Chapter 9


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"Eden !" 

Sophia couldn't believe her eyes. But it was definitely her long missing daughter that actually sat on Cilia's bed-edge. Besides that her hair was cut much shorter, she hadn't hardly changed. Maybe the lines in her face had become somewhat stricter, but maybe they were simply signs and memories of  the long fight with herself. 

Eden took her hat off and looking at her confirmed Sophia's suppositions. Eden had grown up. That youthful looking had yielded an experienced expression in her face. But she felt very positively about one thing : Eden looked more balanced and solid in her behaving. She looked directly into Sophia's eyes, still holding Cilia's hand as if she would need it as a support. 

"Eden. I didn't know...... " Sophia began carefully - still afraid that the first wrong word would open again the old wounds and Eden would vanish before giving Sophia the chance to speak to her. 

"You didn't know that I would come. I haven't had done it myself until I finally read a sign with the name Santa Barbara on it. Seems that a magic strength has driven me here." 

Eden kept quiet for a short moment, waiting for Sophia's reaction. But she only stared at her daughter incredulous. Has her first impression been wrong and Eden was not as far balanced as she had suspected? 

Little by little, a smile refined on Eden's face. It was exactly the smile Sophia has always  loved so much. 

"Hey, don't worry, Mum. I know quite exactly why I am here - and also how I got here. I'm feeling fine and I am ready to talk about all the things that had happened". Eden turned around and pressed Cilia's hand while looking at her.

"And I'm aware that I owe most of this to Cilia"

Cilia tried hard to reply Eden's smile - unfortunately the bandages didn't give much space to do so and so she closed her eyes for a short moment and when she opened them again she saw that Eden had understood her well. Since there was silence between mother and daughter, Cilia decided to direct the conversation into an appropriate direction. 

"I met Eden in Europe. In France, during my Au pair work there. We became good friends - long before...... " Cilia noticed that she had brought herself into a dead end. Sophia also replied to her with hostility immediately. "Long before what? Long before you decided to take the opportunity to create this unbelievable story?" she asked keenly. 

Eden felt that she was asked to stand up for Cilia now. For this reason, she had come back to Santa Barbara. She wouldn't have come home by herself yet. She had found out about the dominance, that the family exerted on individual persons consciously. But now she was capable to fight against this dominance. She got up from the bed and approached Sophia. 

"I got to know Cilia as friend in France and was terribly shocked to find out later that she is my sister. Probably as shocked as you were, when you first heard about it. Her life-story sounds incredibly unbelievable from the first up to the last sentence – but sometimes also so logical again. Have you already spoken to her, mother ? I mean a real conversation and not only the popular matter and answer game of the Capwells. " 

Sophia tried to remain quietly.

" We had no chance yet". 

" But Cilia and I had the chance. So many days we talked from the early morning sunrise  till sunset at the shore of the Seine and talked and listened to each other. And after that we went into any nice cafe, had Ratatouille or Crepes with fresh fruits and talked again till someone told us to go. Every single sentence seemed to be like medicine and I felt better and more relieved every day. Cilia listened to me, explained to me and made it clear to me, that also the darkest moments in my life have a special and important meanings." 

"We would have loved to help you, Eden. But unfortunately you gave us no chance to do so." Sophia interfered. 

"Tell me. Did you understand a single word of what I have just tried to explain ?" Eden asked. "I wanted no help. I wanted to talk. I wanted to tell what has depressed me and to explain what has driven me that far. I wanted someone objective to judge the whole thing and to tell me who I should forgive or if I should blame myself for what had happened.

"Have you forgiven us, Eden ?" 

Eden thought before she answered. The answer was in her head for such a long time but now that she had to give it, she felt a little scared. 

"My family is the origin of my will, my strength and my energy. I have learned from you, have copied you, but have also striven again and again to be myself. Attempting to live on your expectations I simply gave up one piece after the other, which I have created  by myself, for myself. I cannot forgive you, Mum, because you are not responsible for my weakness at all. I would have had to scream and haven't done it. I should have been able to fight back and have always hold still. I have made decisions for me, that were comfortable and that didn't demand to deal with myself for a very long time. I should have learned the rules of life long ago: Only talk about things you would represent from your heart or really intent to do. Learn to stand in for yourself and behave, just like it your soul demands." 

