How many problems can a love bear ?

Chapter 14


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Some hours had passed since CC Capwell's departure from the Santa Barbara airport. During that time he had tried to concentrate on his newspaper but he didn't succeed. His thoughts always came back to the same subject: Sophia, his beloved Sophia. He was happy that he would soon see her but on the other hand he was afraid that Sophia wouldn't want to see him and he was worried because of Giovanni's call. So many questions were running through his mind: Did Sophia feel sick because of the poison Ken gave to her over several months? Was it just a flue? Or, did the cancer come back?

CC was so afraid that this last question would be answered with yes that he tried to avoid to even think about it but without success. 

CC looked out of the plane's window while his thoughts faded away and he got lost in his memories. He remembered the last Christmas they've spent together even if Sophia was than married to Ken, they celebrated together. CC was sick worried about her because she was ill; by than nobody was aware that Ken was poisoning Sophia. The following day he met her at Gina and Lionel's place.


"Any advice for a former wife?" Sophia asked him.

"Medicine for the melancholy. There for the grace of god. Darling, those happy pills, your comfort and your company, they are not your friends, baby, we are. We almost lost you the other night but you came back to us for the grace of god. Don't go back there anymore, it's cold and it's cruel and it's lonely out there. Stay with us, right here, with us. Ok?" CC said and then he gave Sophia a hug and left.

Later that day they met at the orphanage and Sophia pulled him away from the rest of the family because she wanted some explanations for what he had told her that morning.

"Come here! Come here!" Sophia said and reached out a hand for CC.


"There but for the grace of god?" Sophia asked.

CC took her into his arms and replied: "Not there, darling! Here! Right here!".

They smiled at each other deeply in love.


CC's memories drifted further away to the time when he and Sophia weren't even able to speak to one another. He remembered the day when Lionel told him that Sophia suffered from cancer.


"I didn't come here to trade insults with you, CC." Lionel said.

"So why did you come for?" CC asked.

"To try to get you to ease up on Sophia!"

"How touching! How touching! Defending the woman you love!" CC replied.

"You don't know what she's been through lately, but she doesn't need anymore of your ridiculous cruelties."

"What about what her family needs from her? Kelly is sick, she's locked in a hospital and no one can find Sophia! Maybe I looked in the wrong bed, he?"

"You're a fool, CC!" Lionel answered.

"No, well maybe, but just once. Just once, Lionel. I don't make the same mistakes twice. You are welcomed to Sophia, she's all yours. I make no claims on her. It's obvious who she wants."

"Look, it is obvious to everyone, can't you just admit that you love her."

"You're ridiculous!" CC shouted.

"No, not more ridiculous then your accusations and much more true. I'm asking you, I'm asking you if you care about her just ease up on her."

"I'll not allow her to avoid her children when they need her most."

"Don't push it" Lionel said.

"And don't tell me how to run my family." CC shouted.

"Why not? You obviously don't know how to do it yourself."

"Get out of here!"


Lionel walked to the door and was angry at himself because he had just decided to tell CC that Sophia suffered from cancer.

"I'm gonna do something that I never thought I'd do. I never break a promise to Sophia."

"What? What are you talking about?" CC asked.

"I've promised that I would never repeat what I'm about to say, but I don't think she should have to put up with anymore."

"Oh please, you're breaking my heart, Lionel!"

"She's been through an operation for cancer, that's right cancer. That's what she's keeping from you, CC. She was keeping it from her family; she didn't want to worry you."

"Cancer?"  CC's voice softened and a very worried look appeared on his face.

"Yes, she had an operation to remove a cancer's tumor from her breast, she's having radiation now and they think she's gonna be ok."

"Oh my god. My dear god" were the only words that came over CC's lips.

"She went through it alone, CC: She didn't want her family to have to put up with anymore. She's still going it alone, so I think maybe the next time you wanna make an accusation you'll think better of it. Heaven only knows she deserves better from you."


CC was brought back to the here and now, because his pilot announced that they will land on an airport near Milan in a few minutes.



At the same time at the hospital in Milan, we see doctor Massimo talking to a man who has turned his back to the door. The man is wearing doctor clothes and seems very nervous.

"Listen, I can't do that! I'm her doctor and I have to be honest with my patients. I can't lie to her, and I would like to know your motives to fake her test results?"

"Because he's no good for her! Everything that he has ever done to her was to hurt her. And I don't think that he has changed."

"Why are you so interested in her? Are you in love with her?"

