Best and worst 1991

  Soap Opera Digest, 1992

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Best location shoot : Warren in Moscow, Santa Barbara

When a show goes on location, viewers expect to see great scenery, daring stunts and breathtaking action sequences. When Warren Lockridge visited the Soviet Union this past fall on Santa Barbara, that traditional "excitement" was missing. The show discarded the running and jumping in favor of something far more powerful - an honest look at what perestroika is all about.

Santa Barbara managed to cut through the “red tape” and present an inside glimpse of a country in transition. As a journalist, Warren's assignment was to interview the Soviet people. But instead of hiring actors and writing dialogue for them, Santa Barbara opted for authenticity. They asked actual citizens to discuss their experiences before, during and after the recent coup there. Their stories were poignant and fascinating. Santa Barbara also captured Soviet daily life by showing Warren dining with a typical family and drinking vodka with the locals in Red Square.

Several shows executed thrilling location shoots in 1991, but Santa Barbara took things one step further.

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