How many problems can a love bear ?

Chapter 11


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At the same time on the beach, Sophia was standing in front of a man and tears ran down her face. She felt so confused; she didn't know what to do! Should she run away or should she stay. In the background we hear the song "I never thought" performed by Dan Hill.

The man in front of Sophia was C.C.. Tears were also running down his cheeks.

"Is that really you?" he must have asked that question at least 5 times, because he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Yes, it's me!" Sophia replied and this beautiful smile that C.C. loved so much appeared on her face.

"I must be dreaming! I was at the scene of the accident earlier today and I saw your suitcase. My darling, I'm so sorry about our argument. I was so wrong accusing you of having an affair with Lionel, now I know that you were seeing Eden on the yacht. Now that it is too late and that I can never get you back I realized what a fool I've been I always pushed you away from me because of my jealousy and the only thing that I ever wanted from the first day I saw you was to spend my life with you." C.C. said.

"C.C., please listen to me!" Sophia said while she tried to find the right words to tell him that everything about the plane crash was a big misunderstanding and somehow she was afraid that C.C. would never be able to believe this story, because she felt that C.C. must have the impression that he was talking to her ghost.

"No, please let me explain to you how miserable I feel since you…" C.C. couldn't go on because Sophia had come next to him and gently touched his arm with her hand.

"How is it that I can feel your touch?"

"Because I'm really here! You're not dreaming and you're not talking to my ghost!" Sophia said and looked carefully at C.C. to see his reaction.

"Oh my darling!" C.C. said took Sophia in his arms and kissed her passionately.

"C.C. stop it! It's too easy that way, you know that! I'm here in Santa Barbara to tell you and our children that I wasn't on the plane that crashed, but I was in Mexico with Eden the last few days. My suitcase was on that plane because I already sent some of my things to Italy because I'm going back to Italy at least for a while. I can't go on living with you as long as you can't trust me!"

"What? You'll leave me again? You can't do this to me and to our children!"

"The kids are grownups they have their own lives and they don't need me here." Sophia relied.

"Don't you have the slightest idea how happy I am to have you back? I thought that you died in that plane crash! I didn't know how I'll go on with my life without you and you tell me that you'll go back to Italy!"

"C.C., I can't go on living with you. I can't bear your jealousy and your hatred against Lionel anymore and what makes me very sad is that you never trusted me and that you never will. I know how much I hurt you because I lied to you about Channing and I know that you will never be able to forgive me." Sophia said while tears ran down her face and walked away from C.C..

C.C. was so disappointed by what Sophia just had told him that he decided to go to the Capwell Oasis and have a drink.



At the same time Mason and Cruz were having a drink at the Capwell Oasis. Julia had agreed to stay at home and look after the kids, since she was pregnant she was spending a lot of time at home to decorate the bedroom for their unborn baby.

"I'm happy that you and Julia have managed to come together again and I heard that you're going to have another baby!" Cruz told Mason.

"I'm very happy and soon I will be the happiest man in the world if everything turns out like I hope it will." Mason replied with an impish smile on his face.

"Mason, what are you talking about?"

"Well Cruz, I can't tell you yet! I promised that I wouldn't tell anyone, but believe me everyone in this family will be happy when it will be revealed to them."

At that moment C.C. entered the Capwell Oasis. He saw Mason and Cruz, but he wasn't in the mood to talk to them, so he went straight to the bar and ordered a brandy.

Sometime later Mason and Cruz were about to leave when they saw C.C. sitting at the bar, they decided to go over to him and try to convince him to call a taxi and go home because they saw that C.C. was drunk.

"Hey dad! Don't you wanna join Cruz and me and go for a walk on the beach? Cruz wants to see the beach house where he and Eden lived before she disappeared."

"Mason, just go away and leave me alone!" C.C. replied.

"Mr C, Mason cares about you like every one of us does. We know that you were at the scene of the accident today and I'm sure that you must have found a proof that Sophia was in this plane! And believe me, Mason and I know how you feel!"

"No one knows how I feel! I was at the scene of accident and there I found Sophia's suitcase, I didn't want to go on with my life without her. I was at the beach when I came back and suddenly Sophia stood in front of me!" C.C. replied and drank his glass empty and ordered another drink.

"When Eden disappeared I thought that I saw her everywhere." Cruz replied.

"You have no idea, son! Sophia wasn't on the plane that crashed she was in Mexico with Eden the last few days."

"Dad, I think you have said enough and that it's time to go home now!" Mason said and hoped that Cruz didn't have heard that C.C. had mentioned Eden.

"What did you say about Eden?" Cruz asked.

"Sophia was in Mexico with her, because Eden wanted to visit you and the kids and I think that Eden will be back in Santa Barbara in the next few days."

"Eden is back?" Cruz couldn't believe what he just had heard.

"Dad, you said enough." Mason said and felt that he was very upset about his father's behaviour.

"Mason did you know that Eden wants to come back home?" Cruz asked.

"Cruz, I wanted Eden to tell you that she's back and I only know it since a few hours." Mason replied and Cruz left the Oasis.

"Look what you did! And why are you here and drink much too much if you know that Sophia is alive? Why aren't you with her if you really love her?" Mason asked his father.

"Because she told me that she doesn't want me back and that she will go back to Italy as soon as the whole family knows that she wasn't on the plane that crashed."

"And you are giving up so easily?" Mason asked.

"Sophia told me not to try to convince her to stay here!"

"Oh and it would be something new if the great C.C. Capwell would give up so easy!"

"Mason, I don't know what I could do to make her stay! Sophia told me that she can't go on living with me if I couldn't trust her. Mason I've hurt her once too much and now I have to live with it!" CC replied.

"You're drunk, dad! You should go home and take a rest and think about everything tomorrow when you'll get up! Come on, I'll drive you home!"

"No, I'm not going home now! And if I want to go home I'll manage to go there by myself!"

"Ok, but I don't understand you, you should be fighting instead of sitting here and getting drunk!" Mason replied and left C.C. alone.

Chapter 12