The air in the room was too thick to cut. Sophia's had tears in her eyes. Cilia didn't dare to say a word a so decided to go on listening. Just like she had done weeks in Europe. Eden remained quiet for a while . Once again, each spoken word seemed to be a relief for her soul and the greatest feeling was, that her mother had listened to her without already thinking about what next to answer. 

"Talk to Cilia – or just listen to her. You will find out that she is the best part of you. Even if she only had you for six short years, she was the only one of us that had the real Sophia. You can almost say, she had the pure Sophia. Without the influence of the Capwells and their status. You will recognize yourself in her someday, just as I have seen you in her one day and could finally understand." 

Cilia felt unpleasant with the situation. She could recognize, that Sophia felt to be driven into something she didn't like. Her beloved daughter was coming back after years and she wanted to take care of her alone - and she didn't want to talk about a completely stranger that passed herself out for her daughter. Cilia got redeemed when Eden walked up to Sophia again and broke the silence. 

"But before you both sit down and speak together - and I can imagine that it will become a very long conversation – I have another wish." 

Eden turned around to Cilia who nodded to her, because she knew which tough request Eden was going to make.            

"I would like to ask you to forgive me, that I have allowed, that Channing`s hate has driven me that far...... " Eden hesitated a moment and had to swallow. ".... has driven that far that I have almost killed you." Eden's self-control she was gone and she started recklessly to cry. "I finally want to be hold in your arms again and then I want to go with you to Daddy and the others. Please forgive me, Mommy !" 

Even before Eden had finished, Sophia had already opened her arms and mother and daughter fell happily reunited into their arms after years. Cilia watched the situation quietly from her bed and only wished that she could be at Eden's place now.



Kelly had no chance to avoid her father. In front of the stairs they ran into each other. Actually she didn't have the intention to avoid him, however she thought that it wouldn't be a good idea to speak with him directly about certain matters. CC reaction had been quiet heavy when he found out about her interfering and he refused to give Kelly a chance to justify herself. And so he skipped it again when he met her in the hall. 

"It's quiet early for a visit. I had either expected you in bed or in the office. Of course I would prefer the last one." 

"I have come to see Mum, but she doesn't seem to be here."  Kelly replied and watched CC walking into the living room. 

CC´s face showed that Kelly had brought up an unpleasant topic for him. He made a face as if Kelly had made an ridiculous comment. 

"Your mother is not here indeed. Mason has called that our EX-employee" he pointed the "EX" out "had been brought into hospital last night. And for no understandable reasons she has immediately ran there to achieve her support to this girl." 

Kelly agreed with him. 

"Connor has also called me early this morning to tell me what had happened. She has been beaten up really bad." 

"I don't understand the whole fuss about this girl!" CC suddenly shouted and due to his upcoming fury he couldn't hold still and had to move on direction to the living room. Instinctively, Kelly followed him.  "Since this girl has arrived here", he  went on, "a kind of trouble has come up in this house and I tell you : I don't like it at all." And I promise you, that I will do everything to get my pleasant and relaxing silence back again." He turned around to Kelly and looked her straight in the eyes. Kelly used this opportunity to start an attempt to talk sensibly about her investigations and results with her father.

"If she really is Mama's daughter, it could turn out to make it more difficult as you might believe right now."

CC´s turned around the own axis before he stopped in front of Kelly speechless. Only his wide opened eyes and mouth indicated his disappointment and fury. 

"Your behaving has been ridiculous yesterday already, Kelly and I have no intention to join this show again today. It is hard enough that your mother is completely mixed up and runs after this imposter now."

"Maybe, she has good reasons for it." 

"And what reasons should that be, please ?" CC shouted. 

