Dinner party

Chapter 3


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"Eden, I love you" announced Kirk and Cruz simultaneously. Robert- who preferred solos- kept his counsel.

"Castillo, have you made any post-mortem arrangements?" enquired Kirk producing a second revolver.

"Yes, dont you worry- your funeral will be most  becoming" calmed him Castillo.

Robert, noticing a perceptible improval of his situation remarked: "A duel? How about practising on broomsticks?"

"You will be the next" informed him Kirk.

"I am afraid I must tell you that the authorities of California disapprove of homicide- highly" recollected his vocation Keith, but the sight of 4 revolvers momentarily targeting him was enough to cause a severe relapse.

"Robert, how about doing something?" enquired Eden with the air of a mermaid asking a passing by fisherman for a filial of General Motors.

Robert glanced at Cruz and Kirk but at that moment they all heard the whistle of a train.

Tonell pulled out a revolver and aimed it at Barr. Generally it never failed to produce an impression on the latter- a glance at a middle- sized weapon was enough to inxpire Bobby with due respect for dialogue. But now his face was as blank as that of a cowbow stuck in the middle of a kindergarteh fete.

"Where is my statuette ?" asked the slightly taken aback Tonnell.

"What statuette?"

"Ondine" explained Eden impatiently and approaching Cruz and Kirk clapped her hands.

"Disarmament!" repeated she the call of the League of Nations. The result was pretty much the same as in 1939.

"Boys, give over fighting" added she in the tone of a Texas sherif confronting a crowd of citizens after a new tobacco-tax.

Cruz silently removed his pistols but Kirk -who was always a bit demonstrative- threw his on the table. The shot that followed was met by everyone in various ways.

Mason cited : "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs..."

"Shut up" evaluated his declamation and levelheadedness Julia.

Quinn made for the door where he was intercepted by Flame. Robert sized up the distance between him and Tonell and decided to remain a pacifist and Keith flitted through a pocket edition of "Law in America".

"What does it mean?" concluded the chain of reaction Castillos question. "I want to know what is going on here!"

"A modest wish" commеnted Mason.

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To be followed...