How many problems can a love bear ?

Chapter 13


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"Capwell here" CC said when he picked up the phone.

"Senor Capwell, this is Giovanni, the gardener of the Armonti property, speaking."

"Yes, Giovanni. But I'm sorry if there are any problems with the grounds in Italy but my..., I mean Sophia isn't here." CC replied.

"No, there are no problems with the grounds and I know that the senora isn't in Santa Barbara, she is here in Italy and that's the reason why I'm calling you."

"Is something wrong?" CC said and felt that his heart began to beat faster, because he was afraid that something happened to Sophia.

"Well I don't really know, but she doesn't feel well she had a terrible pain in her belly and the doctor was here but I don't know what she has. Eh, Senor I think she needs you right now. And she doesn't know that I called you."

"What did the doctor say? How is Sophia?"

"I don't know the doctor made some tests and will call later when he has the results."

"Oh my god!"

"Will you come here?" Giovanni asked.

"Of course I will, but I don't know if Sophia wants to see me, but I'll take the risk that she will be angry at me."

"So, I'll tell Maria to make a room ready for you, senor!"

"That's very kind! Thank you, Giovanni. I'll be there in a few hours." CC replied and hung up.

"What's wrong, daddy?" Kelly asked.

"Call Peter and tell him to make the jet ready because we're going to take off in an hour!" CC said and went to the stairs.

"What's wrong dad?"

"Nothing, just do what I told you to!"

Kelly didn't accept her father's answer and followed him.

"I won't do a damn thing if you don't tell me what's wrong, daddy!"

"Kelly, call the pilot! I'll explain everything to you later." CC answered.

"I have a right to know if something's wrong with momma!"

"I don't know what happened, kitten! But as soon as I know I'll call you and tell you everything?"

"I'll come with you!"

"No, Kelly! There's a lot that your mother and I have to talk about and this time I'll make it up to her on my own. I know that you kids doubt that I'm able to do it all alone, but I'll prove you wrong." CC said and a smile appeared on his face.

"So you'll fight for her?"

"Of course I will!" CC said and left.



Two hours later Sophia woke up, she didn't feel as sick as she did before she got some sleep, but she was very nervous and she was scared about the test results.

She remembered how scared she was when she had found out that she had breast cancer and how she tried to work things out with her family because she was afraid that she could die.

Sophia started to remember the day when she went to CC to tell him that she didn't want their last exchange to be an argument.


"Rosa said you wanted to see me!"

"I do, I did. I was here earlier you were out!" Sophia replied.

"I thought you would never want to see me again or never talk to me again because I wronged your precious Lionel!"

"No, I was wrong. I'm sorry."

"Don't tell me you are no longer taking Lionel's side?"

"I think there were wrongs on both sides, CC. It's not unlike what happens with us."

"Forgive me, Sophia, but I don't see the resemblance."

"Old hurts, CC that would never heal and then apologies only half accepted and then more hurts. No wonder we can't forgive ourselves and start fresh. Actually I thought we were getting closer, I really did. Then I decided to take sides in your war with Lionel."

"Well that's a pity, Sophia. You see there would always be a war between me and Lionel. And you would always take the wrong side and that's why there's no future for us."

"The future is the last thing I wanna talk about right now."

"Well, what does that mean?"

"I wanna tell you something. No matter where I've been in my life the times I have spent with you are the most precious to me. And no matter what happened before or after that nothing endure the joy of the time spent with you. I want you to believe that."

"Why are you telling me that now?" CC asked.

"Because I don't want our last exchange to be an argument. I walked out of here a couple of weeks ago and closed the door between us. I didn't mean to do that."

"What difference does it make if the door is opened or closed? There's no future for us! Nothing!"

"I'm talking about right now, CC. In the present, this very moment I don't want there to be any bitterness. I came to you along time ago and asked you for your forgiveness I'm not asking for your forgiveness now..."

"Sophia what are you asking for?"

"Maybe just quiet acceptance and no harsh words."

"Something happened!"

"Nothing happened, CC."

"What is it?"

"Would you do something for me right now please?" Sophia asked.


"Would you just put your arms around me and hold me?"

"Sophia, I don't understand what...?"

"CC, do we have to understand everything?"

CC walked close to her and took her in his arms.

"There's something you're not telling me!"

"I tell you this. Thank you!" Sophia said and left.


Sophia get brought back to the present by the phone ring.

"Well I think that's the moment of the truth" Sophia thought while she picked up the phone.


"Oh doctor, I've already waited for your call. Did you get the results from the test?" Sophia asked and listened to what the doctor answered her.

"You mean that my illness doesn't come from the strychnine poisoning anymore but from my ...?"

"Thank you, doctor. I'll call you to fix another appointment. Bye!" Sophia said and hung up the phone while tears were running down her face.



After she had driven CC to the airport Kelly had called Mason, Brick, Eden and Ted to tell them that she wanted them to meet at the Capwell Mansion.

Now that she was waiting for her siblings she remember how happy she was when she learned that her parents were reunited while she was in Dr. Rawlings institute after she killed Dylan Hardley in self defense and somewhere deep inside she felt that her parents might also be able to work it out this time.

"Hey Kelly, you wanted to see us?" Brick said while he and Eden entered the living room of the Capwell mansion.

"Yes, I do and I have something important to tell you but I want to wait for Mason and Ted."

"Well can't you give us a hint? I'm very curious!" Eden said.

"No, I'm sorry! Do you want something to drink while we wait?"

"No thanks!" Eden and Brick replied at once.

"Finally, there you are!" Kelly said when she saw Mason and Ted entering the living room.

"What's wrong Kelly?" Mason who was always very suspicious asked.

"Well I can't really say if something's wrong, but I can tell you this: About an hour ago Dad left for Italy."

"Dad, left for Italy? Why?" Mason asked

"Well I thing I know why:" Brick answered Mason's question and smiled.

"Oh, I finally understood! Sophia's in Italy, but what I don't understand is why Dad changed his mind and finally followed her? When I last talked to him he told me that Sophia would probably never be able to forgive him and that he couldn't do anything about it."

"You're right, Mason. He told me that he had given up hope that they could work it out this time!" Eden said.

"Dad got a call from Italy earlier!" Kelly said.

"So momma wanted to see him?" Ted asked.

"Not really!"

"Kelly, would you please stop talking in riddles and tell us what's going on!" Mason told his little sister because he began to become impatient.

"Well I don't really know what's going on. I only know that Giovanni called and that Mom seems to be ill. Dad didn't tell me anything more about the phone call, he only told me that he would fly to Italy and fight for her. And I thought that we might also fly to Italy and see if we can help them to find their way back together again." Kelly explained and smiled but no one returned her smile.

Mason, Brick, Eden and Ted looked at each other and then Eden said: "Kelly, I think I'm talking for all of us. It is very kind that you want to help mom and dad to reunite again, but I think we should let them some time to work things out on their own."

"You should be the one who would do everything to bring them together again, because once again you're the reason why they're separated. And you tell me that they should work it out on their own. You are so selfish, I can't understand you, because Mom kept her promise to you, she and dad had that fight."

"Listen Kelly, I want them to be together as much as everybody else in this room, but I think they need some time alone and we all know that mom will think that we would only be there to help dad to win her back."

"Kelly, I think Eden is right. We should let them some time and then we can help them if they still need our help to realize that they belong together." Brick said.

"I agree!" Mason and Ted said at once.

"I don't even know any of you!" Kelly said while her eyes where filled with tears and she ran out of the Capwell house.

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