Kelly tried to remain quiet, which didn't succeeded that well. She remembered the day, when she joined CC and Ken at Sophia's bed in hospital, trying to explain the gravity of her illness. Sophia didn't want to face the facts at all and refused every explanation. Somehow, her father now reminded her a little bit of her. He had his solid, biased opinion and denied to see the facts Kelly brought him. 

" If you would only give me a few minutes", she started anew, "then I could try at least to explain to you why I believe that Cilia is Mama's daughter." 

At first it seemed, as if CC would not accept Kelly's suggestion, however it was strange to see him hesitating for such a long time and she interpreted it as positive sign. CC remembered the last night when Sophia had explained to him so objectively and almost unnaturally emotionless, that they shouldn't exclude the one without the other almost unbelievable that simply. He took her relevance as a model and adjudicated to give Kelly's implementation a chance. He showed her this by walking to the sofa, putting the newspaper away. Awaiting her "story" he folded his hands and looked at Kelly, that had understood the sign immediately and started to search for the right words. 

"I can understand your mistrust very well, Daddy. I was just like you in the beginning – and therefore I have also asked Connor to make some investigations." 

Kelly waited for a reaction, but nothing came and so she went on. 

"At I first I thought that she talked in a really strange way to Mama. It seemed to me, as if she always tried to challenge her somehow. She spoke of Italy so often and of the property of the Armontis. She almost pushed her into the past and the old memories again. I suspected, that she had something to hide and that it had something to do with these years in Italy. So I went into her room one day when I knew her with Rosa in the kitchen and had a look around."

CC looked at her surprised. 

"Don't look at me that way. It's not the first time, that a member of this family does this - to the welfare of an other one, of course." she defended herself and hinted on the countless espionage-actions, that CC had already enforced to the welfare of the family. 

"Anyway, I have found her passport in a drawer. And this was not issued on the name Ardello, that she had given us, but on the name Armonti."

Kelly noticed that the answer didn't please her father. 

"Connor's international contacts confirmed later that the passport is valid and everything in it  completely legally is. She is Cecilia Armonti.." 

"Which doesn't mean at all that she is your mother's daughter." CC doubted Kelly's implementations. 

She took a paper out of her bag and gave it to him. 

"They have faxed a copy of her birth certificate. Issued from the authorities in Milan." 

CC took the paper and looked at it very carefully. Then it put it away and got up, turning the back to his daughter. 

"By the time of her birth, the name of her mother was declared "unknown". In the year 1977, he was altered to Sophia Armonti." 

CC still said no word, what made Kelly starting to worry. 

"What was Connor's reaction when he heard about your little break-in into Cilia's room ?" 

Kelly was visible surprised by that question – she had expected everything but this. Her father's interest in Connor's opinion seemed strange to her. She tried to stay clam and answered the question truly. 

" He wasn't too happy about it." 

" But he helped you nevertheless ?" 

Kelly had enough.

" Daddy, what's that interest in Connor's opinion all about ?" 

CC picked up the document again. 

"This copy of an official document names your Sophia as the mother of a young woman, of whom no one, including Sophia has ever heard. The only one who seems to believe every single word she's saying and makes a huge fuss about it is you, Kelly."

 Kelly snatched the fax from CC. 

"This here is a fact, Daddy. And Mum also seems to think about it slightly different as you do. Otherwise, she wouldn't have probably gone to see Cilia in hospital." 

" I don't have to tell you how sensible your mother reacts when someone talks about her past. From you, Kelly I would have expected a little more objectivity and sensibility." 

Kelly had to realize that the conversation would not come to a considerable success. Disappointed she turned away from CC. 

"I don't know what to believe myself" she tried as a last explanation. "But do you really think, that I would take advantage of my mother's weakness to make myself interesting ?" 

Not to get an answer to this did hurt her very much. How often had she tried to prove how much she loves and cares about her family. Wasn't it her by Sophia's side during her addiction and also afterward when Ken Mathis was dead ? How could her own father assume that she would act against her mother so easily ? 

"I will go to the hospital. Maybe Connor has found out something new."

