How many problems can a love bear ?

Chapter 2


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The following day B.J. and Warren organized a party to inform their families and friends that they are going to move to the east coast.

"I'm so glad that we are going to move to New York!" B.J. said.

"Yes, I'm too! A new part of our life will began there!" Warren replied.

The doorbell rang twice. The sign for B.J. that her parents had arrived.

"I'm going to open the door!" B.J. shouted.

"I'm coming in two minutes!" Warren said.

B.J. opened the door and welcomed her parents.

"Hi Mum, hi Dad!"

"Hi baby! How does it feel to be married?" Jodie asked her daughter.

"It's great! Warren is such a wonderful man!"

The doorbell rang again, this time Lionel, Gina, Lily, Sawyer and Aurora arrived.

"We are happy that everyone has come! I'm sure that you want to know the reason for this party?" Warren told their guests.

They all waited impatient that Warren would continue but it was B.J. who spoke next. 

"You know that we love you! And we don't want that you'll be sad because we are going to move to New York. We both get a job there!" B.J. said.

"Sure that we'll miss you!" Lionel said, "but we have to accept your decision and we are happy for you!"

"And now, let's continue the celebration because we are not here to mope!" Warren said and the party continued until the early morning hours.



At the same time at the Capwell mansion the whole family was preparing C.C. and Sophia's wedding. In the living room Sophia and Kelly were writing invitations and planning the course of the wedding.

"I've finished the invitations, Mum!" Kelly said.

But Sophia doesn't react, she was lost in her thoughts like she was so often in the last few days.

"Mum?" Kelly said and touched her mother's arm.

"I'm sorry, dear! I was lost in my thoughts." Sophia said to her daughter and went over to the sofa and sat down.

"What are you thinking about? You don't look very happy!"

"You're right, Kelly, I'm not very happy but it has nothing to do with your father or with the wedding! Please, believe me, but I'm not in the mood to talk about it now!" Sophia told her daughter.

But Kelly didn't think about giving up until her mother will have told her what was depressing her mother. Since Eden had left the family it was Kelly who tried to keep the family together and to do everything she could to protect her family.

"Come on, Mum! Tell me what's depressing you! If you tell me what's wrong perhaps I can help you!" Kelly said.

Sophia noticed that Kelly won't give up until she told her why she was so thoughtful.

"Ok! I'm going to tell you!"


At the same time C.C. and Ted were sitting in the study and discussed about business.

 "Dad! I noticed something but it has nothing to do with business! But I have the impression that you already regret that you asked Mum if she wants to marry you again!" Ted told his father.

"What?" C.C. shouted, "No, I don't regret that I asked your mother to marry me again but there's something else!"

"So tell me what it is, dad!"

"I miss Eden, Cruz and the children. They were always here when we celebrated something and I would be the happiest man in the world if they would be here for the wedding!" C.C. replied.

"Why don't you try to find Cruz and the children, we know that they are somewhere in Mexico. But it will be much more difficult to find Eden, because we don't know where she is and even if we would find her it won't be sure that she will come. I mean perhaps she is still ill! And if you are able to bring them here for the wedding it would be the best present you could offer to Mum!"

"You're right, Ted! But you have to promise me that it is our little secret!" C.C. said and smiled at his youngest son.


"I have to think about Eden, Cruz and the children. I miss them a lot and I would be happy to see them again." Sophia told Kelly.

"I understand, I think everyone of us is missing them." Kelly answered while Ted entered the room.

"Hey! What are you talking about?" Ted asked.

"Nothing important! We were talking about the wedding when you came in!" Sophia said, "Where is your father?"

"I have to leave, I'm going to meet Connor at the Oasis!" Kelly said and gave her mother a kiss on the cheek.

"Wait! I'm coming with you, Kelly! Dad is still in the study, Mum! Why?" Ted said.

"So I can go upstairs and try my wedding dress, I don't want that your father sees it!"



Some time later C.C. was in the study and phoned with a detective.

"I want you to find my son-in-law and my grandchildren as soon as possible cost it what it will! Have you understood?" C.C. shouted at the person at the other end of the phone.

It knocked on the door.

"I want have some results tomorrow morning! Bye!" C.C. said and hang up the phone.

"Come in! The door is open!"

"What are you doing? Do you have secrets that you haven't told me yet?" Sophia said to tear C.C. up.

C.C., who has realized that she joked, came close to her and pulled her on the sofa to tickle her.

"No, I have no secrets. I only planed a surprise for you!"

"Stop! Please, stop. I am out of breath!"

"It feels so good to have you here again!" C.C. said and softly kissed her.

"I have to go to Armonti Industries, because I still have some work to do, but I'll be back for dinner. What do you think about a romantic dinner with your ex-wife?" Sophia said and laughed.

"It sounds very tempting! I'll be here!" C.C. replied and they kissed.



At the same time Lily and her mother Gina were discussing at B.J. and Warren's party.

"Hi, Mum! How are you? I have some news for you!"

"Some news about the Capwells, I hope?!" Gina replied.

"Yes! Did you know that Julia and Mason are going to have a baby?"

"No, I didn't! That's great! I'm so happy for them, even if I had fights with Julia, she is a good mother and Mason loves her!" Gina said.

"But do you know the best, C.C. and Sophia are going to marry again!" Lily said.

"What? I mean I'm happy so I don't have to be afraid that Sophia could try to seduce Lionel! I'm glad about this!"

"What's wrong with you, Mum? Don't you know that Lionel loves you and Sophia always loved C.C.!"

