Chapter 7


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After CC had thrown Cilia out of the house, she had crouched behind a bush for a while and had thought what she should do next. She could still hear the conversations in the house and so she considered that it would be better to remain distant. But where should she go? CC hadn't allowed her to take anything with her than the things she wore. She also wouldn't be able to take a room for the night, because neither money nor identifications she could have taken with her. Why on earth had she started this dispute with Sophia? Why couldn't she be patient for only a little bit longer until she....... my God! She had a date in the Internet tonight and her laptop laid her room in the Capwell house. Cilia still sat in the crouches and held her legs embraced. Despaired and not to scream out loudly, she bit herself into her knee. Slowly, the despair even skipped in fury on herself. 

"You shouldn't bite yourself, you should punch yourself. Or better: shoot yourself. How could you've been so stupid? You had come that far and now this." 

Cilia's thoughts kept running in her mind - and always with the same result: her stupidity to have spoiled the situation. As she heard the barking of the dogs she remembered, that she wouldn't be able to crouch behind the bush the whole night. CC would have had instructed his security guards in the meantime to kick her from the property or to set the dogs on her. She didn't know him very long, but this force-outbreak this evening made her fear. She has watched  CC how lovingly he handled with Sophia all these days. Handled her almost like  a doll; almost afraid he could break her. But Sophia was no doll. She was a strong woman, that wouldn't like to be treated like this. And she would have never allowed Angelo to treat her like Angelo had done with her. 

"Angelo "! 

Cilia had an idea. Not one her best, as she admitted herself directly, but one, that would defiantly give her a place to stay for the night. Before Angelo left her alone earlier that morning, he had named her the motel and the telephone number under which she could reach him. Of course he had done this not to help Cilia in the situation she was now. Angelo still expected that she would betray and spy out the Capwells for him – and that she would lie. Well yes, she had already done that part – but with different motives. She would stay the night with him and the next morning she would go back to the Capwells and wouldn't leave before she hadn't talked to Sophia. Cilia didn't want to accept that everything was over because of this one stupid mistake she had made. Again she heard the barking and got up to.

"I have to get to Angelo. But how ?"

She heard the voice of one of the guards that called the dogs back. Suddenly she knew how to get out of here. Slowly she approached the small cottage of the guards. She didn't want to scare the other dogs that might be in there. As a relief she could see, that was only one single guard in the cottage, while the other one made his round with the dogs. Carefully, she knocked at the inside of the open door. The guard turned around to her and smiled as he recognized her. The guards liked Cilia and her happy nature and so he was quiet pleased to see her. 

" What are you doing out here ? I thought you would take care of the little Capwell princess today. Don't tell me you are taking her out for a ride." The guard smiled at her. 

Cilia thought what she should tell him and how far she could go to get what she wanted. 

" They changed their mind and I got the evening off. Actually I only wanted to stroll in the garden shortly, but now I have decided to visit a friend after all and wanted to order a cab from your phone since I don't want to disturb in the house no longer." 

She became aware of the risk she was just taking. If CC had really informed the guards, he would immediately recognize the lie and all chances on a taxi would be gone.

"Did you finally make some friends in the city? That was about time, honey. It's no fulfillment for such a pretty thing like you to be with the Capwells only all the time."

"Yes, you are right. It was about time. The Capwells are really nice people, but sometimes they are driving me mad and I just don't want to see them anymore. These thoughts brought me out into town one night and that's how I met the girls." 

Cilia was glad, that the guard didn't notice her lie and got talky. When she stopped for a moment he grasped the telephone to order a cab for her. Soon he would admittedly experience it however, but she wouldn't have to worry about this now. It would only have to last until the cab would arrive and Cilia could drive away. 

After she had made some more small talk for a few minutes about the beautiful occasions in Santa Barbara and her new friends, the cab finally arrived. After Cilia had named the address and they had passed  the main-gate, she felt better. But what should she tell Angelo about the whole thing? Should she lie as she already did with the guard ?

As she reached the tacky and approves looking motel, Cilia asked the driver to wait a moment since she would had to get money. First it didn't seem as if the man would allow her to get out of the car without paying, but finally he gave in with a snarl. Angelo was quite surprised to see Cilia, but however she gave him no chance to react. 

" Pay for the cab, please. I will explain everything to you later" Cilia asked and passed Angelo to get into the room.

