Chapter 8


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It had lasted a long time til CC had finally found sleep. Julia and Mason had come earlier to pick up Samantha. Mason had directly tried to question CC about the things that had happened during the evening. CC pointed out, that he was not interested in going into that topic again and when Mason tried his patience he left him alone to go upstairs to get Samantha. The dismissal was as short as usual, when Mason hadn't got the answers he wanted. He would have had explained everything to his son gladly, if he only would have had understand the reasons for the chaotical evening himself. But as long as he didn't know exactly what was going on, he simply didn't want to talk about it with him nor with anybody. Not even with Sophia, that already laid in the bed, when he came upstairs. He had undressed himself quietly and also went to the bed then. Without many further words, he took Sophia into his arms and willingly she leaned against him. Again and again, Kelly's words came  through his mind : She is Mama's daughter. Should he believe it ? Would he receive any answers to all the questions he had if it would be true after all ? He decided not to mention it again for the rest of the day and because it seemed that Sophia had also found some rest, he closed his eyes to find some sleep as well. Maybe the next morning would bring out the answers more clearly. The sleep didn't last long and when woke up and looked directly to the other bedside where he expected Sophia he noticed surprised, that she was not there. 

"Sophia?" he asked into the dark room. 

When he got no answer, he switched on the light. Sophia stood at the window and looked out. After he had called her again, she turned around and came up to him slowly. She climbed into the bed again and knelt beside him. 

" I could not sleep and since I didn't want to wake you up I got up to watch the beautiful stars at the sky tonight. " she said and smiled at him. 

CC was surprised to see her composed and well tempered. He had expected to find her crying, but it wasn't like this at all. 

" How are you "? he took her hand. "You don't want to make me believe that after all the things that has happened earlier you just got up after to watch the moon." he continued and pointed to the window. 

Sophia considered how she could explain her situation best. 

"You know. It almost seems as if someone has given me a full packet of sedatives. I feel too dazed to think about it at all" she said. 

" It was pure nonsense, what Kelly has said and for everyones sake we should forget about it directly."

Sophia put the head thoughtfully on the side. 

" Maybe, it was not such pure nonsense as it may appear to you right now." she said relaxed. 

Surprised by her statement CC looked at her inquiringly and so she continued. 

" Sure, I wasn't standing only watching the moon. I have tried to think about everything in a quiet and objective way." 

" What do you mean, quietly and objective. How can you treat something like this quietly and objective " CC interrupted her and only calmed down when Sophia gave him a sign to do so.

" Just as I had to admit to myself that I would always love you and would not get free from you, I also had admit to myself honestly, that there was a time in my life, that had laid in the dark for a very long time and that it seems that there could be some more still not discovered and remembered yet." 

" But Sophia..... " CC could not remain quiet any longer and tried to sit up. Again, Sophia asked him to let her finish.

" Fact is, that I cannot remember to have born a daughter named Cilia." 

CC looked at her warily and finished the sentence after a short moment for her. " But this doesn't mean either that it couldn't have happened at all. 

Sophia was infected by CC's unrest and got up from the bed again and took position in front of it. 

" CC. I had forgotten that I have killed Channing. I have ignored the possibility, that the woman, who introduced herself to us as Suzanne could be Eden and have maybe spoiled the only chance to hold her." 

" And now you are afraid of what there is more to come ?"

Sophia nodded. She touched her forehead with her fingers as if each individual thought and each single word spoken would cause her pain. But nevertheless she smiled again suddenly. 

" I try to get a logical order of all the things I can remember inside here," she said and pointed against her head. " I put all the memories together and try to find the gaps between them. But there are moments I can't tell if I create pictures on my own – just exactly the  moment I try to remember sequences– or if they really had happened. Can't say if they had happened years ago or if I had just created them to fill in the gaps." 

" I don't understand what you are trying to say." 

Again Sophia went to the bed and sat down beside CC. 

"Tonight, when Cilia and I had the dispute, she yelled at me, that I had told her the history of the "Princess of Capri" myself. Just like I have always told it our children. And then these pictures appeared in front of my eyes. I saw Kelly in her bed while telling her the story. Then the picture changed and suddenly Eden laid there. And then her face changed and Cilia looked at me. But not with a baby-face. Just as she looks right now she laid there and listened to me carefully. And at least it wasn't unpleasant at all." 

Sophia looked at CC inquiringly and tried to find out if he had got her point. 

But he still looked quiet confused and scratched his neck, trying to understand what she has meant.

" Well, I still believe, that she wants to talk you into something. She knows about your weak-points and takes advantage of them shamelessly." 