"It's none of your business why I care about her! But I tell you this CC Capwell is not the man he pretends to be and it's just for her well-being if we keep him away from her."

"But it seems like that she loves him! I don't really understand you!" doctor Massimo replied.

"Well did you ask her doctor in Santa Barbara to get her clinic reports?"

"No, why should I?"

"Well you didn't make your job like you should have. If you had asked for them you would know that she was a victim of strychnine poisoning a few weeks ago."

"So what has this to do with her condition now? I mean I know that it could have some effects on the ..., but I don't see why you're telling me this and I have no clue why this should change my opinion on faking her test results."

"Well, I'll explain it to you. The Capwells claimed that it was Sophia's late husband Ken Mathis who tried to kill her, but that's not true. Ken couldn't defend himself because he was arrested and killed with poison in his jail cell. But I can tell you who poisoned Sophia, it was CC Capwell and nobody else."

"Is that true?" doctor Massimo asked.

"Yes, it is!"

"Alright I'll change the test results if this will help to keep that monster away from her." Doctor Massimo replied but he didn't feel well with his decision.

"Great, doctor Massimo. You can't imagine how grateful I am for your help." The man replied.



At the Capwell Mansion in Santa Barbara, Mason, Eden, Ted and Brick were sitting in the living room, since Kelly had run out of the house about 15 minutes ago the rest of the Capwell children hadn't talked at all. Ted the youngest was the first to talk again.

"I can understand that Kelly is upset because we think that mom and dad should work this out on their own, but I must say that she behaved like a little child."

"She felt betrayed! I believe that Kelly thought that we would still stick together like we did some years ago, when we arranged the surprise wedding for mom and dad, but time has changed and we all have changed. Nothing is like it was, it makes me sad to, but I know that I can't change it." Eden said and wiped away a tear.

"Maybe we should try to find her, I don't feel well knowing that she's somewhere in this town, feeling confused and alone" Mason replied.

"I think you're right, Mason! I'm worried about her and about her state of mind. You must know that I met her a few days ago at the Capwell Oasis and the only thing she talked about was Joe. I can understand her, I mean there's not one day that passes that I don't think about Amy, but the way Kelly talked about Joe was like she hadn't really realized that he's dead since more than 10 years."

"Oh my god" Mason said.

"You go and look for her and I'll stay here if someone should call, ok?" Eden suggested.

"Alright!" Mason replied and he, Brick and Ted left the Capwell house.


"Oh my, oh my! What have you done Eden? For the second time you destroyed your parents happiness. The first time you could comfort yourself that you did it because you were mentally ill but now you have to face the truth you did it because you were so damn selfish. You didn't want your father to know that you were back in town because you were afraid that he would not let you go to Mexico to look for Cruz and your children and with your hide and seek game you made your parents life hell on Earth." Eden thought, she got up from the sofa, went to the telephone, picked it up and dialed a number.



"Momma, it's Eden!"

"Hi, baby. How are you?"

"I feel very bad, mom!" Eden replied and couldn't hold back her tears anymore.

"What happened, honey?" Sophia asked and felt unease because she had once again left her daughter alone.

"Well, it's because I destroyed your and daddy's happiness. I'm so sorry that I asked you not to tell him that I'm back in town and that I asked you to come with me to Mexico."

"Listen, Eden. It's not your fault, your father doesn't trust me and that's why we broke up once again. I was so naive to believe that we could make it this time and that we might have learned from the mistakes that we made in the past, but it's not true. It was too good to be true."

"But you could work it out if you want too, couldn't you?" Eden asked.

"Honestly, I don't think so. We've hurt each other so much and I really can't make a commitment to your father if he still doesn't trust me after all these years."

"But you love each other. And I know that daddy really do love you, that's because he's so jealous about every man who dares to look at you."

"Oh Eden, but sometimes love isn't enough."

"I know but it's a basis, no?"

"It maybe would be if your father and I wouldn't have such a history. I mean we both told a lot of lies over the years but it seems like we've never learned our lessons. I love your father and I always will but it seems like there are other things that matter more or are more important than our feelings for each other. I don't know if you understand that?"

"I somehow understand it, you know that Cruz and I have also been through a lot before we married, but we were sure that our love would be enough to help us make it. Mom, if daddy would do everything to win you back and I mean really everything, if he would really fight for you and show you that he didn't hurt you on purpose would you forgive him?"

"Oh Eden, I think that you already know the answer, don't you? But I think that you're not only talking about your father and me, but also about you and Cruz, aren't you?"

