What a thunderbolt !

 TÚlÚ Star, 1998

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Born on November 29, 1957 in North Carolina, Charles Grant, graduate from Seton Hall university and impassioned in basket, became a familiar face of the small screen. He appeared in particular in the credits of Dallas, In the Heat of the Night, Saved by the Bell and Kung fu, the Legend Continues, at the side of David Carradine. "No matter what it is said about David, he makes part of my good friends. He is a wild man, but he has the heart on the hand", testifies Charles. Courted in 1996 by the producers of The Bold and the Beautiful, he auditions at first for the part of Clarke. Finally, their choice is made on another actor. However, impressed by Charles' performance, they go until create to him his character. "Bradley Bell, the producer, even invited me to discuss my role. He is very open to all my suggestions", he tells with a bit of pride.

Sentimentally, the actor seems finally filled. Scalded by a first divorce, he had the chance to know again a thunderbolt... in a restaurant ! "I noticed Anne when I entered and I said to myself : "God, what a beautiful woman !"" And when she asked him whether he were unmarried, his heart started to be beating wildly. A few weeks later, Grant married Anne.