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Complete name : Carmencita Castillo

Year of birth : 1969 or 1970

Father : Rafael Castillo

Mother : Carmen Castillo


Brothers : Cruz Castillo, Ric Castillo (half-brother), Rafe Castillo (half-brother)

Former known boyfriend : Blister (1988)

Profession : Secretary at the Last resort agency


Marisol Rodriguez :
May 28 1987 (# 721) to January 29 1988 (# 878)


It is a few weeks after the tragic disappearance of Eden Capwell in 1987 that Carmen Castillo makes the surprise to go back to her brother Cruz, plunged into mourning, in Santa Barbara. Alternately rebel but kind and helpful, the young girl left the family house and a too intrusive mother to find a brother she hopes laxer and more open-minded towards her. But, she realizes very fast that Cruz, who is a policeman, tends to act with her more as a second father than as a brother.

Having never known Eden whom everybody considers dead, Carmen can not stop but wanting to comfort her brother by trying to bring him together with Eleanor Norris, the mysterious woman who seems to dedicate a quite particular interest for Cruz. She even organizes without their knowledge a romantic camping evening on a desert island for Cruz and Eleanor, which turns in a fiasco : a fire starts on the island Cruz and Eleanor have the chance not to burn and die before the arrival of the rescuers.

Always avid to be useful, Carmen obtains from his brother to work in the detectives agency which he has just created. Confined in works of reception and secretariat, Carmen does not wait before taking initiatives and intervenes repeatedly on her own initiative in the field without the authorization of Cruz or Pearl Bradford, his colleague. But her naivety is rewarded, as in the affair of the kidnapping of young Johnny Wallace, where Carmen succeeds in localizing the malicious adoption agency by playing a future mother avid to give up her child. It is still her who finds Pamela Conrad's track at her return in Santa Barbara, under a false identity.

Above all faithful to her brother, Carmen is devastated when this latter is sued then condemned for the murder of Elena Nikolas, a.k.a. Eleanor Norris. She supports as she can Eden, returned from the dead, and participates actively in the operation of Cruz's escape during the wedding of Kelly Capwell and Jeffrey Conrad.

At the beginning of 1988, Carmen is at the origin of a drama, when she invites her new boyfriend Blister at a party given at The Lair. This latter, idiot and violent, gets drunk all evening long and knocks down Hayley Benson with his car at the exit of the club. Carmen feels immediately responsible for the accidental death of Hayley, but gets amended by allowing her friends to find Blister.

Without that any reason is never given, Carmen disappears from the show a few days later. While her mother, then her brother Ric will afterward make speak about them, never it will be made mention again of Carmen, whose passage in the show will have been too much superficial...

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