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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Businessman      

James Patrick Healey :
January 23 1990 (# 1381) to July 20 1990 (# 1507)


Derek Griffin appears first as a rich philanthropist businessman, before revealing his true face the weeks passing by. After Eden Capwell, it is Julia Wainwright who meets him in Canada, by helping him to make cross the border to two young orphans whom Derek wants to take with him in the United States. Arrived in Santa Barbara, Derek succeeds in integrating and be accepted by the high society, participates in the polo competitions of the Country-club and starts to frequent the wealthy heiress Kelly Capwell.

This is there that Derek begins to reveal his plan. Orphan since his birth, Derek turns out to share with the district attorney Ethan Asher, Craig Hunt and Stephen Slade the will to discover the identity of the murderer of Cassandra Benedict, a young orphan raised with them and killed after her adoption by the Capwells. His suspicions go very fast towards Mason, whom he eventually accuses publicly during a reception given by the Capwells. His will of vengeance is so strong than Derek even admits to his butler, Alfred Wright, that he plans to get rid of Mason. Alfred informs Craig about it, who recommends to Mason to leave the town to avoid any risk. But Derek succeeds in localizing his enemy and organizes a stratagem to make Mason come in the tunnel where Cassandra had disappeared. He tries to kill him, but Craig intervenes and helps Mason to run away. Derek has only the time to shot Craig to make him pay his betrayal.

However, Derek always tries to have Mason's skin. He succeeds in holding him in a cabin and gets ready to kill him again, when arrives this time... Cassandra herself, who turns out to be still alive. In spite of excuses to Julia and Mason, Derek is arrested by the police. He is released thanks to Ethan's intervention, but is again arrested before leaving the country. It is obviously in prison that he ends his days, away from the Capwells and from all his resentments towards them...

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A charming, mysterious character..., 1990
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