In the room, it looked like after a bomb attack. Angelo had never been capable to hold things in order, but this time he had even surpassed himself. The TV was on and on the bed laid an empty box with a little rest of pizza. She knew that Angelo didn't like the put his clothes into a wardrobe ans so she was not surprised to see the open suitcase with all his clothes laying around it. Cilia pushed down a few things to be able to sit on the bed. She laid her face in her hands and took a long, deep breath. As she heard the cab driving away, she knew that she would have to give a good explanation for her sudden appearance now. 

Nothing of Angelo's snobbish appearance of the morning, was left. He had a jeans with big holes on and an old undershirt, on which she could recognizing the remains of his pizza. 

" What brought you into my small palace "? he asked and opened his arms demonstratively. 

Cilia, who knew that she wouldn't get far with lies decided, that it would be best to tell the truth. 

"They kicked me out of the house", she began, got up and went on the other side of the room. There she turned around to him in the hope he would retain the distance between them. " I had a dispute with Sophia and this has made her husband throwing me out."

Angelo felt confirmed and grinned at Cilia from opposite. 

"You have finally managed to find her. And you have also finally found the courage to get what you deserve". Angelo's voice became loud and he made the first steps closer to her. Instinctively she knew that this wouldn't mean anything good.

"Have finally found back to your beloved mommy..... and to her money ". Angelo had reached her and stopped directly in front of her. With each further " finally " he  emphasized again and again, Cilia twitched more and more.

" Did we  finally get the chance to get what we had waited for for so long? Are we finally that close ?" Angelo's sudden and solid grip packed Cilia's chin " And have we finally spoiled everything directly once more ?"

Angelo swung back with the other hand and beat Cilia into the face, so that she fell onto the ground. From there, she could still see his flat hand clenching to a fist. The first hit did hurt. The second one was almost habituation. She hardly didn't notice the next hits.



"Have you gone completely mad ?" 

CC's mastery was past after a short time and his voice became louder again. Kelly got the feeling that she would have to defend herself. 

" I didn't want to believe it myself, Daddy. But I have found her identification and Connor has called in Italy and it was confirmed. She is the Count Armonti's daughter".

CC starred at her but didn't say a word. Just when he wanted to answer, he was interrupted.

" The only daughter of the Count Armonti is called Serena and should be 15 year older than Cilia ". 

Neither CC, Kelly nor Connor, that hadn't interfered in the conversation yet, had noticed that Sophia had come down the stairway and stood close to them now. 

" And talking about the other parent you named, Kelly, I don't think, that we have to go on discussing this again. Don't you think that I should I know, if I had another daughter?" 

To every ones amazement Sophia seemed to be very calm and quiet. She had moved to the other side of the stairway and stood opposite them, looking into their faces now.

" Your father has already become surprisingly father of Elena and Greg twice lately. Don't you don't think, that this should be enough for our family, Kelly.  Not mentioning the impossible biological circumstances." 

Sophia had suddenly changed and it seemed that she would become almost aggressive. The last time CC had seen her like this had been, when he had to admit that Santana expected his child. At that time, Sophia had tried franticly to keep patience and to hide the pain inside her. Her true feelings were only to be recognized by a similar kind of aggression she showed that day. 

Kelly tried to concern the matter quietly. 

" I have seen her passport, Mommy. And I have seen her birth certificate." 

"Documents can be faked !" CC said immediately and tried to use the same quiet tone not to provoke Sophia further.  

Now, it was Connor that interfered finally. 

" I have spoken with the authorities in Milan and they have given me the information. In the official computer-files, she is led as daughter of the Count Armonti......". Connor tried to muffle his voice even more, "... and as daughter of the Contessa Sophia Armonti ". 

For a short moment it was quite between all of them. CC, Kelly and Connor waited for Sophia's reaction and stared at her. She tried to breathe quietly and suppressed her tears. But she couldn't master her feelings however and so her reaction came out very keenly. 

" A mother should be able to remember if she has ever born a child!" 

As if a knife had hit her, the pain drove through Sophia's body. Starting to realize again, that she had already forgotten or ousted some things of her past. And to face this truth again every time, was like a renewed sting into the heart. To admit to herself, that she had killed the own son and had ousted this for so many years was an experience, she was never able to recover from. That she, without realizing it, had driven Eden into separation from the family….that Brick had left town, because he could never get used of the thought that he was the official proof of the forbidden love between her and Lionel… and so many more things she had done without wanting it. Again and again she wanted to oust this insight because it hurt so much. She wouldn't be able to endure if there........ 

