Dinner party

Chapter 2


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"Is it a tea-party?- asked Alice"

"Can you open safes?" asked CC warily.

"Safes!" Flame,who appeаred at that moment, was openly derisive. "Why, he opens cans only after a long preliminary consultation with the instruction and never with less than 2 microscopes."

"I am pretty handy with cars and dogless flats" Quinn explained shyly.

"Everything you say can be..." quoted Cruz with relish.

"Shut up!" exploded Robert who had a certain dislike for Mirandas law- or, rather, the actions that usually followed a quotation from it. Hearing it once more from Castillo- and addressed to his own copy- that was a bit too much even for Barr!

 By this time CC was as restless as Cameron asked to take place on the side-lines of "Avatar".

"If you dont open my safe this instant I will murder you" he announced with the spontaneity of McBeth on the 400th night.

"Your remarks are rather monotonous." Robert was not much interested." Is it a form of Narcissism?"

 Then he added thoughtfully "And if I do?"

"Then Cranston or Castillo will see to the business"  answered CC with the zest of a Montony.

"Somebody, please, set me right" pleaded Keith. "What is it being rehearsed here anyway ? Carrols tea-party or an episode from "The Godfather"?

"This crazy, crazy, crazу world" sang Eden appearing in the doorway. Tonnell stood behind.

"No. A remake of "Cape Fear" he declared, viewing the guests with the air of a Monte Cristo after a comprehensive study of Perellis art.

"We are setting off for El-Diabolo - immediately" he informed everyone.

"For Come -in- you- will- enjoy -the -show" stuff it does not sound very convincing" sighed Mason.

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