How many problems can a love bear ?

Chapter 1


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After B.J. and Warren's wedding party all the guests made them on the way home.

The following morning C.C. got up very early to prepare a romantic breakfast for him and Sophia, who was back in his life again. C.C. enters the kitchen where Rosa the Capwell maid since years is making breakfast.

"Good morning, Rosa! Could you please pack the breakfast in a basket because I want to have breakfast outside?" C.C. asked in a very good mood and puts a bottle of champagne and two glasses next to the basket on the table.

"Good morning, C.C.! You are in a very good mood, aren't you? Have you planed something special?" Rosa asked and pointed at the glasses.

"Yes, I'm in a very good mood and I have planed something special!" C.C. answered happily.

"May I ask what you have planed?"

"Oh yes! I want to have breakfast at the beach with Sophia and ask her if she wants to marry me again!" C.C. said and waited for Rosa's reaction.

"I didn't know that you are together again!" Rosa said ironically.

"We only are since yesterday, but I always loved her. Could you please put the basket into my car? I have to hurry now because I want to surprise Sophia!" C.C. said and left the room.

Rosa has to think about her beloved daughter Santana who had a love affair with C.C. and left Santa Barbara forever after the end of their relationship. During this time C.C. went upstairs to wake up Sophia. C.C. entered the bedroom, went to the bed where Sophia was still lying asleep, he gave her a tender kiss on her forehead.

"It's time to go up, Darling!" C.C. said tenderly.

"No! I' m still tired and I don't feel very well! So please let me sleeps some hours more, ok?" Sophia said tired.

"But I have a surprise for you, don't you want to see it?"

"I would love to see it but can't you show me it later?" Sophia asked.

"Wait a minute! I will be back in a few moments!" C.C. said and left the room to go downstairs and take the basket to make the picnic in the bedroom, because Sophia doesn't feel well and he doesn't want to wait to make her the marriage propose later.

In the meantime Sophia has sat up in the bed and  thinks about CC's surprise.

"What is he going to do? Something is wrong with him, it isn't usual that he is in such a good mood early in the morning!" Sophia said to herself.

C.C. entered the room again and came close to Sophia, who's still sitting on the bed, to blind-fold her.

"What's wrong with you, CC? The man I had married three times wasn't like you! So tell me what are you going to do?"

"I want to surprise you! You have to patient two minutes!" C.C. answered. C.C. goes into the corridor to take the picnic basket. Back in the room he lays a blanket on the floor and arranges the breakfast and lightens up a few candles.

"When will you show me the surprise?" Sophia asked impatiently.

"Just one moment!" C.C. replied while he checked if everything was perfect. Then he went to Sophia, took her hand to lead to the place he had prepared for them.

"So! Now I'm going to take the bandage from your eyes! Are you ready?"

"Yes, I am!" Sophia answered.

He takes the bandage from her eyes and Sophia is very surprised.

"Oh! It's very lovely and you only have done this for me?" Sophia said and smiled at C.C. in love.

"You're right! I only have done this for you, because I love you!" C.C. said and gave Sophia a kiss on the cheek.

"Have you done something what I don't know yet?" Sophia asked.

"No! I promise you that I haven't done anything!" C.C. answered and thought by himself not yet, but I'm going to do!-.



C.C. gave Sophia a glass of champagne, in which he has thrown the ring for Sophia.

"Cheers!" both said at the same time.

"Mmmh! There's something in the champagne, C.C.!"

"No, that's impossible!" C.C. replied.

"Oh! I'm sure there is something in my glass! I'm going to show you it!"

Sophia drank the glass empty and took a ring out of it.

"Is that nothing?" she asked, showing the ring to C.C..

"What's that? May I have a look at it?" C.C. replied and smiled.

Sophia gave him the ring. It was a silver ring with a diamond that C.C. has ordered at the jewellery the same morning.

"I think it is a ring!" he said to tease Sophia up.

"I know that it is a ring, but what has it to do in my glass?" Sophia said and smiled because she had an idea what C.C. would tell her next.

C.C. started to get nervous and thinks about how to ask Sophia if she wants to marry him again.

"I ... have to ask you... something! I would ask you if you want to marry me again?" Finally C.C. had asked Sophia and waited impatiently for her answer.

"I' m honoured that you asked me to be your wife again but..." Sophia made a short break she wanted to tease C.C. up.

She doesn't want to marry me again C.C. thought by himself.

"But I would be more honoured to be Mrs C.C. Capwell again!" Sophia said with a smile on her face and tears came up in her eyes.

"I'm so happy that you want to marry me again!" C.C. said and they kissed.

"CC! I want you to make me a favour! I don't want that anybody knows that we are going to marry again, because I only want to share it with you!" Sophia said seriously.

"I promise you that no word will come over my lips. I would do everything if only you marry me!" C.C. replied.



In the meantime B.J. and Warren are looking for a job outside from Santa Barbara.

"Would you prefer to move to the east coast or to stay here at the west coast?" B.J. asked her husband.

"It doesn't matter as long as you are by my side." Warren answered.