Sophia's body cramped and her face showed fear and determination same time.

" I am not responsible for this life. My daughters are called Kelly and Eden. And not Cecilia!" Sophia's mastery finally past. She turned around, ran into the living room and fell on the sofa. 

Kelly, who knew her mother well and knew that this would have to happen, was astonished to see, that her father didn't follow Sophia immediately. He was still  standing beside them - quietly and motionlessly. 

" When will it finally stop, that this family is pulled through all absurdities of mankind. Didn't we suffer enough? Isn't it somebody else turn now ?"

CC had no desire to fight once more for his family-luck. For the first time he felt old and burned out. The hate in his eyes was gone, but Kelly could still feel the pressure in him. And she knew that she was responsible for it.

" Daddy, we have to talk to Mommy."  Kelly tried to calm him down.

Slowly, CC turned to Kelly and Connor. 

"Tell me, how long is Sophia with us again? 10 years? How many times did she has to face her past and how often did it hurt her and did almost destroy our living together? Can't you imagine – after all these years – what it means to her to be driven into the dark, again and again, without knowing what there is to expect ?"

Kelly could hardly answer her father and also Connor dared not to speak. 

" Daddy, I....." 

" Kelly, you didn't tell her that you damaged your car." 

CC felt burned out and incapable to go on with this conversation. Therefore, he decided to ask Kelly and Connor for some time alone now.

" It was a long day for all of us and it didn't finish as we had thought it would. I think that nobody here is capable to think rationally today and I think it's best if you go now."    

" But Daddy. Mommy....." 

CC shook the head. 

" I will go to your mother now. But what to tell her, how to calm her down .I don't know yet." 

He turned around and hoped that Kelly would respect his wish and would go. Shortly before he reached the sofa and Sophia, the slam of the entrance door fulfilled his hope. 

Sophia had calmed down again, but her thoughts seemed to be far away. Her eyes stared into nowhere, while she held a pillow close to her body and a hand on her mouth. CC sat down beside her, but however didn't dare to touch her. Finally it was Sophia, that made the first move and looked at him. 

" You know, that she could properly be right." she began quietly. " Only therefore, you didn't start to shout out as usual. We both had to recognize, that this nightmare hasn't end yet and maybe never will. What's more to come, CC? What is left to come to crash on us, trying to destroy our life?"



 "Don't worry, CC - I will come directly to pick up Samantha. I hope, that Sophia will feel better soon. Till then!" 

Julia hung up. 

Something wrong with Sophia or why do you have to pick up Samantha again? I thought this Cilia would take care of her. She seems to be a real "Italian fairy-tale-miracle"." 

Mason looked into his newspaper and took his cup of coffee. He was sitting in front of the chimney and had made himself comfortable. It had admittedly been not a cold day in Santa Barbara, but in certain evenings he simply loved to hear the crackling of the burning wood and to know Julia sitting close to him. They had decided to drop the topic baby and job for this evening and wanted to concentrate on each other. But now it seemed, that it would become another evening with the three of them. 

" Something must have happened. The only thing CC mentioned was that Cilia had left the house and Sophia is not capable to take care of Samantha. Seemingly Sam must have been aware of a dispute, because he said that she cries all the time and  wants to go home." Julia had a skeptical gaze when she looked at Mason. " Sounds strange, doesn't it ? This morning, she could hardly expect to spend the night with your parents and now she wants to go home ".  

Mason looked up from his newspaper on Julia, who had started to put on her pants and her sweater. 

" Hm, sounds strange to me, too. I can't imagine that my father and Sophia had a fight that made Samantha being upset like she is. And even if, why has Cilia left  the house?" 

" No idea !" answered Julia and put the shoes on. "But I will tell you when I found out."

Mason thought what he should now do. 

"Wait for me. I'm coming with you. I can't tell you why, but I'd like to know what Cilia, Sophia and my father had to do with it and what brought them together. Give me two minutes - I just get dressed.

Since Julia knew Mason's " two minutes ", she put her handbag aside again and made herself comfortable on the sofa. 

"As Samantha will be at home tomorrow morning. Have you got any plans ? Could you stay with her or shall I call Mrs. Kopp and ask her to come ?" 

Julia couldn't understand the words coming from the other room, which  probably were  Mason's answer.

" Darling, I can not understand you, when you still have the sweater over your head and mouth" Julia answered him and smiled. 

