How many problems can a love bear ?

Chapter 10


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At the same time Mason was still waiting in the Capwell mansion for his father to come back home but there was no sign that C.C. would return to his house that evening. Mason took the phone and dialled Sophia's number to tell her that C.C. hadn't come home yet but by his surprise it wasn't Sophia who answered the phone but Eden.


"Ehm, it's Mason! Is that you Eden?" Mason asked of course he was almost sure that it was Eden at the other end of the phone, but it has been such a long time since he had last heard her voice.

"Oh, Mason! Yes it's me! How are you?"

"I'm fine. I just called to tell S.....!" Mason realized that he had promised Sophia not to tell anyone that he has seen her.

"Oh, you wanted to talk to Momma, but she's not here, she left some time ago because he wanted to go for a walk on the beach."

"You know that she wasn't on the plane?" Mason asked.

"Yes, because she was in Mexico with me the last few days."

"If she comes back would you please tell her that I've called to say that dad hasn't come home yet."

"Of course I will. And Mason, I would like to see you, Julia and Samantha, in the next few days if you would like to see me after everything the whole family had to go thru because of me!" Eden said while tears ran down her face and she realized that she was very nervous and afraid, because she didn't know how her elder brother would react.

"Oh, Eden! You bet we would love to see you again! Do you know that Cruz and the kids are in Santa Barbara?"

"Yes, I know and when the whole family knows that Momma wasn't on that plane, I'll try to get in touch with my family!" Eden said.


"I have to go now! Bye Mason and I hope to see you very soon!"

"So do I! Bye Eden!"

Mason was happy that he has been able to talk to Eden after all this time and he had the impression that Eden was herself again. Mason began to remember a day when Eden already suffered from her split personality and no one knew about it. He remembered that Eden, Cruz, C.C., Sophia and himself were talking about the day Sophia disappeared, because Eden wanted so badly to remember.

"Why didn't you come home!" Eden asked her mother.

"I really don't know!"

"I know!" Eden replied desperately.

"Look sweetheart, maybe there is a simple explanation, maybe you heard me talking to the police. They came to the house after I reported the disappearance." CC told his daughter.

 "If it were that easy I think she would remember!" Mason said.

"Fine, Mason! Since you have all the answers..."

"I don't have!" Mason replied but C.C. went on.

"Why did you let her suffer so lo...!"

"Daddy, just stop it! How do you expect him to talk to you? I don't know none of you! Mason is in this room because he wants to help me. If you don't know he loves me, I do. We understand each other. I mean I have had a mother that slept with my father's worst enemy, but Mason's mother was thrown out when he was a boy, remember that daddy. He has every right to despise on every one of us but he didn't, he took care of us, he took care of me. And you don't like his attitude. I dare he'd be upset because you treated Rosa and Ruben so shabbily that you took away Rosa and Ruben's land. I'll tell you something I've been calm my whole damn life when I sat back and watched the way you were treating Mason, you punished him because he didn't act, or do or say or please you the way I did." Eden told her father.

Remembering this scene Mason felt confused on the one hand he was happy that Eden had defended him in front of their father and on the other hand he was sad that his little sister had to suffer so much.



At the same time Kelly and Brick were having a drink at the Capwell Oasis. It has been a long time since they talked but there was always one thing that they had in common. They had both lost the love of their life.

"Do you think sometimes how you're life would be if Amy were still alive?" Kelly asked her half brother.

"Sure, there is no day that I don't think of her. Amy was the love of my life and even if I'm now married to Jane, I will never forget Amy! Not only because of Johnny but also because she enriched my life! What about you do you still think about Joe?"

"Yes, I do! And even now it still hurts so much. And it makes me angry that we were separated for five years because we thought that Joe had killed Channing. I will never be able to forgive me for thinking that Joe was guilty! Besides it makes me sad when I see how much mum and daddy love each other and that it seems to them that their love isn't enough to keep them together. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Yes, I do! I hope that they will be able to work things out. But I think I know my two little sisters and that they will find a way to bring Sophia and C.C. together once again!"

"Oh, are you talking about the surprise wedding that we set up for them!" Kelly said and smiled.

"Of course! I remember it like if it were yesterday!" 