"I would prefer to move to the east coast, Warren. I think it would be easier for us get a good job there."

"This sounds like if you already have received an answer!"

"Yes, I have! And do you know what? We will both get a job at a good newspaper in New York."

" I think that our families will be sad if we leave town." Warren said.

"But have you forgotten that we have decided to move because we don't want to be too close to our families? We wanted to make our own life!"

"No, I know that and of course we will move. But I thought that our families will miss us and we'll miss them!"

"I find that we have to organize a goodbye party for our families and friends when we know when we'll move to New York!"



The same evening the whole Capwell family were invited to have dinner at Mason and Julia's home. Mason has announced that he will have news for his family.

"Come on; Mason! Have you finished? The first guests will arrive in a few minutes!" Julia shouted.

"Yes! Yes! I've finished! Now they may come!"

The doorbell rings and Mason goes to the door to open it.

"Good evening, Kelly, Connor. Come in!" Mason said.

"Are we the first?" Kelly asked her brother.

"Yes, but I'm sure that the others will arrive soon!"

"So, we might have the best seats, Kelly!" Connor joked.

"Mason have you seen Dad today?"

"No, I haven't! Why? Is something wrong?"

" I just wondered because I haven't seen him today at the office!"

Again the doorbell rings, this time Ted and his wife Lily arrive.

"Ted I told you that we would be the last at the party!"

"You're not the last! And even if you were don't care about it because in my point of view it's petty bourgeois to be on time." Mason answered.

"I told you that Connor and Kelly would arrive later than we, because I know my sister and she always needs hours to make herself ready to go out!" Ted said.

"I'm sorry, but I have to disappoint you but I'm already here, dearest brother!" Kelly replied a bit angrily.

"Where are Dad and Sophia? Normally they are the first to arrive?" Mason said and began to worry that something could have happened to them.

"I've called your father and Rosa told me that C.C. and Sophia had left the house already!" Julia said.

Kelly who knew that her parents were reunited since B.J. and Warren's wedding had to smile.

"Why are you smiling, Kelly?"

"Oh, yes! I am sorry Mason, I've forgotten that you are not updated about the latest news."

"What in hell are you talking about, Kelly?" Mason asked and hoped that his sister's answer would tell him that his father and Sophia were reunited again. Sure there were times when the relationship between C.C. and Sophia were a thorn in Mason's side, but that has changed and Mason has accepted that C.C. always loved Sophia and that he always will.

"They are together again, but don't tell Dad that you already know it. I think that he would prefer to tell it to you himself!" Kelly said seriously.

"I swear that no word will come over my lips!" Mason said and laughed.

The doorbell rang for the third time and finally C.C. and Sophia arrived and were guided into the living room by Julia.

"I find that you look ill, Sophia!" Julia said.

"Yes, I am but I don't wanted to miss the news Mason has announced when he phoned!" Sophia replied.

At the same time the Capwell men are standing at the other end of the living room and talk.

"Dad, you look very tired!" Ted said.

"My beloved sons I'm very tired and would prefer to be at home and sleep but Sophia insisted in coming to the party because Mason has some news for us!" C.C. answered.

"Why are you so tired? We knew that you weren't at work today, so tells us what has made you so tired?" Ted said and smiled, because he had an idea why his father was tired.

"I haven't slept very much last night!"

"And what was the reason for that?" Mason asked with an impish smile on his face.

"My sons that hasn't to interest you, but I tell you that it was my tiredness worth!" C.C. replied with a big smile on his face.

"What are the news you wanted to tell us Mason?"

"I'm going to tell you and the whole family after the dinner, Dad!"



After the dinner the whole family was in the living room to have a glass of champagne and Mason is beginning a speech.

"My beloved family. Julia and I have good news for you. We are going to have a baby!"

"Congratulations!" the whole family said at the same time.

"I also has some news for you! Sophia and I are going to marry again." C.C. said.

The whole family was happy about C.C.'s announcement with exception of Sophia. She look at him very angry but tried to hide it in front of the family. Sophia will have enough time to talk to C.C. when they will be alone. The whole family celebrated the good news. Some hours later Sophia went to C.C. and said: "I'm going home, I'm very tired but you can stay if you want!"

"No, I'm coming with you!"

C.C. went to Mason and told him that they are going to leave because Sophia doesn't feel very well.



In the car on their way home Sophia didn't talk to C.C., because she was so disappointed and angry, because he promised her not to tell anyone about their marriage plans.

"Do you fell such bad, Darling?" C.C. asked.

" Oh, no! I'm fine but you disappointed me, do you know that?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You know very well what I'm talking about! Why have you told the children that we are going to marry again? You promised me to say nothing! I have the impression that you don't take promises serious!" Sophia answered and felt that she became more and more disappointed.

"I'm sorry! I'm really sorry about my behaviour, but I'm so happy that you want to marry me again that I couldn't control myself and I wanted to share my happiness with my... our family!" C.C. replied and smiled at the woman he loves.

"Ok! I think that I can accept your apologize once more, but it's the last time! I love you!" Sophia said and gave C.C. a kiss on the cheek.

Chapter 2