" But how does she know about these weak-positions ?" 

"Maybe it's true that she has worked for the Armontis and became aware of everything." 

" And why has she waited that long to come and see me ? If she was only thinking about  her advantage, she would have come to Santa Barbara much earlier." 

CC saw that his argument still showed some gaps and that it would lead him into a dead end. 

"Sophia! You have remembered so many little details of your past – why shouldn't you be able to remember that you gave birth to a child ?" he shouted out loudly. 

Ashamed of his outburst he consciously took Sophia into his arms and held her tight. After a few moments of silence between them, Sophia brought their conversation up the most important point for her. 

"You know, I'm really not sure which answer I fear more. To know that there is an imposter, that tries to exploit my dreadful situation – or that I have simply forgotten my own child."



"And once again he wants to handle the situation on its own." 

Mason and Julia came into Connor's office and Mason closed the door rather severely behind him. Julia made herself comfortable on the chair before the desk and rubbed her back. 

" Mason. Only the fact that he didn't answered all your questions, doesn't mean that he his trying to start something on his own again. By the way, where is Connor ? I thought we were going to meet him and Hopkins here at 11 am." 

Mason ignored her last remark and continued with his considerations. Julia wondered whether he only feared to miss something important, or whether he really reckoned something bad and tried to protect himself before he would get hurt again. 

" I know him. He is always doing it like this." he considered his words a short moment. " But this time he was so quiet – and this makes it even more strange." 

Julia was tired to try to explain to Mason again and again why his father might not have given any explanations and had asked them to leave. 

" Maybe Sophia didn't feel that good and maybe she was afraid to infect Samantha." 

Mason changed his mind.  

" No, no. He would have mentioned this. Let's go through it all again: Sophia wasn't and could speak for herself, Samantha was in bed, crying and willing to go home. My father didn't want to express himself about the whole matter. There must have been a dispute. 

" Between Samantha and CC "? Julia asked annoied. 

" Nonsense. Between Sophia and my father." He was convinced of his statement up to the moment he saw Julia's skeptical face. 

" OK. No dispute between my father and Sophia ". 

Mason still considered which possibilities were left now. 

" Why was Samantha actually there? She wanted to hear a story told by this " Supermaid". Where had she vanished to so quickly? "

" No idea. CC said, she had left the house and that it would be probably better, if we would take Samantha home again." 

Mason agreed to his considerations. 

" It's that girl. I don't know what and why it happened, but I bet that she has caused the chaos that upset my father that much. 

Just when Julia tried to contradict him once again the door opened and Connor and Hopkins entered. Connor was surprised to see Mason beside Julia, greeted him and started to talk about the reason for their meeting. He showed Julia some photos and gave her the explanations to it. 

"This girl was found last night in a motel outside Santa Barbara. The room-neighbors had alerted the police, because they heard someone screaming. When  we found her/, she was unconscious and we assume that this was because of the brutal hits she had to take."

"Was there someone with her ?" Julia wanted to know. 

" If you are talking about the perpetrator" Hopkins explained to her, "Unfortunately we haven't been able to find him. Would have been a pleasure for me to "talk" to him."

Connor gave Julia some records, that showed the first results of the examinations in the hospital. 

" She has strong contusions and haematomas in the face. It seem that this happened to be his favourite point to hit her again and again. Her left arm is dislocated and it also seems that she had to take several kicks into her belly." 

Julia closed the eyes. 

"Are there any indications who it was and where this person could be ?" Mason entered the conversation. 

Connor shook his head. 

" European – maybe Hispanic. White, dark hair. The hotel-manager described him as Spanish or Italian. But we will probably find out more when we have spoken to the girl." 

The word "Italian" made mason listen more carefully.

"She is still not responsive yet ?" Julia seemed to be f shocked from the facts and Mason  started to worry whether this case was the ideal thing for a pregnant woman. 

" The doctor has just called and said, that she awake now. They were also already able to take her personal data. It is.. and now hold on... Cecilia Armonti - your father's maid and the apparently daughter of......" 

Mason was eager to find out about the connection between the two words in his mind – "Italian" and "daughter" and couldn't wait to get the answer to it. Connor noticed that he had mentioned something that he should have kept inside. After he and Kelly had left the Capwell house last evening, he and Kelly had another long discussion about the latest facts and agreed finally not to talk about it any longer. Besides that Kelly looked herself up in the bedroom when they came home, it was his turn to spend the night on the sofa. 

Triumphantly Mason looked at Julia and clenched the fist. 

"I knew it! This girl had good reasons to appeared in Santa Barbara out of nowhere. My father has another secret bastard." 