Kelly was just on her way out when she turned around again.

"Maybe you are interested in this. Cilia became adopted by the Armonti family as a baby. The entry "father unknown" was never altered  in the document." 

Surprise from the pungent feeling in the stomach, CC had to determine that this statement hurt him a lot.



Just when Ted wanted to ask Lilly where to put the huge box with the dishes, he stepped into a bunch of papers, stumbled and the box crashed against the next-lying wall with an enormous speed. With a big noise, the box hit the wall and a shard-pile poured over the whole floor. Lilly, who was cleaning the garden-furniture outside, got startled by the noise and came inside immediately. Stunned she looked at the situation created in front of her. Ted laid right there on the floor and beat all his fury into the mess next to him. Not very far away the rest of a completely crashed box showed its the broken contents. When Lilly recognized what it was, she stepped over Ted and pick up some broken pieces. 

"This was the good old dish, that we have been given by my mother on our wedding day." Carefully she picked up some more of the broken cups and plates. "And now look at this is. How shall I ever explain this to her ?"

"Thank you very much! I am fine! No! I didn't hurt myself." Ted slowly got up and dusted off his pants.

Still staring at the dishes Lilly answered: 

"I know that. You are only playing the miserable softie. But you can stand a lot more. More than this dishes here probably could do." 

"Oh please! Don't put too much into this, will you. Can you imagine how many sets of dishes we actually got at the wedding ?" 

"It doesn't matter how many we got. It matters who it was, that has given this one to us. And the simple answer is that we got it from my mother. And you know how superstitiously she is. She will defiantly see it as bad sign."

"Don't tell me about your mother's premonitions now. I prefer to take our luck into my own hands" Ted replied and grasped Lilly to pull her onto the sofa. There he held her in his arms and kissed her passionately. 

"And if you like to hear my point of view" Ted said, after he had stopped kissing Lilly, "I would say that all this mess will bring us a lot of luck. And looking at the sum of mess I created means, that we will have a long and fulfilled life together." 

"Maybe, we should throw another box against the wall. I mean, just to make sure it really works." Lilly proposed. 

Ted took his arms off her shocked and sat down in front of her. 

" Well, you really trust in our relationship, do you ?" 

"As long as our parents won't knock on our door every five minutes and try to interfere in our life, I do trust very much in our relationship." 

"Lilly. We can't ignore that these people simply belong to our life and you should accept this gradually. They will always have a kind of influence and from time to time we will have to admit that the might be right about certain things." 

"I am not saying that I don't to have them in my life at all. I only don't want to hear over and over again where I have to go and what I have to do. Which dishes to use for special occasions and which clothing is appropriate and which not. Why don't they simply give us the chance to do our own mistakes and to discover things ourselves ?" 

Ted took her into his arms again. 

"And why can't we stop with this unpleasant topic and can think of other, much more important things ?"

Once again he gave a passionate kiss.  But this time they were disturbed by the gong of the door-bell. 

"Seems that we won't have time for this." Lilly had to laugh dissolved from Ted and went to the door. When she arrived there she could identify the voices of her mother and Lionel. 

" It's Mum and Lionel." 

" Oh, great! Speaking of the devil....." 

"Stop talking. Get rid of the box and the broken dishes. If she sees this we won't have another quiet minute any longer." 

As fast as he could Ted tried to get all the pieces together and threw them into the box.

"Could you be a bit more quiet!" Lilly admonished him. 

Ted swore and kicked angrily against the box that had become very difficult to transport in the meantime. Finally he could manage to carry it into the garden. To make sure that Gina wouldn't discover it, he closed the door behind him. 

Lily waited for his sign and opened the door. 

"Hi! We didn't expect you today." She welcomed Gina and Lionel. 

"What's wrong with you ? Why did it take so long to open the door ?" Gina asked curiously and passed Lilly to get into the living room. 

"We didn't disturb you, did we ?" added Lionel added with a smile and greeted Lilly heartily with a kiss on the cheek. 