"Oh momma, I still love him so much and I don't know if he'll ever be able to forgive him for letting him and the kids down."

"Eden you did let anyone down, you were sick and I'm sure that Cruz understands that, I mean you left Santa Barbara because you didn't want to hurt Cruz or the kids in an uncontrolled moment!"

"That's how you see it, but I'm afraid that he doesn't see it that way!"

"Baby, I'm sorry for letting you down again, maybe it would be better if I'll think about coming home in a few days."

"Mom, I would be the happiest person if you would come home, but I can't ask you to do so. I know that all the memories here would hurt you over and over again."

Just at this moment the doorbell rang and Sophia realized that Maria, the maid was out of the house to buy some food for dinner.

"Honey, there's someone at the door. I'll call you later and then we'll talk, ok?"

"Yes, momma!"

"And Eden, don't worry, it has nothing to do with you that your father and I had once again a terrible fight, ok?"

"Alright! I love you, momma! Bye."

"I love you too baby! Bye" Sophia said and hung up the phone, she went to the door and opened it and was very surprised by what she saw.

"What are you doing here?"



Kelly had left her parents' house and was now at the beach, she went for a walk and sat down somewhere on the beach, she looked to the waves and got lost in her memories. She thought about Joe, the only man that she had ever really loved, but their time together was too short, because there were always someone or something keeping them apart. First they were separated for five years because Joe was send to jail because there were evidence that Joe should have killed Kelly's brother Channing. After more than five years Joe was cleared and they found their way back together and even managed to marry, but their happiness didn't last very long because of Peter Flint, Kelly's former fiancÚ who was obsessed with Kelly and wanted to separate them. Peter killed Joe and Kelly suffered from a nervous breakdown. Doctor Marcello Armonti was the only one who could reach out to her at that time. Marcello found out that Kelly felt guilty because of her mother's and Joe's death, so Marcello decided to show Kelly that her mother was alive. Kelly remembered her first encounter with her mother in the gazebo after 15 years, like it would have been only a few days ago.


"Kelly, it's doctor Armonti."

"Go away!"

"I wanted to thank you, Kelly. For letting me know how you feel. I know it's been painful for you but it helped me know what to do. You've been under a terrible burden, Kelly. I can begin to imagine how horrible it has been and now we are going to take it away from you. You and I and...Kelly, look at me."

"Please, leave me alone!"

"I don't think you want that, Kelly."

"I do... I don't ever wanted... I don't wanna hurt anybody else and I don't ever wanted anybody else to leave me."

"Joe didn't want to leave you, Kelly."

"I Know.... But he had to...."


"Because I wasn't..."

"Because what?"

"Because I didn't love him enough"

"That's not true, Kelly"

"Because I let momma go... That was my only chance to be with..."


"Because I killed her"

"No, Kelly, you did not. You were wrong, Kelly. Turn around!"

"It's all because of that, because she loved me and I didn't love her enough"

"Baby don't ever say that"  Kelly heard her mother's voice for the first time after 15 years.

"I know how much you love me. I've always known that... Kelly? Baby I'm home"

"Marcello?" Kelly said while she turned around to face Marcello and she saw her mother, she was really there.


After his arrival at the airport in Milan CC was surprised to see Giovanni, the gardener from the Armonti property waiting for him.

"Buongiorno Senor Capwell."

"Hello Giovanni. What are you doing here? Don't tell me that you brought Sophia to the airport and that she left Italy?"

"No! No! I'm here to take you to the Armonti property. I called the airport to find out when you would arrive here, so I could take you to your wife as fast as possible." Giovanni replied and a small smile appeared on his face.

"That's very kind of you, Giovanni, but I will be honest to you, I don't think that Sophia will be very happy if she finds out that you called me and that you picked me up from the airport." CC replied.

"Don't worry about that, Senor."

On the whole way from the airport to the Armonti property CC was thinking about how he could explain to Sophia why he came to Italy without bringing up that Giovanni called him to tell him that Sophia was sick. CC remembered how angry Sophia was when she found out that Lionel had already told CC that Sophia was suffering from breast cancer and that CC didn't tell her that he was aware.


"Sophia, honey I want you to come outside to see how I started decorate, you want believe it." CC said and touched Sophia's arm but she pulled her arm away.

"What is it?"

"You knew!" Sophia answered.

"I knew what?"

"You knew about the cancer before I even told you!"


