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Complete name : David Nelson Laurent

Married to : Madeline Capwell (1980-1986)


Former known girlfriends : Courtney Capwell (1980), Cassandra Dunn (198?), Sheila Carlyle (1986), Julia Wainwright (1986)


Brian Matthews :
April 08 1986 (# 431) to June 25 1986 (# 487)


David Laurent makes his entrance in Santa Barbara the day after the murder of his wife Madeline. Questioned by the police officer Cruz Castillo, David, tearful, says that he arrives from New York and that he had not seen his wife for several days.

But soon it is discovered that David was in Santa Barbara for a few hours two days before the death of Madeline. He then tells the police that he came at her request, this latter wishing to end their marriage. Often in conflict with Madeline, David admits that their marriage was floundering for a while. His relationship with his step-sister, Courtney, is the most execrable, this latter accusing him of having killed her sister. When are found traces of blood on his cufflinks, David ends up changing of version again and acknowledges having discovered Madeline's lifeless body the first, and that he preferred to lie in order not to incriminate himself.

David is arrested and charged with murder. He is represented at his trial by attorney Julia Wainwright, who quickly falls under his charm. At the trial, David recognizes that Madeline wanted to divorce after she get persuaded he had an affair with a certain Sheila Carlyle. David assures to have accepted the terms of their separation imposed by Madeline, and claims his innocence. Convinced and blinded by his charisma, Julia struggles to finally get his acquittal.

But it is at the end of his trial, finally acquitted, that David is going to reveal his real face : that of a manipulator man and without moods. Finding a bloodied dumbbell in David's bag, Julia begins to fear that he has lied about his innocence. In the mountain cabin where they went to relax, Julia gets scared and accuses David of murder. David destroys with an ax the door of the bathroom where Julia has taken refuge, and finds her trace in a relay of mountain. Sheila joins them there, and David and she reject on each other the responsibility of Madeline's murder. Cruz finally intervenes and puts an end to the conflict. Without any further proof of his guilt, David is released. He leaves Julia shocked and in tears, without Madeline's murder being elucidated yet...

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