Cassandra Benedict




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Identity   Interpreter

Nickname : Cassie

Year of birth : 1964

Mother : Minx Lockridge


Brother : Lionel Lockridge (half-brother)

Former known boyfriends : Warren Lockridge (1990), Mason Capwell (1991)

Profession : Administrator of the Oasis


Karen Moncrieff :
June 21 1990 (# 1488) to April 09 1992 (# 1942)


Tormented character because of a heavy past, Cassandra Benedict will very quickly from her arrival take an important place in the storylines of the show. Already before her first appearance, her name is in the center of the discussions between Ethan Asher, Craig Hunt, Stephen Slade and Derek Griffin for weeks. Indeed, Cassandra is known to be a young orphan adopted by the Capwell family, dead at eight years old in shady circumstances, but that the four men, her childhood friends, are well decided to clear up.

Cassandra makes a deafening entry in the show by appearing in front of Derek just as this latter gets ready to shoot Mason Capwell, whom he judges responsible for her death. The mystery around her presumed death not having its place any more, Cassandra gets closer to Stephen, openly in love with her, and to Craig, her great childhood friend. She above all finally gets back her place within the Capwell family, delighted to find her alive. But some unexpected events follows on around Cassandra : Ethan and Derek are arrested on the call of a woman, the movie which Stephen was shooting to the detriment of the Capwells is destroyed in a fire, this latter mysteriously disappears... Everything accuses Cassandra, but nothing can be proved.

Meanwhile, Cassandra got closer to Mason. Manipulator and without real scruples, she seduces him and arranges things so that he leaves his wife, Julia. She helps him to set up the Oasis project, a hotel complex in which she works as an administrator.

After a first break with Mason,  Cassandra is approached by police officer Michael Donnelly and lets herself being seduced, without knowing that this latter is in fact looking to know more about her past. Acting at Minx Lockridge's request, Michael thus discovers that Cassandra is in fact the daughter whom she abandoned at her birth to an orphanage. By learning the information inadvertently, Cassandra is shocked and has a great deal of difficulty in forgiving Minx. She eventually lowers her guard and gets progressively closer to her new family, especially as C.C. Capwell disowned her to have lied to him.

This is when she learns the return in Santa Barbara of the man who brought her out of the hell of Singapore and who became her big love, Warren Lockridge, Minx's grandson and thus henceforth her nephew. Their love thus turns out to be impossible and Cassandra lives these torments of the fate as a real torture. She then turns herself towards Mason Capwell, with whom she takes up with again and of whom she accepts the wedding proposal. During their engagement party at the Oasis, Mason is shot and Warren is accused of murder attempt. Carried away with her emotions, Cassandra thinks for a while that Warren is guilty and sides with Mason.

The day of the wedding ceremony in San Francisco, Warren, who knows that this union is a marriage in a fit of pique, kidnaps Cassandra. This latter is led to Alcatraz disused prison, where Warren tries to reason her so that she gives up her union. Cassandra is perturbed by this loving surge, but stays with Mason. At least until she learns by Mason that no family tie finally connects her to Warren, because it turns out that he is not in fact Lionel Lockridge's son. Shocked that Mason, who knew this secret for months, did not say anything to her during all that time, Cassandra breaks up and tries to return with Warren. But it is too late, this latter lost his love for her and lives henceforth a passionate relation with Angela Raymond.

The psychological instability which was already felt with her takes then all its scale. Cassandra decides to go for desperate measures to get rid of her rival. After having tried to frighten Angela by disguised threats, she tries to poison her, but it is Lionel who drinks the contaminated soup which was intended for her. Cassandra then tries to slander Angela by revealing her responsibility in the death of her sister, Marilyn. But nothing changes, Warren remains faithful to Angela.

In spite of Minx's support, Cassandra appears in her last scene totally depressive and at breaking point. She thus disappears of Santa Barbara alone, humiliated and squashed by too many bad memories...

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