"Why didn't you say something? You knew about it and you let me to believe that you were hearing it for the first time. You made love to me, CC. What was the real reason for that? Was it love or was it just pity?"


CC's memories drifted to the time when Sophia was in the hospital after that she had collapsed at Ted and Lily's wedding. CC spent a lot of time at the hospital trying to take care of Sophia even when she was married to Ken at that time. CC remembered what he said to Sophia lying in her hospital bed while she was unconscious.


"Sophia. It's me. CC. Come on you hear me. All I wanna tell you I wanna you to hang on to with all your gut, ok? First of all I know I'm to blame for all of this, for getting into this and letting it go as far as it went. I know Ken was no good from the beginning, I should have kept him out of your live. I'm sorry, baby. He won't get away with that I promise you. The second thing is... I realize now how much I need you here beside me. I need your strength, I need you to open your eyes and curse me all day long for ever leaving you in the first place. Please baby, open your eyes...You do that and I'll never leave your side again. I promise."


CC was torn out of his memories because the car stopped, CC looked around and saw that they had arrived at the Armonti property.



"I just wanted to check how you feel today." Doctor Massimo explained because he was surprised by Sophia's rude greeting when she opened the door.

"I'm sorry Doctor Massimo, it's just that I didn't expect to see you here. "Please, come in." Sophia replied and led the doctor to the living room where they had a seat.

"Thank you. You know after you mentioned the poisoning early on the phone I wanted to check on you again and make some other test to be sure that the poison had no effect on the test results." Doctor Massimo replied, he hoped that Sophia would believe him, because after what the man who visited him at his office had told him about CC, he was convinced that it would be better to make sure that CC wouldn't get near Sophia anymore.

"Oh that's very kind of you, doctor Massimo. But what kind of test are you talking about?"

"I want to make another blood analysis to make sure that all the strychnine is out of your body. Because it could cause problems for your...." Doctor Massimo said before he interrupted himself from giving Sophia more information because he heard that somebody entered the house and was coming in the direction of the living room.

"Eh, would you please excuse me?" Sophia said while she got up from the sofa "I'll just check if the maid is back."

Sophia left the living room and went into the direction of the entrance of the house. She was thinking about what the doctor told her earlier on the phone and she had to smile when she ran into CC who was walking into the direction of the living room.

"What are you doing here?" Sophia said. She felt confused, she was still angry at CC but on the other side she was happy to see him and she wanted very badly to tell him what the doctor told her earlier, she needed someone to share her thoughts, her worries and her fears with. No that was wrong, she didn't need someone, she needed CC, not someone else.

"Darling, I wanted to talk to you. I want to apologize..." CC was interrupted by Sophia.

"CC you have to wait I'm having a guest, would you mind waiting for me at the patio? We'll talk later." Sophia said and returned into the living room where doctor Massimo was still waiting for her. Doctor Massimo couldn't overhear that CC had arrived and he knew that he would have to tell the man that CC was in Italy and that Sophia might be in danger.

"Oh you got a visitor?"

"Eh yes, someone I have some things to discuss with" Sophia replied.

"Okay then. I won't take much of your time anymore. I just need to take some blood and then I'll leave you. I'll call you as soon as I get the results."

After that doctor Massimo had taken some more blood from Sophia to run some more tests he left the Armonti property.

Sophia stayed in the living room for a couple of minutes thinking about why CC had come to Italy and what he wanted to tell her, sure he had told her that he wanted to apologize, but Sophia knew him so well that she was almost sure that he only came there to convince her to come home with him.

Sophia remembered the evening when CC tried to seduce her while she was involved with Ken.


"I think I had enough champagne for one night" Sophia said.

"That means you can't drive home, doesn't it?" CC asked.

"No, no, I'll be fine. I'll tell you that I had a lovely day with you and a lovely evening. Thank you." Sophia said when CC turned around and handed her another glass of champagne. "See, that looks like a seduction, that does. It does. Ehe, no!"

"Would that be so bad, mh?"

"Yes! Where is my handbag, I know I left it here...."

"It's upstairs" CC cleared his throat. "My bedroom"

"I want you to stay right here CC Capwell" Sophia said while she walked passed CC to go upstairs to get her handbag.

But CC didn't listen to her and followed her into his bedroom, without saying a word, he came close and closer and they kissed passionate.


Come on Sophia you have to stop walking down the memory lane all the time, Sophia told herself. CC is waiting outside for you and maybe he really wants to apologize, I really hope he doesn't want to start another argument Sophia thought while she walked out to the patio.

Chapter 15