It became very quiet in Connors office. Julia looked at Connor inquiringly and hoped, that he would finally answer the unmentioned question. But Connor had no intention to speak and so Julia him to do so. 

" How long want you want us to wait, Connor. Is she CC's daughter or what ?" 

Not sure whether he should answer at all, Connor finally decided to give them the answer. 

" Not CC's. She seems to be Sophia's daughter." 

"Sophia ?" 

Mason's reply was almost like a scream and he tore Julia, Connor and Hopkins out of their silence.  

"Tell me, that this Lockridge bastard Channing has a little sister and you almost made my day." 

"Mason!"  Julia yelled at him angrily. 

"Sorry, Mason. But unfortunately I can't answer your question." Connor answered barely and changed the topic again. " There is a young woman in hospital, who has been beaten up very badly. And I will give my best to find this lunatic, that has done this to her. Nobody has the right to treat a woman like this – no matter what had happened before his action." 

" You are absolutely right, Connor." Julia agreed with him. " And I will take care that she won't be alone in this situation. I will represent her and will stand by her side till this guy finally gets what he deserves - jail." 

While Connor you smiled at her relieved, Mason's smile vanished from his face. He took Julia's arm and pulled away her from Connor's table. 

" You are not serious offering this, are you ?" he asked shocked. 

" Why shouldn't I, Mason ?" 

"Is it so difficult to understand? This girl will feel the wrath of my father, the mighty CC Capwell soon and the best thing is not to join her when she discovers what this means. You should know what it means to have the Capwell family against you." 

" Primarily, I know that this girl urgently needs help to fight against this lunatic. And just to make it clear : I will fight against him, not against the Capwells. How could I fight against myself ?" Julia defended herself ironically. "And as far as this concerns Sophia. I will not interfere as soon as she has asked me about my opinion." Then she turned to Connor. "I will represent her interest. Can we go ? I'd like to see my client." 

Mason had no intention to give up that easily and again he pulled her away from Connor. 

"Do I really have to explain to you which burden this means for you and our baby ?" 

Juia tried to push mason away.

" No, you don't have to. But you should reconsider your arguments and should try to concentrate you on the essential things. Our baby is fine and I'm also sure that Sophia can fight her war alone. This girl in the hospital - Cilia - had probably had no chance to defend herself against this man however. And consequently I will stand by the side. Whether you like it or not. "



When Sophia went through the big doors of the hospital entrance, she still had CC's words in her ears. 

" Try to ignore these silly lies and don't go there !" he had said as an answer to her remark to visit Cilia in the hospital. 

Mason had called earlier and had informed them about the attack against their former maid. He had also indicated that Julia and Connor would come later to question them about Cilia.  

" She will hurt you again" CC had also said. But would she really be able to do this to her ? Could this "employee" mean that much to her, that she would let her come that close and that she would allow Cilia to hurt her ?

Sophia had stopped in the waiting area because she was scared to ask for her room-number at the reception desk. Mason had mentioned that Julia would also be there to question Cilia about last night. He had told them that she would investigate in this case and would represent her because she believes in Cilia as the victim of a lunatic. 

"This means that I'm not the only one that shares some kind of compassion for her. Even if the motive is more plausible with Julia. She fights for justice - I fight for..... " Sophia hesitated as if she tried to refuses to answer the question to herself. This girl had claimed to be her daughter. No. Actually she had only indicated to be a part of the family and Kelly had found out that she is her daughter....would be? ... claimed to be ! Sophia's thoughts started to cause a bad headache. 

She closed her eyes for a moment and then sat down to get some rest. She was tired because she wasn't able to find much sleep last night and this didn't allow her to think logical.

"And now. Try to calm down and think about it once again. Try to remember as much as possible and try to get it into a logical order !" she forced herself. "When Marcello brought me to the property of the Armontis at that time... I got to know the Count and his family. I was introduced to the servants and friends of the family ".  

Every time Sophia saw pictures of the individual characters of her past in front of her eyes, Cilia's picture appeared like a ghost in the background. 

"She has said, that she has worked for the Armontis. Maybe she was one of the maids' children ? But why has she changed that version later ? She said that she was raised as a part of the Armonti family and that this would be the reason for knowing the front house so well. 

Pictures of the years in Italy appeared in Sophia's head more and more. She could see the splendid estate with its huge blooming gardens again. The terrace, that extended the ballroom and the wide steps, which led to the small summer-pavilion, in which the musicians were placed on various occasions. She remembered all the enthusiastic helpers that prepared the residence for those parties and she could see the guests enjoying themselves in an elegant and almost perfect atmosphere. Sophia herself had cut the flowers for the bouquets in the morning and had arranged them with the others before the party began. 