And as she had suspected, Mason came through the door - the sweater still over the head, but now far better understandable. 

" I have a date in court tomorrow morning" he repeated. "I thought you would be at home" Julia knew, that she would have to speak about the forbidden topic now and was feared to know into which direction their conversation then would lead to. 

" I'm going to meet a new client tomorrow morning. And since we probably will have to go through the complete case, I think it's better to call Mrs. Kopp and ask her to come ". 

Her statement had the expected effect. Mason stood motionlessly there and looked at her reproachfully. Julia decided to end the silence between them before Mason would do it.

" Yes. I have a new case. An unpleasant traffic-offense, which will only take a few letters and maybe a quick court-term. And to answer your next question right away : Yes! I feel absolutely capable to dictate these letters and also believe to be able to get through to slim aisle in court. Julia passed her hand over her sweater to show Mason that there was still no sign of a baby-stomach. 

" And what after that ?" Mason asked seriously. " I don't have to explain to you, that also such a small offense like this can draw out." 

Julia was annoyed and stood up . 

" I'm sorry ! I really don't want to go through this unpleasant topic with you tonight. I will call Mrs. Kopp now and you: please hurry up to get dressed. Because it's even more unpleasantly to imagine that our child cries in the Capwell house, than to fight with you again.", Julia took the telephone. " So please hurry up – I'd like to go !" 

" You are right !" Mason said and turned away to get his shoes. However he stopped again to add something to his statement. " You are properly right to worry about our crying daughter. But I would only wish, you would have as half as many thoughts for our unborn baby, too."

Now he had hit Julia's sore nerve. It was probably only assigned to her worry about Samantha, that she didn't explode and just put down the telephone. 

 " Get dressed - your two minutes are already gone." 

Then she turned around and went to the door. Before she opened it, she stopped again. 

" If your opinion concerning my pregnancy doesn't change, Mason and if you won't make any concessions to me, then I can see a damn huge problem over our heads". 

She said this and lowered head so that she wouldn't have to look at Mason. Then she opened the door and went to the car. Leaving a thoughtfully man with himself alone. He got torn out of his thoughts as the telephone rang. It was Detective Hopkins, who wanted to talk to Julia. 

" I'm sorry, Paul. Julia has just left to pick up Samantha. Is there anything I can tell her ?" 

We just had to get a young woman into hospital - she was beaten up brutally and I assume, if the neighbors wouldn't have called us, this fellow would have beaten her probably dead. The doctors had to give her something against the pain and to keep her calm. We won't be able to talk to her before tomorrow morning."

"Could you inform any relatives yet ?" 

" Unfortunately not. She had no papers with her and there was no entry made in the hotel. I think that fellow has picked her up somewhere and took the baby with him for the night."

" But didn't he tell you at least where he found her ?"

"He definitely would. However he had already disappeared when we arrived. I guess we'll have to wait till the baby tells us tomorrow. And we would like to have Julia with us when we talk to her. So about 11am in my office ? I will give her all the information she needs there." 

" I can't promise that she'll be definitely there. Julia has an appointment for tomorrow morning, but I will tell her about it and she will get back to you, OK ?"

Mason and Paul Hopkins said goodbye. Exactly as Mason had put down the receiver the door opened and Julia had a look inside. She pointed at the telephone.   

" I forgot to call Mrs. Kopp." Was the only thing that came out spontaneously and sounded somehow abashedly. 

Mason's smile showed her, that he had forgiven her long ago. 

" Hopkins has just called. A young woman has been beaten up brutally and he would like you to join them when then talk to her tomorrow morning. You shall meet  him about 11 am in his office."

Julia looked at her watch. 

" This will be tight with my other appointment, but I will make it somehow." 

" I have told him, that you would get back to him."

Julia noticed the skeptical expression in Mason's face. 

"Something wrong with you ? If you start again to ....." 

Mason shook his head directly. 

" Not at all ! No more talking about this – for tonight !" he smiled at her. "It's just that I have such a bad feeling - too many things have happened during the last hours. Mason's hand rubbed over his stomach. "And something inside here tells me, that I will find most of the answers to my questions in my father's house. Let's go !"



The room was painted in white and besides a few medical appliances, there was only the  typical American TV, a small table and a chair.

