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Identity   Interpreter
Complete name : Dashiel Edward Nichols

Father : Edward Nichols

  Former known girlfriends : Eileen Becker (198?) Julia Wainwright Capwell (1990), Dr. Denise Foxworthy (1991), Katrina Ruyker (1991-1992)

Professions : Doctor, president of the Blue Sky Brigade, gardener of the Raymonds


Timothy Gibbs :
August 07 1990 (# 1519) to January 27 1992 (# 1889)


Before all a doctor, Dash Nichols is at his first appearance in the show in 1990, the president of the Blue Sky Brigade, an ecologist movement. He hires Julia Wainwright as a lawyer in his fight against the Oasis project, instigated by the Capwell Enterprises, which would harms nature and birds. Dash gets closer to Julia in particular at the occasion of the explosion of the Blue Sky Brigade offices, destroyed by Harland Richards, during which they get trapped under the rubble.

Become very close to Julia, Dash is very quickly suspected by Mason Capwell, Julia's husband, to be his lover. Mason then starts to drink again and Julia decides, for the good of their young daughter, Samantha, to divorce. Dash then comes to comfort Julia and, for the first time, they both spend the night together. Fallen in love with Julia, Dash rents a house in the hope that she will move in it with him. He invites her to diner, and refuses to hear her saying that she regrets their night together. Without realizing it, he forces her to sleep with him again. Dash is then accused of rape by Julia.

The trial which follows is the occasion for Julia to see herself reproached her affair with Michael Donnelly two years before, and for Dash to see a painful event of his past reappearing : the accidental death of a former patient he was in love with, Eileen Becker, and of whom he had been accused at the time. But at the end of the trial, Dash is finally discharged because of lack of evidences. Being a nervous wreck, Julia kidnaps Dash in an isolated cabin in the mountains and obliges him to admit his faults. Dash refuses to recognize that he committed a reprehensible act, remaining persuaded that Julia was willing this evening and that they really love each other. While Dash injures himself the head, Julia runs away to look for help in the snow and falls into a hole. Dash saves her, but Julia is not for all that decided to forgive him everything.

Learning that she begins a therapy with a rape specialist, Dash gets closer of Julia's psychiatrist, Dr. Denise Foxworthy. Under a false identity, he gets seduces her, at first to spy on Julia's statements, before having real feelings for her. However he eventually admits his lie to Denise, and takes her to task in the hope of proving that it is not in his personality to force women in anything. He almost succeeds in also convincing of his innocence Augusta Lockridge, Julia's own sister. Settled on a boat neighbor of hers in the marina, he even feels, after many recurring visits, that she fell under his charm.

One evening when he saves a woman from a rape in a bar, Dash realizes the contents of his act with Julia. He then obliges himself to execute community works to make his fault forgiven. This is when he meets Katrina Ruyker, the young German girl lodged by the Capwells. In spite of C.C. Capwell's wrath, Katrina decides to ignore Dash's scabrous past and they both begin a nice love-story. On C.C.'s order, Craig Hunt tries by all means to make them part, going as far as paying henchmen to intimidate them by violence. So Dash's past as a rapist pursues him constantly, putting many spokes in both lovers' wheel. Helped by Katrina, he gets a job as a doctor in Saint-Louis. He leaves then, reluctantly, the one he loves. But at her departure of Santa Barbara in 1992, Katrina announces her intention to pass by Saint-Louis, to apparently take up with the past...

If no doubt ever really remained as for Dash's guilt in Julia's rape, this latter nevertheless knew how to remain a strong, deep and terribly human person...

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