" Why do the flowers have to die before they make us happy to watch them ?"

The sentence turned up in Sophia's head out of nowhere. Someone had said this to her once. She tried hard to add a picture to this thought, but her memory seemed to be blockaded.  

" Beat it ! You believe that Cilia has said this sentence." she admonished herself and tried to make a connection between the sentence and Cilia's picture. But again something prevented a success. "I get mad ! Whenever I try to make a connection between this girl and Italy my mind seems to turn off immediately. It is almost like the first sessions with Marcello, when I tried to remember my family." Sophia's headache got worst and she pressed her hands against the forehead again. 

" Sophia, are you O.K.?" somebody said and put the hand on her shoulder. Sophia turned around terrified, but then relieved to see Julia. 

" Yes. Everything is fine. It's just a bad headache. Guess there are too many things on my mind at the same time." 

Julia sat down beside her. 

" I know what has happened and also know about the accusations the girl made. Tell me. Do you believe her?" 

Sophia twitched her shoulders. 

" I can't see clearly anymore. There are so many memories of Italy in my head – the Armontis, the hospitals - that I can hardly realize what's going on here, right now ". 

" I have just seen her. Mason has told you, that I will represent her if we will find the guy that did it to her and the case gets into court ?"

" Yes. And I agree so much with you to fight for her right. If there is something between us or not, this has nothing to do with the fact that no one should be humiliated and hurt like this. And I'm here to tell her that she can count on me in this situation." 

Julia hesitated a while before she asked her next question. 

" It is admirable that you seem to forget about all the personal matters that happened to you and that you only concentrate on the fact that she's a victim who needs all the support she can get. But are you really sure, that you will be able to put all the other questions aside and that the only reason for being here is because you want to support a girl which is completely unknown to you ?" 

Sophia had waited for this question and therefore wasn't particularly surprised. She tried to formulate her answer very carefully. 

"I have tried to remember her, but whatever I'm getting no picture of her in front of my eyes. I asked myself over and over again whether there is only the slightest chance that I know her. Anything that would explain why I had to come to visit her – and something tells me "Yes!" But where is it coming from ? From my heart? From my memory? I don't know it. It is like an instinct – not possible to explain. CC told me not to come her and my common sense agreed with him.

"But nevertheless something brought you her." Julia finished for Sophia, who nodded to agree with her.

" For years, I have tried so hard to leave the past where it should belong. Have concentrated on my family and my life in the present, here and now in Santa Barbara. I think that it's finally time to bring these lost years in Italy to an end. And if this girl holds the keys to all still lacking answers in her hand, I will go into this room now and she will give them to me." 

In this moment Julia adored Sophia so much for her strength. 

" It is the second door on the left side ".



For Cilia, it had been an exhausting day in hospital. Not only the doctors had visited and examined very often - also Julia and Connor had come to question her about last night. She felt unpleasant that it had to be Samantha's mother, that had to see her like this and would demand answers from her. Afraid that another Capwell would change his mind about her within a heartbeat, she decided to keep silence about the reasons for being in hospital and – most of all - about Angelo. She was afraid that Angelo would come back if he would find out that the police was after him. Furthermore she was sure that she wouldn't survive another outburst of him.

She told them, that she had tried to find a motel where she expected to find some rest after CC had thrown her out of the house. On the porch of a nearby motel a man had invited her to a drink and became obtrusive after they had a few drinks together. When he became aggressive because she refused to go with him, she had tried to defend herself. He had already hit her a few times when she got unconscious.

"We would like to do our best to find the man, that has done this to you, Cilia"  she reminded Julia's words. "But we need your help and need to know everything you can remember" Julia tried to convince her how urgently they would need her assistance in the case. 

" It's like in the movies" Cilia said to herself. "The poor victim and the police. Lady, if I would tell you that this is no movie here and that the next hit could lead me into a "dead-end" - would go on telling me "We will take care of you- you are save ?" Because it caused too much pain to laugh Cilia avoided it.

 Julia had finally given up and had left. But before she did it, she had put her calling card on the table and had added that she would be available under the number she wrote on anytime. Cilia had tried to ignore this gesture and stared to the door - troubles not to show, that tears had come into her eyes. 

When the door finally closed behind Julia, she could let the tears go. But the tears soaked the bandages around her face and the skin started to itch so that she wiped them off quickly. She was startled when the door opened again.  

"Don't worry, Bella. This curious woman has left". 

