Connor McCabe




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Identity   Interpreter

Mother : Esther May McCabe

Sister : Molly McCabe


Former known girlfriend : Kelly Capwell (1992-...)

Profession : N.B.I. agent, police detective


Charles Grant :
August 11 1992 (# 2027) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Under the orders of the National Bureau of Investigation (N.B.I.), Connor McCabe arrives in Santa Barbara to investigate the murder of Frank Goodman, the man responsible for the sexual abuse of young B.J. Walker.

Connor directs his investigation to Sawyer, B.J. 's brother. But this latter flees from Santa Barbara to escape. That's when Connor reviews his suspicions about Sawyer by learning that Cruz Castillo wrote a confession letter in which he confesses the murder, before also fleeing to Mexico. As he knows Cruz's integrity, an exemplary police detective, Connor doubts of his guilt. This is the finding that Cruz is in fact B.J.'s father that leads him to believe that Cruz accused himself of the murder to protect his daughter. Connor then goes to San Francisco to arrest B.J.. It will turn out, however, that if B.J. was really present at Frank's death, this latter actually committed suicide. The case is hereby closed.

This investigation with many developments will have had at least the positive effect for Connor to get closer to Kelly Capwell, Cruz's sister-in-law then girlfriend. After the departure of this latter, he manages to seduce Kelly. To please her, Connor follows Kelly's advice and conducts a discreet investigation on Ken Mathis, the new husband of her mother, Sophia. This new investigation enables them both to get closer, and Connor takes the place left vacant by Cruz's departure in Kelly's heart and in the police forces. Became the new fair and straight detective of the show, Connor finally discovers Ken's former wives all died poisoned. In the final episode, Connor even turns to be able to face all the dangers, while disarming Andi Klein at B.J. and Warren Lockridge's wedding.

It is to Kelly that Connor opens up on a personal drama about which he speaks very rarely : the death of her sister Molly, for whom he feels responsible. While he was working undercover to dismantle a drug trafficking, Connor made himself pass for a drug addict, and this even towards with his parents and his sister. It was while helping him that this latter was killed during a drugs exchange. Since then, his parents have denied him forever. This wound never closed, and reveals a weakness in the personality of Connor who seemed until then a man sure of himself and without flaws.

The relationship between Connor and Kelly thus gains in intensity with the weeks. Connor and Kelly form a loving couple, at least till the end of the show...

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