How many problems can a love bear ?

Chapter 3


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Driving to the harbour Sophia became more and more nervous because a strange feeling came up in her, somehow the instructions remained her the past. She has to remember Eden and the times when her beloved daughter suffered from split personalities. Images from her last meeting with Eden appeared in front of her inner eye. She saw her daughter who wore a smoking and thought that she were possessed by her death brother who wanted to take revenge on Sophia because she accidentally shot him 12 years ago.

"No! You're fantasy is playing you a trick." Sophia said to herself when she arrived at the harbour. She got out of the car and made her on the way to the Capwell yacht, she made a stop in front of the yacht and took the letter out of her bag to read it again.

Sophia went on board, she went over the deck and entered into the galley, but then she got really shocked, because the first time since years she stand face to face to her daughter Eden.

Lots of thoughts came up in Sophia's mind: "Is she still ill? Does she want to try to kill me again?"

Eden who could see the fear on her mother's face began to speak.

"Don't worry, Mum! I'm fine, I made a psychotherapy and I'm healthy again!" Eden said and waited impatiently for her mother's answer and reaction.

"Oh, dear! I'm so happy to see you, but if you're fine why this mystery-mongering? I was scared when I received you're letter and your father wanted to call the police because there were no sender on the letter! You know him and his reactions." Sophia told her daughter.

"I'm sorry, mum! It wasn't meant that way, I wanted to talk to you without being interrupted all the time! And I wanted you to help me, but that can wait!"

Sophia wanted to hold her daughter tight, but she wasn't sure how Eden would react. The silence between mother and daughter feared both and so it was Eden who made the first step.

"Mom, I'm so sorry! I mean when I shot you I were very confused and ill, it took me a long time and lots of sessions with my psychologist to realize that Channing wasn't there that evening but that it was me who shot my own mother." Eden said and tears ran down her face.

"Oh, Eden! It was also my fault I hurt you so much without knowing it! I mean I didn't know that you were on the beach the day I disappeared! I promise you if you'll give me one more chance I'm not going to hurt you again.!"

"Would you please take me into your arms and hold me tight, Mum? I've longed for it so long!" Eden told her mother.

Before Sophia could answer her daughter's question Eden continued to speak: "I understand that you can't take me in your arms anymore, I hurt you so badů! And I can understand that you can't forget me!" Eden said and tears ran down her cheeks.

Sophia made a step closer to her daughter and reached her arms towards Eden to hold her tight.

"It's okay, dear! I already forgave you a long time ago, because it wasn't your fault. It was me who caused you so much pain!"

"I'm so happy that you say that!"

"Why don't you come with me to the Capwell Oasis? I'm going to meet your father there for dinner!"

"No! Please, Mum, don't tell him that I'm back! I need some more time before I can come face to face to him! I destroyed your marriage and I don't know if Dad can forgive me this!"

"I'm sure he already has forgiven you! He loves you! I've to tell you something!"

"Something good or bad?"

"I don't know! Your father and I are going to marry again in a few weeks and we would be happy if you would come!?"

"That's great! I would love to come!"



"Hello! Here's C.C. Capwell! I want to talk to my wife!" C.C. listened to the person at the other side of the phone.

"What?" he shouted into the receiver; "Oh, it's all right!" C.C. hung up the phone and realized that fury rose in him.

"Where is she? I hope she hasn't followed these idiotic instructions!" C.C. said not noticing that Kelly has entered the room.

"What's up, daddy? It seems that you are angry about something!" Kelly said in a very quiet tone because she didn't want to make her father even angrier.

"Oh, it has something to do with your mother but I don't want to talk about it! I have to leave, I'm going to meet your mother for lunch!" C.C. answered.

But C.C.'s answer didn't satisfy Kelly and so she followed up.

"Daddy, I want you to tell me what's wrong with mom and what kind of instructions have you meant earlier? Don't tell me that it isn't true, I heard it when I came in!"

"Yesterday evening your mother received a letter from an unknown sender, it contained some instructions to lead her to a certain place. She promised me not to go to that place and now I tried to reach her at work and her secretary told me that she wasn't there the whole morning. Do you understand that I'm worried?"

"Yes, I do and if you want I'm going to ask Connor to make some investigations in this case?" Kelly replied.

"Okay, but don't tell your mother anything about it! I'm going to talk to her about it when we have lunch! I have to leave if I don't want to be late" C.C. said and a smile appeared on his face, he felt that he has calmed down, and gave Kelly a kiss on her forehead.



"Are you sure that you don't want to come home with me?" Sophia asked Eden.

"Yes, I am, mum! I've something to ask you!"

"What? You know that I would do everything for you, don't you?"
"Yes, I know! Would you please help me to find Cruz and the children?" Eden asked her mother and realized that she was afraid of her mother's answer.

"Eden, do you know that Cruz and the children are somewhere in Mexico? I think it could be difficult to find them, but I'm going to help you! There's only one thing I must find something that I can tell your father! But don't worry I'll manage it!"

"Oh, mom, I'm so happy that you are going to help me! I'll contact a friend in Europe to find out where they are in Mexico! Can we meet tomorrow?"

