Caroline Wilson




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Year of death : 1987

Married to : Mr. Wilson (196?-196?), Lionel Lockridge (1987)


Children : Jane Wilson, Alice Jackson

Former known boyfriends : C.C. Capwell (196?), Gus Jackson (196?), Mike Fisher (198?)


Lenore Kasdorf :
October 06 1986 (# 557) to July 01 1987 (# 745)


It is to refind her daughter Jane that Caroline Wilson rejoins Santa Barbara at the end of 1986. Never having real maternal feelings and having neglected her daughter during too many years, Caroline has a long road to travel before being able to resume with her. Sensitive to her beauty and her apparent fragility, Lionel Lockridge proposes to lodge her at his place, officially in order to facilitate the reconciliation with Jane who resides with him for a little time. But the reconquest is difficult for Caroline : she must as of her arrival face the jealousy of her daughter who secretly fell in love with Lionel.

Only a few time is needed so that a first secret is revealed about Caroline : formerly the mistress of the black boxer Gus Jackson, Caroline is the mother of Alice, the girl who also lives at Lionel's. The relation of Caroline with Gus had at the time caused her separation with C.C. Capwell. When she discovered that she was pregnant, Caroline preferred to separate from Gus and to give up her baby to him to escape from the social pressure from that time. Unable to assume her act, she then sank for many long years in alcohol and even prostitution.

Eager to join together those she continued to love in spite of the years, Caroline asks C.C. to help her to make Gus released from the prison where he is then imprisoned. Gus finds thus not only freedom, but above all his daughter. And Caroline can finally avow to Alice that she is her mother. To complete to relieve her conscience, she must also admit that she knew that Alice had been wrongly interned in a psychiatric hospital for years, having never dared to intervene. Finally forgiven, Caroline makes her adieu to Alice and Gus, gone to begin a new life in Chicago.

Once these difficulties belonging to the past, Caroline and Lionel does not however have time to enjoy their love a long time. Back from a trip abroad, Caroline is reached of an extremely dangerous virus. Without waiting until it is too late, she marries Lionel during an intimate ceremony at the Lockridge mansion, which is the occasion for her to get reconciled a last time with Jane. Caroline being the most badly she could be, Lionel, desperate, steals the serum developed by Dr. Alex Nikolas, likely to cure her. If she seems to be restored for a while, Caroline ends relapsing and painfully dies in Lionel's arms. Her body is buried in Georgia, where she is native, a few days later...

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