How many problems can a love bear ?

Chapter 4


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At the same time in the Capwell Oasis.

"Excuse me, Mister Capwell! There's a call for you!" a waiter said to C.C..

"Thanks!" C.C. replied, went to the bar and picked up the phone.

"Yes! C.C. Capwell on the phone!"

"Mr. Capwell! I've found your son in law and your grand-children. They are in Acapulco!"

"Ok! Could you please send a telegram with the exact address to Capwell Enterprises?" C.C. asked and felt that his mood became better and that it could be possible that his fantasy went through with him when he saw Sophia with Lionel.

"All right, Mister Capwell!"
C.C. hung the phone up and saw that Sophia was coming straight to him and C.C. didn't feel very well because he knew that he has to lie to her when she would ask questions about the call.

"Hey! Do you have some business to do?"
"Yes, I have! But know I only be there for you!" C.C. said and gave Sophia a kiss. C.C. realized that it felt so good to have Sophia by his side.

"Do you know that I phoned you at the office, but you were not there! C.C. said and this time it was Sophia who felt bad because she had to lie to C.C. and she didn't want to hurt him once again. How many times had she hurt him in the past? First when the truth about Channing came out and C.C. had to face the fact that the boy he loved more than his own life wasn't his son and then the whole story with Eden who developed a split personality, because she saw when Sophia went over the side of the Lockridge yacht when she was a little girl.

"I was on the beach, because I wasn't able to concentrate on anything! Do you know what? I was at the place where we first met."

"Oh! And I was scared that you could have followed the instructions you got yesterday evening!" C.C. replied and smiled because he believed what Sophia told him.

"No! I promised you not to follow them!"

"Let's go to our table and have lunch! I'm hungry!" C.C. said.

They went to there table and sat down.



At the same time at Capwell Enterprises, Mason who arrived in his father's study found a telegram on the desk and thought that it might be for him because his father had asked him to guide the firm because C.C. didn't want to work so much than the last years.

Mason took the telegram and began to read it! He was very surprised when he saw that it contained Cruz address in Mexico.

‘What does this mean' Mason thought by himself, but he knew that he would have to talk to his father about it.

Julia entered the room.

"Hi, Mason! I have seen the doctor this morning and he told me the gender of our baby! Do you want to know if it will be a boy or a girl that we are going to have?"
"Oh, Julia! I've forgotten that you had to go to the doctor this morning you know that I wanted to come with you, don't you?" Mason said.

"Yes, I know! But I also know that you have a lot of work, since your father decided to work less. And want you to know if we are going to have a boy or a girl?" Julia said and smiled at Mason.

"Sure I want to know it!" Mason said and smiled.

"I think you should better take place, Mason!" Julia replied.

"What's wrong, darling?"

"Nothing! We are not going to have one baby, but two!" Julia said and waited impatiently for Mason's reaction.

"Oh, Julia! I'm so happy! But tell me the twins are they going to be girls or boys?"
"I think that you and your father will be very happy about it because the babies are boys!" Julia said and smiled at Mason in love.



At the Capwell Oasis, C.C. and Sophia were having lunch when a waiter came to their table.

"Excuse me Mrs Mathis! There's a call for you!"

Sophia saw that C.C. wasn't very pleased because the waiter said "Mrs Mathis".

"I would prefer if you would call me Mrs Capwell and not Mrs Mathis!" Sophia told the waiter and a big smile appeared on C.C.'s face.

"Ok, Mrs Capwell!" the waiter said.

"Excuse me, darling! I have to go to the phone it might be a call from Armonti Industries." Sophia said and got up to go to the phone.


"Hi, Mum! It's me, Eden! I have the address where Cruz and my children live!"

"Oh! That's great! Do you already know when you are going to see them?" Sophia asked.

"No, I don't know! I wanted to talk to you about it!"

"Ok! But can we meet later, dear? Because I'm having lunch with your father and he's becoming suspicious. Earlier he phoned at the office because he wanted to talk to me. So we have to be more careful because I don't want to hurt him once more. And I don't want to hurt you, so I hope you can understand that we must pay attention when we want to meet."

"Of course I understand that! And it was my wish to keep it a secret that I'm back! So if you'll find time then you can join me at the yacht. I'll be here."

"All right! I'm phoning you later to tell you when I will probably arrive at the yacht! Take care, dear!"

Sophia hung up the phone and went back to C.C. and sat down.

"Here I am again! I'm sorry but it was an important call, but now I'm only there for you!"

"Then it's all right and you can spend the rest of the day with me! I have planed a surprise for you!" C.C. replied.



"Oh!" Sophia said and felt sad because she knew that she will have to disappoint Eden or C.C.. She thought that it would perhaps be better to contact Eden and tell her that it will be impossible to meet, because Sophia felt that C.C. already began to doubt her and she didn't want to have an argument with him because their arguments normally ended up in terrible fights. "What kind of surprise had you planed?" Sophia asked, smiled at him in love and gently touched his hand. She realized that it felt so good to have C.C. by her side and that she couldn't imagine living without him.

"I'm not going to tell you a single word!" C.C. said and realized that his fantasy went through with him when he saw Sophia and Lionel together.

"Ok! I give it up, but before we leave I have to make some business calls!" Sophia replied, because she wanted to phone Eden and tell her that it would be impossible to her to come to the yacht.

