds in town his brother Nick and his girlfriend Janice Harrison, surprised to see him arriving so abruptly. Nick is particularly disappointed that his brother is still a liar, a profiteer and refractory to work. Dylan finds however a little support from Kelly Capwell, Nick's fiancée, not indifferent to his charm and his adventurer side.

But Dylan's arrival hides a well thought plan : with the help of his friend Sam Williams, he came into possession of a map leading to a mysterious treasure, an old Africa gold mine. But this map, stolen to the dreaded gangster Carlo Alvarez Dylan was working for, causes him to be chased by Carlo's henchmen. To escape them, Dylan makes a fake map with Sam. But when these men start to hunt him, Dylan hides the real map in a ghost town with the help of Kelly. After a chase through the ghost town where he puts Kelly's life in danger, Dylan is forced to leave the real map to Carlo. However he manages to save Kelly alive from the adventure, just before being rescued by Nick and Sam. Dylan is then blamed by his brother for having brought Kelly in this story and have made her risk her life. He is also left by Janice, who reproaches him his too little interest for her.

Whereas he goes with Kelly on a jet in San Francisco, Dylan is forced to stop in Santa Rosa. With the promiscuity, they both end up making love on board without considering the consequences. It is only the next day that they realize the seriousness of their act and the betrayal it causes towards Nick. They however decide to keep secret this night of passion.

Shortly after this, Dylan invests himself in a new adventure : the casino. He indeed proposes to the Capwells to open a casino in the middle of the ocean, on a disused oil rig belonging to C.C. Capwell. The idea goes on and Dylan becomes one of the managers of the establishment, once opened. But the conflicts continue with Nick, and Dylan is still unable to win of his brother the approval that he is secretly waiting for, especially since the opening day of the casino, Dylan implies to his brother that Kelly and him share some deep feelings for one another. Dylan, who wants to keep control of the casino money, do not hesitate to rig the roulette wheel, and Warren Lockridge is one of the players who is his the more often victim of it.

While her wedding with Nick approach, Kelly shares to her mother and her sister her one-night affair with Dylan and the remorse that chase her, thinking she is really in love with him. On the eve of the ceremony, she confided the truth to Nick, who immediately cancels the festivities. In love with Kelly, Dylan, even if he promises the contrary many times, do not leave the city so far. He even continues to pursue Kelly of his ardor with more insistence. One evening, when Kelly had organized everything for a reunion with Nick, he turns again more pressing and joins her, a gun in the hand, in the presidential suite of the Capwell Hotel. Dylan shows off a new side and wants to force Kelly to give up Nick for him. Feeling threatened, Kelly (who sees Peter Flint's attitudes in Dylan's), pushes Dylan in self-defense against the glass which gets broken into pieces and let him falling from dozens of stairs on the sidewalk.

The shock, which will cause a profound psychological impact on Kelly, is also a shock for the viewer, who sees a devious but impossible to dislike character disappear in a tragic manner from the show...

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