"Yes, we can! But make me a favour if you don't want that your father becomes suspicious than don't send a letter! You can try to call me at home or at work, ok? And if I'm not there you can let me a message and I'm going to phone you as soon as possible!"
"All right! I don't want that you are going to have problems with dad, he's such a suspicious man!"

"You're right, dear! I'm sorry but I have to leave if I don't want to be late. I'm so happy that you're back! I love you, dear!" Sophia smiled at her daughter and then she went towards Eden to give her a huge hug.

"I know, mom! And I love you too!" Eden said and smiled at her mother.

Sophia went off the board and got into the car to drive to the Capwell Oasis.



At the same C.C. left the house to drive to the Capwell Oasis, but his plan was destroyed by Gina, who lived next door to the Capwells with her husband Lionel Lockridge. So like in the old times Capwells and Lockridges were neighbours again.

"Oh, good morning C.C.! How are you? It's a very beautiful day today, isn't it?"

"Gina! I've no time for small talk and especially not with you!" C.C. replied in a very angry tone.

"Is there trouble in your little paradise with Sophia? I knew that your happiness with her wouldn't last very long and as it seems I was right, wasn't I?" Gina said sarcastically.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I warn you Gina, Sophia's and my life doesn't have to interest you! Is that clear?" C.C. said and rose a finger as a sign of warning.

"Oh! I touched your wound point, I know, but I also know that Sophia left the house very early this morning! I'm sure that she has something to hide, she seemed to be very nervous when she left!"
"You should better care about your own marriage, Gina! Where is Lionel? Can't you harass him?" C.C. said and felt that he became very furious, he got in his car and drove away.

"I know that there's something wrong and I'm going to find something to make the situation worse and perhaps they will break with each other!" Gina said to herself.



When Sophia arrived at the Capwell Oasis she met Lionel, who has left home because of Gina's accusations.

"Hello Sophia! Nice to see you! How are you? " Lionel said.

"Hi, Lionel! I'm fine! But you don't look very happy! Does something happened?"

"Oh! I had an argument with Gina because of you!"

"What? Doesn't she know that C.C. and I are going to marry again?"

"She knows it, but she thinks that I still have feelings for you! She is a very jealous woman, you know?" Lionel answered, but he wasn't happy to lie to Sophia because she was one of his best friends, but he couldn't tell her that Gina wanted to prevent Sophia's marriage with C.C., he wanted to find himself a way to stop her.

"She is not only jealous, she is crazy like she always was! Why does she think that you could still have feelings for me? Sure there were times when we loved each other but that's long ago!"

"I don't know? Let's change the topic! How is it to live with C.C. again?" Lionel answered.

"Oh! If you believe it or not C.C. has changed a lot! He has become more quiet and controls his temper better than ever! And what's about being married to Gina, it must be hell on earth!?" Sophia said.

"She's a great woman and I really love her! I know this may sound strange but it's true."

"Oh, but I don't believe that she has changed a lot! She's still the same woman she ever was! But you love her and I hope that you'll be happy with her!" Sophia said.

"I'm happy with Gina, but today I had the impression that she can't forget that there were times that I loved you! It's possible that she thinks that I'm like C.C.!"

"What do you mean when you say like C.C.?"

"I mean that C.C. always loved you and no one else but you! Maybe she fears that I could have the same strong feelings for you like C.C.!"

"Oh! I understand but does she know that you love her?" Sophia asked and felt not very well to talk to Lionel about Gina, because she never had any sympatric feelings for Gina.

"I think that she knows it! I've an idea I'm going home and I'm making something special with Gina, perhaps we can go on a short trip and let Santa Barbara behind us!"

"That's a good idea! But don't tell her that we've met!" Sophia said and both began to laugh.

They got up and Lionel took Sophia in his arms and gave her a kiss on her cheek but at this moment C.C. entered the Capwell Oasis and saw his worst enemy with the woman he loves. Anger and fear rose in him, but this time it was different, because his fear was bigger than his anger, he realized that he didn't want to loose Sophia again.



At the same time Eden phoned with her friend in Europe to find out where Cruz and her children were.

"Hi, it's Eden! I need your help! Could you please try to find out where Cruz and the children live now? I only know that they are somewhere in Mexico!"

"Wait a minute! I'm going to look if I can find something in our police computer!" the person at the other side of the phone answered her.

"Okay!" Eden replied and noticed that she was very confused, on the one hand she hoped that her friend would find her family but on the other hand she was afraid of her family's reaction, because she left them years ago without saying a word.

"I've found them!"

"What? Where are they?"

"They live in Acapulco! Do you want to know the exact address?"

"Oh yes! Please! I'm just taking something to write!" Eden said, she took a pen and something to write on.

"I hear!"

" The address is 193A, Paradiso Place! Do you have it?"

"Yes, I have! I thank you so much!"

"I'm coming to Santa Barbara in two days! Perhaps we can meet before I'm going to meet the rest of the Capwell family?"

"Yes, but you have to come to the Capwell yacht, because no one knows that I'm here except Mom!"

"I'm sure she was glad to have you back!"

"Yes, she was and she will be happy to see you after all these years!"

"I know! I have still some work to do! Take care, Eden!"

"Yes, I do! Bye!"


Eden hang up the phone and was happy that she had the address where she could find her family.

Chapter 4