"I know that Lionel loves me, but it could be possible that Sophia attracts Lionel like she always did with C.C.! I'm sad that he is going to marry her again, I thought, no I hoped that he could fall in love with another woman!" Gina answered.

"Mum! It was always sure that C.C. only loves Sophia!" Lily said and left Gina alone.

"I'm going to find a way to prevent this marriage!" Gina thought by herself.



In the evening Sophia came home from work and was happy to be alone in the house with C.C., the man she loves, the quietness in the house remembered her the first time when she was married to C.C., before the birth of their children.

"Hey! Where's my ex- husband? Someone told me that he will be waiting here for me!" Sophia shouted into the room.

C.C. approached from behind and covered her eyes with his hands.

"Don't be afraid! I'm going to lead you to your well deserved dinner!" C.C. whispered into Sophia's ear.

C.C. led Sophia into the living room, where he has lightened up a fire in the fireside and next to it he has arranged the table with the dinner. He took his hands from Sophia's eyes.

"As far as I remember I said yes when you asked me if I want to marry you again. So what do you want from me tonight?" Sophia asked with a smile on her face, because she exactly knew why C.C. had planed such a romantic dinner.

"I thought that we could spend a very romantic night together, including everything that belongs to it!" C.C. replied and smiled at her in love.

After the dinner they had made themselves comfortable in front of the fireside. C.C. took Sophia into his arms, softly touched her face and kissed her tenderly.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Let it ring!" C.C. said because Sophia softly pushed him away.

"Please let me see who it is! Maybe it's something important!"

"Okay, but don't forget where we stopped!" C.C. replied.

Sophia left the living room and went to the hall to open the door. When she opened the door a supplier stand in front of her and had a letter for Sophia. Sophia signed and looked at the letter, she closed the door and wondered why there was no sender on the letter. She opened the letter and read it carefully.

"Come tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock to the Capwell yacht at the harbour. Don't tell anybody about it. It's very important!"

Sophia was confused by the letter she had received, she put the letter in the cover again, she became nervous and a lot of questions came up in her mind. "Who would have send this letter to her and why? What was going on?" She was lost in her thoughts and hasn't realized that C.C. stood by her side.

"What's this? And from whom is it?" C.C. asked.

"I... have... no idea who has send it! It contains some instructions. It isn't important perhaps somebody wanted to make a joke. So let's forget it! Where did we stop?" Sophia said but deep in her mind she wanted to find out who has sent this letter to her.

"I hope you aren't going to follow these idiotic instructions, it may be dangerous. Perhaps it would be better to inform the police, so they could try to find this crazy person."

"No, I beg you not to call the police, because it's the first time I receive such a letter and there are more important things to be done tonight!" Sophia said and with an impish smile on her face.

"You're right, you're always right! Let's go to bed, darling! We both need some sleep!" C.C. replied.

"I don't have the intention to go to bed to get some sleep! What's about you?"

"Of course not! But I didn't want to be so direct!"

Later when they made love Sophia only could thing about the letter she received earlier.



The following day Sophia went up very early to have breakfast.

"You're up early! Do you have something special to do today?" C.C. wanted to know.

"Yes, I have a business meeting and I have some preparations to do for it!" Sophia answered, but her answer was only an excuse because she wanted to follow the instructions from the letter she received the day before to find out who had sent it to her.

"I hope you don't think about this letter anymore?"

"No, I don't. And you are you going to Capwell Enterprises today?"

"No, I don't. I'm going to work at home, why?" C.C. said.

"I thought that we could have lunch together, perhaps at the Capwell Oasis?" Sophia answered.

"Why not? I'll be there at 12 o'clock, all right?"

"Okay, but now I have to leave!" Sophia said, got up, gave C.C. a kiss and left the house.



At the same time at the Lockridge mansion, Gina was making a plan how she could prevent C.C. and Sophia's marriage.

"I must find a former lover from Sophia and pay him to begin once more a love affair with her! That's it!" Gina said to herself but loud enough that Lionel who stood in the entrance could hear it.

"What in hell are talking about Gina? I warn you if you try to realize your idiotic plan we are going to have a problem!"

"Oh, Lionel! I don't know what you mean!" Gina answered and hoped that he hasn't heard everything.

"I'm talking about your plans to prevent C.C. and Sophia's marriage. I thought that you have changed!"

"I only wanted to play them a trick! That's everything! I'm happy that they are going to marry, because then I can be sure that Sophia will not try to seduce you once more!"

"You're crazy! Sophia and I, we are friends and nothing more! Sure there were times when I loved her but that was a long time ago and Sophia loves C.C.!"

"I know that she has some feelings for C.C. that's why she always tried to destroy my marriages with C.C. The two times she was the reason why he divorced from me!" Gina said.

Lionel began to doubt Gina's feelings for him, because what she told him made him think that Gina could perhaps still have feelings for C.C..

"Do you have feelings for C.C.?" Lionel asked.

"What? No, I don't, but I don't want him to marry this woman again! She isn't good enough for him!" Gina replied.

"Oh, and who would be good enough for him? You?" Lionel said and felt that rage raised in him.

"I don't answer such a question! And you do you still have feelings for Sophia?"

"Yes, I have! We are friends like I told you two minutes ago!"

"You're still in love with her, you never really loved me! I hate you, I want you to leave my house!"

"That's not true, Gina! I love you and no one else but you! I'm going to the Capwell Oasis and I hope that you will have calmed down, when I return!" Lionel said and left the house.

Chapter 3