Courtney Capwell




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Identity   Interpreter
Complete name : Courtney Caroline Capwell

Father : Grant Capwell

  Sister : Madeline Capwell

Former known boyfriends : David Laurent (1980), Pearl Bradford (1986)


Julia Campbell :
March 12 1986 (# 412) to December 18 1986 (# 608)


It is in March 1986 that make their arrival at the Capwell mansion Courtney and Madeline Capwell, the two nieces of C.C.'s, come to visit their rich family. A visit which however will last several months for one of them, Courtney, shady character hard to understand. Since her childhood, Courtney lives in the shade of her sister, manipulator and huge men seducer. This is only at the death of this latter one, a few days after her arrival in Santa Barbara, that Courtney will finally affirm her presence and her determination.

The death of Madeline, found assassinated in a bungalow, is the occasion of a rebounding investigation to identify the culprit among a long list of successive suspects : Pearl Bradford (present on the place at the moment of the drama), Lionel Lockridge (Madeline's lover), David Laurent (Madeline's husband), Sheila Carlyle (David's mistress) and even at one moment the district attorney Keith Timmons (also the late one's lover). Testifying against David at his lawsuit, Courtney appears persuaded that he is her sister's killer. Harassed by David who asks her to believe in his innocence, Courtney finds protection and comfort only near Pearl, who quickly falls under her charm. They both live some moments of big complicity, even if the love that Courtney has for Pearl is not shared with the same height by this latter, who prefers her cousin Kelly to her.

After David's acquittal, Courtney seems disabled to see that the ideal culprit escapes from his punishment. This is why Brian Bradford, Pearl's brother, has the idea to study more closely the events surrounding the murder in order to extract a novel from it. When Courtney discovers that the interpretation of Brian is based on a jealousy murder between sisters, she loses her self-control. She takes a revolver and threatens to kill Brian and Pearl if they share publicly what turns to be the truth : she is well Madeline's killer. She accuses her sister to have wanted to kill her to inherit all alone of the familial inheritance and, after a fight, Courtney says to have killed her in self-defense.

A not very convincing reason, but that in any case she will not have to prove : Courtney disappears of the town the following day of her avowals, whereas any prosecution seems to have been launched against her...

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