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Identity   Interpreter

Complete name : Bernardo Giovanni Alexandro Tagliatti

Former known girlfriend : Vanessa DeFranco (1989)

  Profession : Mobster, manager of Bunny's Lair  

Joe Marinelli :
October 20 1988 (# 1065) to October 18 1990 (# 1571)


Undoubtedly the most zany and unexpected character of the show, Bunny Tagliatti appears for the first time one fine day of autumn 1988 at the former Lockridge villa, become a pension. He asks its owner, Gina DeMott Capwell, to rent her all the bedrooms immediately. Bunny quickly confirms what his attitude and clothes left to think : he is a Mafioso from Italian origin, descendant of a long line of criminals, the Tagliattis.

Bunny is soon in the middle of the Sonny Sprocket storyline. He understands that Gina leaves the rich heir Mason Capwell, suffering of split personality, believing he is a certain Sonny Sprocket, and that she intends to use him to extort money from his family. Distinguished and sensitive, Bunny does not understand how Gina can be attracted by Sonny, with his very boor manners. Especially as he begins on his side to fall very much in love with her. Gina is also the first person in Santa Barbara Bunny entrusts his deviance to : he takes pleasure in regularly disguise himself as a woman. Following a mission where he had to dress as a woman, Bunny got to like beautiful dresses and clothes with glitter. But this does not prevent the Mafioso to show a certain virility and some violence, when he takes it out on several occasions on Sonny, by sequestering him or by trying to electrocute him to push him apart from Gina.

Bunny has also to do with his big family : to his uncle Mario, he tells his feud with Sonny. Thus is launched after this latter an old hired killer in charge of getting Bunny rid of his rival. At Gina and Sonny's wedding, the man shoots Sonny who, after a period in the coma, finally wakes up under his true identity, Mason. Bunny has then the open field to win Gina's heart. But she loves Bunny only as a friend, not as a lover. Bunny finds himself forced by his uncle to find another bride. Is given to him in marriage Vanessa DeFranco, the granddaughter of a family friend of his uncle's. Bunny has then to use some considerable energy to push away the loving impulses of the beautiful Vanessa, just as eccentric as he is himself. He even gives up for a while the Tagliattis moral heritage in order to escape this forced union.

In early 1989, Bunny finds the opportunity to buy The Lair, a fashionable club, and renames it as Bunny's Lair. He makes it developed by hiring Gina as a singer, who turns out to make play-back in front of a real singer more talented, but too shy for the stage. The following months are relatively quiet for Bunny, who plays more the confidant for Gina or the simple waiter for his customers. He gets involved later in the affairs of the Mafioso Anthony Tonell, who has sworn to destroy the Capwell Enterprises. When he mysteriously disappears, everyone believes that Bunny is dead. Julia Wainwright is even at once accused of his murder. Bunny is actually on the track of Mason, disappeared for long, and resurfaces in his company. With them follows a young woman, Sasha Schmidt, whom Bunny hires as a singer at The Lair.

In 1990, Bunny inadvertently becomes Laura Asher and her accomplice Annie DeGeralamo's hostage during their run. Knocked on the head, he begins to know at this turn some rather surprising split personalities, before getting sincerely attaches to Annie. When she is arrested, Bunny helps her to escape and makes her work disguised as a waitress at The Lair. But Annie is again located by the police and thrown in jail. Bunny then suddenly disappears, pushing his close friend Gina to think he could have escaped with Annie. A happy ending we can only hope to this so atypical and engaging character...

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