Brick and Kelly started to remember the surprise wedding that they had set up for C.C. and Sophia in 1987. Sure they had planed to marry but first there were the problems with Gina who blackmailed C.C. into marrying her because she possessed the tape that proofed that Kelly killed Dylan in self-defence and after Kelly had been cleared Sophia and C.C. argued about Hayley getting professional help after her rape, but finally their children had arranged everything for them to marry.


The driver led C.C. and Sophia into the garden where everything was arranged for the wedding.

"Peter, hat the devil is this?" C.C. asked.

"What is going on? Peter, we were supposed to come here and switch cars! What is all this?" Sophia asked.

Then the whole family appeared and screamed: "Surprise!"

"We know that you waited for everything wrong to be made right than we'll wait for ever. And we know how much you love each other and how long it was for you to be a part so we want you to get married." Eden told her parents and a smile appeared on her face.

"Married?" C.C. asked.

"What?" Sophia wanted to know from their children.

"Married now today! That' s the surprise!" Eden explained.

"Surprise Wedding?" Sophia couldn't believe her ears.

"Yes, if you want to talk it over it's fine but you have to know that we have a reception planed at the Orient Express and if you don't turn up you'll break our hearts!" Kelly replied.

"I don't believe this!" Sophia said.

"The place is beautiful!" C.C. said.

"So is Momma!" Eden replied and smiled at her father.

"She certainly is! Sophia?" C.C. asked while he took Sophia's hand.

"Well I wouldn't disappoint anyone!"

"Would you marry me today, darling?" C.C. asked and looked at Sophia in love.

"Yes!" Sophia answered his question and smiled at him.


"It was such a beautiful day!"

"Yes it was Kelly! And I'm sure that you are already thinking about how you could bring them together again!" Brick told his sister.

"You know me so well!" Kelly said and smiled because indeed she had already some ideas how they could bring their parents together again.



Some time after his call with Eden Mason arrived at home. He knew that Cruz and the kids would be at his and Julia's house, because after C.C. got the news from the police station Mason had offered Cruz to stay at their house. Mason was sure that it must be hell to live with C.C. under the same roof in this situation, he knew that it even was hell to live in the same house as C.C. when he was in a good mood, but under this circumstances he wouldn't even wish his worst enemy to spend some hours with C.C..

"Hello! Anybody here?" Mason said when he entered his home.

"Oh, you're back! Have you got news from your father?" Julia asked while Cruz came down the stairs. He just had told a goodnight story to Samantha, Chip and Adriana.

"Did Mr C find something out?"

"I'm sorry I don't know! I waited for him at the house for hours and he didn't come home. I called his pilot and he told me that they landed on the Capwell land some hours ago and that Dad was very upset and didn't say a word the whole flight back from the scene of accident!"

"Oh my god! He must have find something that proofs that Sophia was on the flight." Julia said and tears ran down her cheeks.

"Maybe!" Mason replied "Cruz would you mind to leave us alone for a few minutes?"

"No!" Cruz replied.

"Julia, listen to me! I can't tell you how I know it, but I know that everything will be alright! There's something else I have to tell you!"

"Mason are you having secrets?"

"Darling, I have good news. Eden is back in town and later I want to talk to Cruz and ask him what he would do if Eden would ever come back!"

"He'll know that you know more then you are willing to tell him." Julia replied. "How's Eden? Did you see her?"

"She's fine! I didn't see her but I talked to her on the phone!"

"I'm so glad that she decided to come home! I missed her so much!"

"Me too! But now I'm going to find out what Cruz thinks about how it could be when she returns!" Mason gave Julia a kiss on her forehead and went out into the garden where Cruz was sitting on a bench.

"Hey man! What are you thinking of?" Mason asked Cruz.

"I thought about how difficult it must be for Mr C. I remember what I went trough when we thought that Eden had died when she fall of the cliffs."

"I know it was a tragedy! But by now we all know that she survived and left Santa Barbara because se was sick and didn't want to be a burden for her family!" Mason replied.

"Yes, I know!"

"Have you ever thought about Eden coming back home?" Mason asked.

"There isn't a day that I don't imagine how it would be if Eden would come back to us! But I think it's about time to give up hope. I'm afraid that she will never come home to see our children and me again." Cruz said and wiped away some tears.

"But if she would come to see you and your children, how would you react?"

"I would be the happiest man in the world but there would always be this fear that she might leave us again!"

"I understand!" Mason replied and left Cruz alone.

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