"No! We were unpacking some boxes and tried to find places for the many, many things in our few pieces of furniture." Lilly laughed emphasized and pushed Lionel into the room. Imploring she searched for Ted's help who understood her sign and came in. 

"Hi! Now that Lilly has finished the garden it's wonderful to rest there during a hard day of work. And that's what we just did – relaxing from work. The fresh air outside and all the green. It has really become a beautiful place – you should have a look on it." He tried to explain the situation and forgot what was waiting for them behind the garden-door. 

When he finally understood Lilly's excited signs, it was already too late. 

"A very good idea, Ted" Lionel accepted his suggestion. "Let's get the women back to work, while we dive into foolishness and the coziness of life" he joked and before Ted could respond they had arrived at the door already.  

Shrugging his shoulders, he could only try to apologize to Lilly before he and Lionel vanished through the door. Fury came up in Lilly. Soon everything would come out and then she would have to listen to her mother's reproaches for days. These old dishes were in the Lockridge family for years, and now they were destroyed. Probably, Gina would see this as bad omen for her marriage with Lionel because it was her idea to give it to them. 

"Hello!!! Earth to Lilly." Gina's voice was pervasive. "Are you aware that I've been talking to you for minutes ?" 

"I'm so sorry, Mum. I am still thinking where to put all these things. Sometimes it takes a whole life to decorate a new home."

"Which hopefully doesn't mean that you are not going to listen to me anymore. By the way. Why are you looking that garden-door so nervously ?"

Lilly hadn't noticed that she had stared to the door the whole time. Now she had to act very quickly. 

"I have just sprinkled a new beet with earth. I don't want them to dig in it or so." Lilly realized what crap she just had said. Gina looked at her astonished. 

"These are no dogs outside there. But sometimes a wife should watch the husband equally like a dog, otherwise they start to roam. Maybe, we should go outside, too." Gina wanted to move towards the door when Ted and Lionel and came in again. Curiously, Lilly looked at Ted. He stood beside Lionel, the hands in the pants-bags and laughed. Lionel went to Gina and put his arms around her waist as if he wanted to stop her from going outside.

"It's so good to see that Lilly took over the gardening. If Ted would have been responsible for this, it would rather has turned out into a place for archaeological excavations. But who knows. Maybe, he would find even something – pieces of old, broken dishes or so."

Now Lilly understood that Lionel had discovered the broken dishes, but it seemed that he didn't care about it very much. Gina's face showed that she didn't get the point. 

Lilly had moved over to Ted in the meantime and a push into his side told him that she wanted some explanations. While Lionel distracted Gina from listening by telling her about the splendid constructions of European cultures, Ted could tell Lilly everything. 

"Lionel discovered the mess within a minute and understood why we were playing this game."

"And what did he say ?". 

"Well, he said Thanks God!" 

Lilly thought that she didn't get Ted right. 

"He said that if your mother wouldn't have  insisted for so long that you should have a memory in this rubbish as he called it, he would have had discarded it long ago. He never liked it that much. And now he's happy to see that we don't have to deal with the dreadful décor anymore."

"I don't  believe it!" But this won't help us with mother's attitude." 

"If you ask me. I believe that Lionel will take care of this." Ted explained by pointing on Lionel's intention to confuse Gina.

"Have you all gone mad today ? Is there anyone here who could speak to me in a bit more rational way. It's already enough, that a chaos takes place in the Capwell house once again. Could we please behave like a normal family."      

"What does this mean, Gina ?" Ted felt that he had to interfere into Lionel and Gina's conversation.

Gina seemed to be shocked that Ted had no idea what was going on.

"Tell me, Ted. Are you actually living in the same world as we do ? Everyone heard CC yelling last night and the whole city already knows that even the police is dealing with this, too."

Gina tried Ted's patience. 

"I'm not going to play games with you, Gina. You are going to tell me what's going on there right now." Ted almost shouted at her. 

"I believe that is enough, Ted. Maybe, we can discuss this a bit more quietly," Lionel tried to calm Ted's emotions down. 

