Clifford T. Monroe




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Identity   Interpreter
Profession : Police sergeant      

Joe Lambie :
January 09 1985 (# 116) to February 08 1985 (# 137)


The police sergeant Clifford Monroe belongs to the great family of policemen, which will not cease to progressively grow with the intrigue.

The day after the first murder commited by the carnation killer, this is him who is charged of the investigation. With this first murder, Clifford has only a very few clue : a white carnation and a stocking. Very quickly, with the second murder (the one of Summer Blake), Clifford feels that he is exceeded by the events. And even if the idea of a potential suspect takes form in the person of Hank Judson, Clifford knows that the investigation is certainly beyond his competences.

And this is why Clifford, who has known Cruz Castillo at the police academy, hastens him to assist him in this difficult investigation. By learning that the new victim of the carnation killer is called Eden Capwell, Cruz does not hesitate more and joins the research team. The arrival of Cruz within the team will be at the origin of the slow effacement of Clifford to the benefit of Cruz.

And even without solving the investigation which has been entrusted to him, Clifford will leave the show a few days after Kelly and Joe's wedding.

Portrait written for this site by Lilian

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