How many problems can a love bear ?

Chapter 9


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During the whole flight from the scene of accident back to Santa Barbara, the great C.C. Capwell was unable to think about anything else then about the woman he deeply loved and who he had lost because of his foolish jealousy! There was so much that he wanted to tell her but he knew now after he saw her suitcase that he will never be able to tell her what she really meant to him. C.C. knew that he had to live the rest of his life feeling guilty for Sophia's death because it was his fault that she left Santa Barbara to fly to Italy.

C.C. started to remember the good times he and Sophia had spent together. He remembered how they got closer when Sophia suffered from breast cancer! Sophia didn't want her family to know that she was ill, but Lionel had told C.C. about the cancer. Memories from the day when Eden had arranged daisies everywhere in the atrium appeared in front of his inner eye. He was surprised that Sophia did ever remember. C.C. remembered everything he and Sophia talked about on that day.

"I think maybe you shouldn't have told Eden about that story!" C.C. said.

"She arranged!? Oh, I guess not! Why do you think she did all this?"

"I think that's pretty obvious!"

"You must have a good laugh!?" Sophia replied.

"Why should I laugh?"

"I don't know!"

"I'm just surprised you remembered!" CC answered.

"I remember everything!" Sophia replied and a smile appeared on her face.

"I remember a lot more than you think I remember!"

"Why did you ask me to come here?" Sophia asked while she turned her back to C.C..

"What's wrong about looking back on the good times?" C.C. asked while Sophia turned around to look at him. "There were good times!"

"We can't go back!"

"What about going forward?" C.C. asked because since the moment that Lionel had told him about Sophia's illness he had realized how much he still cared about her.

"You mean that?" Sophia wanted to know because for a long time things have been very bad between them.

"Sophia, I don't know if it's possible but if we could at least think about the future!"

"I don't think about the future anymore!" she replied.

"And why not?"

"Why waist time speculating if you live in the present you can at least you know where you are, you can make the most of every moment!"

But C.C. wouldn't give up that easy so he continued.

"And how about just thinking about tomorrow!?"

"I used to do that. I used to think about maybe it will get better next week, next month, next year. It didn't make me happy!" Sophia replied before she went to the door and opened it.

"Sophia please don't go yet!" C.C. said because it giving up has never been one of his strength.

"Thank you for the flowers. They are so beautiful. They don't last you know. Best things never do!" she said and left.


C.C. remembered that it was a hard time and that it wasn't easy to get through to Sophia, but he knew that he would to everything to get her back.

He remembered their last reunion at B.J. and Warren's wedding. C.C. stood at the fountain when Sophia suddenly appeared and confessed her true love to him.


"What does this remind you?" Sophia asked.

"Our old atrium!" C.C. replied and they both laughed. "Happier times!"

"When things were simple and clear and neither of us had any doubts exactly where we were supposed to be!" Sophia said and than turned to C.C. to look at him. "Together!"

"Used to hell I want to those times again!" C.C. replied.

"Why do you think I'm here?!"

"You and I? Baby, we've been around the block so many times, no matter how much we loved each other and god knows we have, we never got it right!"

"Life is so precious and so very very terminus and you can lose it in a blink of an eye and if you base that life in anyway on a lie than you waist it and ultimately you don't deserve to have it all. So I'm coming to you today to tell you I've finally learned my life's lesson and that is I love you so much and no matter what is happening nothing can change that and if you'll have me I wanna be your wife again!" Sophia said while her eyes were filled with tears.

"If I'll have you? If I'll have you? My darling don't you know in this whole world all I wanna be married to is you! I love you!"

"I love you too!" Sophia replied and her mouth formed a wonderful smile.

"I want you to be sure! I don't wanna rush you in anything!"

"Don't you hear what I'm trying to tell you? We've wasted too much time already!"

And than they kissed.


C.C. was torn out of his thoughts and realized that he would never be able to talk to Sophia, to kiss her, to take her in his arms and most of all he could never tell her how sorry he felt about their last argument, because now he knew that he was wrong in accusing her of having a relationship with Lionel and he could never tell her how much he always loved her, still does and always will.

C.C. looked out of the helicopter and saw that they were about to land on the Capwell land. He hoped that he wouldn't see anyone of his family when would enter the house because he just wanted to be alone and he didn't know how to tell his family that there was proof that Sophia had been in the plane that crashed.



At the same time Brick and Sophia arrived at the Capwell mansion after having driven Eden, Kelly and Emma to the Capwell Oasis. After Kelly had told them that Cruz and the kids were in Santa Barbara and staying at the Capwell residence, Eden decided that it would be better if Sophia and Brick would go alone and tell the family that everything about the plane crash was a big misunderstanding.

"Do you want me to join you?" Brick asked his mother.

"I would love to! I don't know how to explain to them that everything was a misunderstanding and that it only happened because C.C. and I had a terrible fight."

"Alright! Let's go!" Brick said and they got out of the car.

The whole way from the car to the big entrance door of the Capwell mansion Sophia was lost in her thoughts. She remembered the first time C.C. brought her to the house, she was so nervous that she couldn't talk a lot. Then her memory flashed to the evening of their reunion after she was in Italy for 15 years.


"Well I saw your pictures and I was enchanted by you just as I am right now. And please and don't be afraid of me!"

"I'm not! It's just us here this way!"  Sophia replied.