"I don't think that here is anything to discuss quietly. If your wife would be able to name the facts instead of giving hints and making suspicions, everything could be much simpler. So tell me what has happened, Gina!" 

Gina got stubborn, crossed her arms before her breast and refused to answer. In order to avoid further disputes, Lionel took over for her. 

" It seems that there has been a dispute at your father's home yesterday evening. As Gina already tried to mention, we could hear CC yelling that loud that we could hear it at our place. It seemed as if he had thrown someone out of the house. Earlier today we heard that your maid........" 

"Cilia ?" Ted was surprised that Cilia was involved. 

"Yes, Cilia. She was found in a motel yesterday night - she had become badly hurt and had to be brought into hospital." 

"You don't want to imply that ....." 

" No Ted. The public attorney searches for an unknown young man and as far as we know has taken Julia over the case to support this Cilia. Gina is right if she says, that there's a lot of chaos in the Capwell house right now." 

" I'd like to check this out myself if you don't mind." 

Ted grasped his jacket and ran out the door. 

" What on earth got him that mad ? Gina asked confused

" He brought Cilia into the house." Lilly answered with an undertone in her voice.



" I don't care what time it is in Paris. I want to have these calculations on my table in two hours!" Angrily CC put down the phone "How shall I enjoy my retirement, if there's no one else in this family who can put appropriate pressure on people like these. Everything would stand sill, damn it."

On the table in front of him was a great chaos of documents. He looked through them one after the other and then put them more smaller stacks, so that there was not much left of the table to see. 

"CC ?" 

He hadn't recognized that Sophia had come home and was only a few steps away from him. Surprised he looked at her. 

"You are back early. The conversation didn't go the way you wanted it ?" 

" No. Absolutely not."

Sophia put her hands into the pants-bags and CC immediately recognized it as a sign, that something had happened , which had brought up the confusion in her. 

"But something has happened. Otherwise, you wouldn't be that quiet." 

"Someone has just taught me, that listening, can sometimes listening can be more helpful than speaking or interfering". 

Nothing of what Sophia had said made any sense for CC. He put down the papers and walked up to her. 

"Maybe you could try to tell me a few more details. Because I missed your point at all."

An expression of excitement came up on Sophia's face. 

"Maybe you should better sit down, CC." 

CC became even more skeptical. But he also had to smile.

"You should better start to tell me what has happened. I'm expecting a call from Paris and I assume that my good mood will vanish after this. And furthermore, there are many things I have to take care of this morning." 

Sophia shook her head. 

"First of all I know that your mood will be at the best soon, secondly I know that you will sit down in a moment and third of all it's not me who's going to tell you something. But if you want to, I will stand by your side to hold your hand." 

"Oh yes, please. Hold me the hand, support and strength of my life" CC laughed ironically. 

"But then, you will have problems to give me the big hug I'm expecting now…."

Slowly, Eden came from behind the column. CC, was so shocked that he couldn't say anything at all. 

"Tell him that I am no ghost, Mum." 

To happy to talk Sophia could only nod to CC. 


Solid like a column just a second ago CC approached Eden and grasped her to hold her tight. After a few moments of complete silence, he took her face into his hands and touched her hair softly.

"I always knew, that one day you would come home - I knew it!" again pulled her into his arms and wasn't ashamed the tears that came up in his eyes. He looked at Sophia, who had also started to cry and covered her mouth with the hands. 

Carefully Eden came off her father's embrace and wiped away the tears herself. Holding it like a treasure she took CC´s hand.

"I have longed for this so long. And now it is me, that has to make a step back, because I know that we both would stand here like this for hours." Eden's comment made them all laugh. "I have to tell you so much, Daddy". Eden became more serious again. "Many, many things have happened. Some can be explained - some must be forgiven, because a simple excuse can't be enough." Saying this she looked to Sophia, who was still standing at the entrance to the living room. 

CC tried to get himself under control again and turned around shortly to wipe away the tears from his eyes. Coming back to Sophia and Eden he had to smile at his wife and daughter.