The moment she saw Angelo's face in the doorframe she wished that Julia would come back. She didn't dare to answer and she had to let it happen that he approached her bed. Angelo put the hands into the pants-bags and if he wouldn't have had grinned that sarcastic, everyone would have believed that he was only embarrassed by the situation to see Cilia like this. 

"I'm only here to see if you are alright and to check if this little misunderstanding remains as our secret." Angelo's look got stone-cold. " You haven't told them anything yet, have you ?" 

Cilia looked at Angelo implausibly. Has he really said "misunderstanding" ? She saw Angelo's fist coming closer again and felt all the pain again the moment the fist hit her stomach before it turned into the flat hand, that beat uncontrolled every single part of her body. The "misunderstanding" turned out to be that she had been so stupid to get close to him in a situation of total confusion. That she had been so naive to believe, that he would understand and comfort her after the fight with Sophia.

"Hey!" Angelo's voice tore her out of her thoughts and took away the scary pictures in front of her eyes. "I want to know what my little Bella is intending to do now. I have seen these cops around everywhere - and this lawyer, Capwell". Angelo came closer to the bed and smiled at her "Do you really believe that she will help you ? Sophia Capwell's daughter-in-law takes the side of an imposter and trouble maker as you are ? A stranger and master of intrigues and lies." He leant on the frame of Cilia's bed and waited for her reaction. 

Angel and devil started to fight in Cilia's shoulders. "Don't answer! The nurse would hear your scream too late".  "Nonsense! Your are surrounded by a huge hospital staff and if he would get even one inch too close to you, you could alarm them and they would be here in a minute to kick this piece of dirt into the deepest and darkest prison where it belongs ". Cilia decided to make a compromise. 

" I don't have the intention to help them nor to answer any of their questions. They got my statement and I will sign the print out tomorrow. I was attacked and am not able to describe the person who did it nor that I know him. 

Angelo smiled contentedly. 

"That's all I wanted to hear. That's my little Bella.". He hesitated shortly and then continued while he got his jacket into order. "As soon as this paper is signed, you will pack your few things and we will go home. I don't feel any desire to have troubles with them again."

 Devil kicks angel and angel flies away. 

"Forget it, Angelo. Maybe the others won't get to know what happened – but I will always know and remember." Cilia motivated all the courage she found inside. "It's over, Angelo. Over and done. I won't be the target for your sick aggressions ever again. My life will change from now on. It will take place here, in Santa Barbara. With or without my mother. But defiantly without you."

Just when Angelo tried to jump over the bed to grasp Cilia, he was disturbed by the slam of the door. Startled he turned around, but soon he put his hand on the hips and started to laugh. Then he turned around to Cilia. 

"Now I know where all this courage came from. Here comes the hero to help little darling Cilia!" 

Angelo turned around again to approach the blond woman, who remained standing at the closed door. 

"Are you that stupid to believe that she is any help ?" He talked to Cilia but looked at the woman. "Do you really think that she can solve all your problems here ? That she is the answer to your questions ? She wasn't even able to solve her own problems and ran away." 

With threatening gestures, he stood in front of the woman, who didn't seem to be impressed by him at all. "You should think about it again, Bella. Consider the people you should follow well. I'll be back soon!" He grasped the doorknob and watched carefully the corridor before he left the room.

A heavy weight fell from the woman's shoulder and she approached Cilia quickly, sat down on the bed-edge and took her into her arms. They held each other tight, but got no chance to talk, because the door opened once more and someone tried to enter the room quietly.

"Sophia!" Cilia whispered.  

Cilia could feel how fear took over control in the woman's body and how her fingers clawed into Cilia's back anxiously. 

"I am sorry. I didn't know that you have a visitor. The nurses told me that you would be alone." Sophia tried to excuse her penetration. 

Cilia had to adjudicate her next step within seconds. 

"That's no problem – please, come in." she said and knew exactly what would happen next. 

The woman pushed her away and looked at her blankly. Fear in her eyes her lips formed a word. "Why ?"  

"Because we don't want to run away any longer and because we want to face the facts. Just as we promised months ago." She said loud so that also Sophia could hear it. However Sophia had no idea what was going on there. After a few moments the woman nodded quietly to Cilia and got away from her. Slowly, she got up, still the back turned to Sophia. 

"I, didn't know that you have any friends in town." Sophia asked distrustful. 

" I've been away for a very long time." the woman answered suddenly and Cilia closed her eyes to signalize that everything was fine. "But now I'm finally back. To face the facts, to disentangle the lies and finally to stand up for myself." Then she turned around and after years of worries and fears Sophia looked into her daughter Eden's face again.

Chapter 9