Cilia laid in the bed, covered with white bed cloth and had closed the eyes. Not, that she was tired or simply didn't want to see anything. The doctors had given her anesthetics, that had made her tired, but however she couldn't sleep. Still, the pictures appeared before her eyes, that she would wish to forget as soon as possible. She saw the fist again and again - approaching her up to the moment, as she put her hands in front of her eyes. Trying to  protect herself and trying to deny what was just happening to her. 

" Why did I let it get this far ?" 

Tears refined in her eyes and gave them a quite particular shine. They would have made her looking even more beautifully, if they wouldn't have been framed by bandages and blue color around them. And so Cilia just looked like a woman, that had to be taken directly into hospital after the police had found her. She felt once more like one of this little criminals from the detective movies she loved to watch.

"Why didn't I fight back ?"

She almost would have had to laugh, but the slightest movement hurt and she forgot about it quickly. She would have never been able to fight against Angelo. He hadn't changed at all. He was still as brutal, as he had been in Italy - and there she hadn't been able to fight against him either. 

Angelo was used to get what he demanded. And anyone hardly dared, to get into his way. Angelo wanted – Angelo got. An unwritten rule, that everyone knew in town and also everyone followed it with fear. Like Cilia. She had got to know Angelo as the nice boys from next door and soon he became the first man in her still very young live. Angelo wanted – Angelo got. And the time he had got what he wanted, there was not much left of his kindness. He considered Cilia as his property, that was not allowed to be recognized by anyone without asking. And if someone would come to ignore his orders, he would have to deal with the consequences. Only one time, long ago, Cilia had dared to get between the sides and had found herself  in the dust on the ground shortly after her intention to intercede. Her nose bled from Angelo's uncontrolled hit, but the young man that dared to talk to her for a moment had to take much more than her. Angelo started – as usual - the fight and handed his victim over to his friends then, while he took care of Cilia. He grabbed her by the arm and tore her up to pull her away from the others. Hidden in a quiet corner, he explained to her then, that he could not tolerate, that she would behave like a b**** and that he had done everything just for her alone and that it would be time to show him how gratefully she was. One day Cilia had learned to be gratefully and not to provoke him any longer. It turned out to be a very healthy solution for her.

" I should have known that he would find me." 

When she had left Italy to go to Santa Barbara, so many things were on her mind, that she simply found no time, to say goodbye to Angelo. 

" Of course, you had time. You had time a whole evening long. Only would have had to go into the village, trying to tear him away from his friends and then would have said " Hey, Angelo. I'm leaving. I will take my life into my own hands from now on and you don't have to give me any orders anymore."

A cold pain drove through Cilia's breast, because she knew, that she would have never found the courage to face Angelo to tell him this. Becoming aware of her cowardice, the effusions of blood started to hurt again. Her whole body started to brace and bent, till only a rolled up small picture of misery laid in the bed. She didn't want to cry. She wanted to scream. To shout out her fury about being so coward and then to run away. Very fast – and very far away. Far away from Santa Barbara, far away from Angelo - even far away from Sophia. She remembered how long she wished to be able to forget. That she you would wake up and would find herself in a new life with a new chance. To start it all over again -  just like Sophia had done it all those years ago. 

" No! No more forgetting – no more running away". she said quietly to herself and tried to calm down her breath. " Sleep now. Rest and afterwards you can think about it once again. And now: sleep!..... sleep! " 

Cilia tried to calm down and concentrated to fall asleep, but was hindered by the closing of the door however. Slowly, she lifted the head to see out who it was. Thinking that it could be  only a nurse or doctor. She couldn't think of any others of these well-meaning people here in Santa Barbara, that would come to visit her. She heard the steps on the floor and became afraid that it could be Angelo. Or maybe it was the police to questioning her again.

"The doctors told them to come back the next day. Every one is expecting that you are asleep." Cilia thought by herself.

 Through the swollen eyes, she hardly succeeded to get a clear picture of the person that stood in front of her bed. Only as she came closer to her, she could recognize her, but wasn't able to say anything. Was it a dream or did the strong medication finally work ? She would have expected CC or even Sophia, but not her. The young woman sat down beside Cilia and went over her hair carefully. 

" Sleep ! You are save – I am here now. And later on, when you have rested, you will tell me everything that has happened. And then we will face the facts." 

" No more forgetting ?" 

The woman shook the head slowly. 

" No more forgetting. And no more running away. This time, we both will face the facts." 

The woman put down her hat and her long, blond hair fell over her shoulders.  

Chapter 8