"Where could you find her ?" he joked with Sophia and took Eden's hand to lead her to the sofa. 

Sophia followed them when she answered him. 

"If you believe it or not. I found her sitting at Cilia's bed in hospital." 

CC had had expected many things, but not this. He looked at Eden blankly. 

"What ?"

 Eden agreed with Sophia. 

"I got to know Cilia in Europe. We became close friends there and when I heard what had happened with her I came here directly.

CC´s amazement turned over into displease and irritation. 

"Are you going to tell me that the only reason for you to return home was to help HER ? Eden, do I have to remind you that you've got a family in Santa Barbara, that has worried about you for years. That they almost got crazy because no one knew what had happened to you. That they went through hell and the family almost broke into pieces because of fears and compunctions." He shouted at her and pointed on Sophia. 

Eden searched eye-contact with her mother and tried to calm herself down. Then she started to answer CC in a very quiet tone. 

"As I have already told you. There is so much to tell, Daddy. But I can't answer all your questions within a second. I have so many questions myself. And Cilia has, too." 

CC was angry that Eden brought her name back into the conversation. 

"Again and again this name. It seems to me that every single action, that has happened to this family in the last few days had something to do with this girl." 

"There's a lot that has to do with her and this family. Maybe more than you expect." Eden answered.

It became silent between them and they could hear the front door closing and people talking.

"I'm out of this house only for a day and already everything is turning upside down. Could you please stand still for a moment, Kelly and finally give me a few answers." 

"I have no answers, Ted. I don't get through this myself anymore because no one in this house feels able to make a clear statement." 

Ted and Kelly's conversation was that loud that they could hear it in the living room. 

"But at least you could tell me what has happened with Cilia. After all your friend is handling the investigations." Ted wanted to know while they were walking.

Just Kelly in the moment she wanted to answer they arrived in the living room and Kelly noticed what was going on there. She was too shocked and afraid to speak. Ted, who hadn't discovered Eden yet, believed the Kelly would ignore him and persuaded her to answer. 

"Could you please stop and answer my questions!" 

Noticing that Kelly had already stopped, he calmed down.

"Well, finally! Ted discovered the others. "Hi Mum, Dad, Eden. Therefore Kelly........ " Ted noticed what he had just said.


Eden lifted her shoulders almost bashfully and smiled at him. 

"I knew it!. Someday, everyone is to be driven back here". Passing Kelly he ran into Eden's arms and whirled her around.

"Seems to be right, if it also brought you back after such a long time"

"It was tough to come back and to see you were not here. Of course, the others are not that bad", he joked, "But however, something was missing. And not to know what exactly ....." 

"Let's talk about this later, yes ?" Eden interrupted and walked up to Kelly, who was still standing there without saying a word.

"You are back!" Kelly whispered the words although she felt like shouting it into the world. 

They stood in front of each other and didn't dare to touch.

Eden rubbed the hands nervously. 

"Would you believe me, if I tell you how much I have missed you?" 

"No!" Kelly answered like a gunshot. 

They started to laugh and finally fell into each others arms. 

"You have cut your hair. But it suits you. You look great - I mean really great!" Kelly's enthusiasm included a mass of words. 

But Eden showed that she was her sister and joined her directly so that an enthusiastic girls talk started.

"Could you please finish this later." Sophia went between them. "I know that there is a lot to tell, but one thing after the other, please."

"Yes! You are properly right, Mum" Eden hasted and tried to calm down again. 

"I just have notice, how very much I have missed you all." She said and looked into their faces. And if you believe it or not. I have so many questions. And wishes. And desires – like Rosa's cooking." Everyone started to laugh. "But as you said, Mum: One thing after the other. First of all I have to know how the kids are doing. And Cruz."

It became very quiet after Eden had made her question. Everyone starred at Kelly, who stood behind her. Eden immediately noticed their behaving and turned around to her. 

"What has happened ?" she asked carefully and didn't know, if she was prepared enough to stand the answer.

Chapter 10