"All right! I have to call Mason to tell him that I won't be in the office the next few days! Shall we meet at home in an hour?"

"I'll be there!" Sophia replied, they got up and C.C. gave Sophia a kiss on the cheek and he left the Oasis.

Sophia went to the bar, took the phone and tried to reach Eden at the yacht, but with no success. She knew that she would have to try it later again and made her on the way home.



At the same time at the other end of Santa Barbara, Lionel arrived at home and prepared a romantic lunch for himself and his wife Gina who was on the beach with Channing.

Lionel had hardly finished his surprise when Gina already came home. Lionel who had hoped that Gina would be in a better mood, had to realize to she was as suspicious as she was before he left the house earlier.

"What have you done?" Gina asked Lionel.

"I prepared a romantic lunch for the woman I love!" Lionel answered with a smile on his face.

"OH! I'm sorry it's only me who came home and it isn't Sophia like who would have expected it!"

"Oh! My god! What have I done that you don't trust me Gina? I never gave you a reason to doubt me, did I? If I have done or said something that hurt you please tell me what it was and I'm going to apologize, but don't treat me like a criminal! 

"Oh, Lionel! If I would tell you why I am in such a bad mood, you would say that I'm crazy!"

"So tell me and then I will tell you if you're crazy or not!"

"I'm afraid that Sophia could still attract you like many years ago! I love you Lionel and I don't want to lose you!"

"Oh! Gina! You are crazy! I love you and only you! I already told you earlier that Sophia and I are only friends! And believe me C.C. is the only man she ever really loved."

"I'm so sorry! Can you forgive me once more?" Gina asked and smiled at Lionel in love, but by herself she thought that she had to do something to prevent the marriage between C.C. and Sophia.

Lionel took Gina in his arms and they kissed.



At the same time Connor arrived at the Capwell mansion where he found Kelly and he was very happy to see her because he was deeply in love with her.

"Hi, Kelly! How are you, my love?" Connor said and kissed Kelly.

"Oh! I'm fine but I'm a bit surprised to see you here I thought that you would have a lot of work today?"

"Yes, I have! And I'm here because I have to talk to your father, because some persons have said that they have seen someone on your father's yacht!"

"That's impossible! None of us was on the yacht within the last few days! I think it's better if you talk to daddy about it!" Kelly said and kissed Connor.

The big door of the Capwell mansion was opened and C.C. entered his home.

"Hi! Kelly, Connor!" C.C. said.

"Daddy! Connor is here because he has something important to tell you!"

"Eh! Mister Capwell!..." Connor had no chance to start an entire sentence because he was interrupted by C.C..

"I have no time! I'm in a hurry! What you have to tell me can wait until I'm back, can't it?"

"I don't think so, Mister Capwell! Kelly, would you please let us alone?" Connor said.

"I understand! I'm in the garden if someone should need me!"

"So what's the matter, Connor?" C.C. wanted to know.

"There's something going on on your yacht, some people have seen that a person lives on it since a few days!"

"What? That can't be true! I give you the permission, no I order you to search my whole yacht to find that person!" C.C. said and felt that rage rose in him.

"I don't think that it would be necessary, because someone said that he had seen Sophia at the yacht this morning!"

"What?" C.C. became more and more angry. A lot of thoughts ran through his head. Was the statement of this person wrong? Or had Sophia lied to him when she told him that he couldn't have reached her at the office because she was on the beach? Was she on the yacht with Lionel? Why have they been together at the Capwell Oasis?

"I'm sorry, Mister Capwell! I thought that you knew that Sophia was on the boat?" Connor replied.

"Perhaps she told me and I only forgot it because I had a lot of business to do!"

"Ok! I'm going to look after Kelly!" Connor said and left the room.



The big door of the Capwell mansion opened and Sophia entered the house, C.C. who was still lost in his thoughts hadn't realized that Sophia had come home. Sophia came close to him and stroke with her hand over his back.

"What's wrong with you, darling?" I have the impression that you are lost in your thoughts! Did something happen?"

"No, my love, everything is all right! I only thought about how happy I am to have you here by my side." C.C. replied.

Sophia who started to become suspicious asked: "Are you sure that's nothing else? I have the impression that you are worried about something."

"No, it's all right!" Excuse me I have to take some documents from the study because Mason will come to pick them up!"

"Ok!" Sophia said and thought that this would be her chance to try to reach Eden on the yacht! When C.C. had left the room, Sophia took the phone and dialed the number to reach Eden on the yacht, but she had no chance.

"I have to try it later again!" Sophia thought by herself and went upstairs to freshen up.

At the same time in the Capwell garden Kelly was swimming when Connor arrived.

"Hey, I didn't know that I fell in love with a mermaid?"

"You would be more surprised if you would know everything about me and my habits!" Kelly replied and came out of the water. Connor took a bath towel, but Kelly didn't have the intention to dry herself, she went straight to Connor and took him into her arms, so that he became wet to!

"Oh, Kelly! You know that I still have some work to do and I can't go back to the district in wet clothes."

"I have a solution, we could spend the time together while you wait that your clothes dry!"

"I'm sorry but that has to wait until this evening because they need me at the district." Connor said and kissed Kelly before he left.

Chapter 5