"I know! It has come for a circle, hasn't it? It's time for me to be grateful, grateful for having another chance. I want that chance. I want you back Sophia. When you left I filled this life of mine with things I filled this house with people. It still left me feeling empty. Everything's changed, everything's different. Except one thing, you're still the most desirable, the most passionate woman I've ever know." C.C. said and approached Sophia. "I made a mistake, letting you go one time, I'm never gonna a mistake again."


Sophia was torn out of her thoughts when Brick gently touched her arm.

"Sorry, did you say something?" Sophia asked her son.

"I asked you if you didn't want to go in!"

"Oh, I was lost in my thoughts!" Sophia replied while she rang the bell. Sure it was a strange feeling to ring the bell of your own house but since her argument with C.C., Sophia had decided that this house will never be her home again, because she couldn't live anymore with a man she loved so much that it hurt if that man hasn't enough trust in her. C.C. was never able to forgive her for betraying him with Lionel so many years ago.

Suddenly the door was opened and Sophia looked into Mason's eyes. Mason was so surprised by seeing Sophia that he couldn't even say a word.

"It's me! I know you all believe that I died in that plane crash, but I wasn't even in that plane." Sophia told her stepson.

Mason wasn't still able to say something but he went to Sophia and took her into his arms while tears ran down his face he finally found his speech.

"I'm so happy that you are here, that you weren't on that plane! But how is it that your name was on the passengers list?"

"That's a long story; I'll explain it to the whole family later! But first I wanna talk to your father and explain everything to him! Do you know where I can find him?"

 "He ordered his pilot to fly him to the scene of accident but he should be back by now!" Mason replied.

"Would you please do me a favour, Mason?" Sophia asked and a beautiful smile appeared on her face.

"You know that I could ever refuse anything to you when you look at me like that! So name it!"

"Please don't tell anyone that you've seen me, especially not your father. I want to tell him myself what happened. And please call me as soon as he's back home."

"I promise!"

"Thank you! I'll leave now, I need some time alone!"

"Sophia, I hope you and Dad can manage to get back together." Mason that and gave Sophia a hug before she left.



At the other end of Santa Barbara, Eden and Kelly were sitting at a table at the Capwell Oasis. They talked about how C.C. might react when he would see Sophia again.

"I'm sure Dad will be so happy that he will never let her go again!" Kelly said.

"I know but I'm not so sure about Momma's reaction!"

"What do you mean?" Kelly asked her elder sister.

"Listen, Kelly. When I was in Mexico with Momma she told me that she wants to go back to Italy at least for a while because she doesn't believe that she and Daddy can work things out and she said that she doesn't want to continue a relationship with him if he will never be able to at least forget that she once had an affair with Lionel and if he isn't able to trust her." Eden replied.

"Are you serious about what you just told me? You were the one who never gave up on trying to bring them together again and now you are willing to accept Momma's decision to go back to Italy!"

"I know that you think that it's my fault that they divorced the last time and you're right but in all that time that I was away from my family I learned that you can't change people's mind about things even if you desperately want it and try all you can. There's nothing I want more then to see our parents reunited but this time I don't know how to do it!"

"Well, I want give up that easy! I know how much daddy suffered the last few days when we all thought that mum died in that plane crash and I know that he would do everything to get her back if there will be the slightest chance that he could. And I'll do everything to help him!" Kelly replied.

"Alright, I'll help you as good as I can!" Eden said and they both laughed it was almost like if Eden had never been away from home.

Kelly was so happy to have her sister back but she was afraid that Eden would hate her if she would find out about Kelly's relationship with Cruz.



Some hours later, Sophia decided to go for a walk on the beach because she hadn't had news from Mason yet. She walked along the beach where she and C.C. first met and said their wedding vows a year later. She said down somewhere on a rock and looked at the ocean. Sophia remembered how happy they were at that time, a long time before C.C. found out the truth about Channing Junior. How often had she wished that Channing wasn't Lionel's but C.C.'s son.

Sophia had to think about the evening when she and C.C. reunited at the beach and when they danced.


"I think you're right! We have enough differences between us without looking for anymore!" Sophia told C.C. and his face changed.



"What is it?"

"What? What?"

"The way you're looking at me without saying anything?"

"You know me so well! I was thinking maybe it's time I'm going to admit that I was wrong about some things!"

"Really? You're going to admit?"

"You didn't think I might do that! I know that you're still not seeing Lionel!"

"I'm glad that I finally understood! There's something you'll never forgive me for! I lied to you about Channing!"


Sophia was brought back to reality when she saw a tall, handsome man down by the sea and she knew, even if she didn't really saw his face, that it was C.C.. Her heart began to beat faster and faster and she wanted nothing more than to run to him and feel his arms around her.

C.C. has sat down on the beach so that he felt the water gently touched his feet. He looked out at the ocean and thought how drawing would feel like, he asked if it would hurt. But C.C. was sure that it wouldn't hurt as much as the pain he felt now that he had lost Sophia.

Sophia got up from the rock where she was sitting for a while now and slowly went down to the man who was sitting close to the water. When she was only a few steps behind him she couldn't go on. The man stood up from the sand and made a few steps into the water before turning around and seeing the figure of a woman standing on the beach.

I must be dreaming! C.C. said to himself. It can't be. But C.C. had to make sure that he wasn't seeing a ghost.

C.C. made some steps out of the water and stopped when he stood right in front of the woman he had seen from the water.

"Is it really you? Can I touch you to make sure that you're real?" C.C. asked.

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