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  Soap Opera Digest, 1991

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Most graphic love scene : Kelly and Craig, Santa Barbara

There they were making out on a bed, above the covers, really getting into it. Craig's (John Callahan) eyes were closed. So what was he thinking when he grabbed Kelly's (Carrington Garland) breast ? It was during lunchtime, and we almost choked. Sure. Craig and Kelly were partially clothed, but Craig's slide into second base deserved at least a PG-13-rating. Luckily, Robert Barr unexpectedly interrupted them or who knows what would have happened.

We're no prudes, but love scenes left to the imagination are much more erotic than blatant groping. Just ask Cruz and Eden fans.


Best dual role : Robert and Quinn, Santa Barbara

Dual roles are becoming a soap stable, but the gimmick doesn't always work. Sometimes the actor isn't up to both roles; sometimes the storylines don't measure up to the performer's talent. In the case of Santa Barbara's Robert and Quinn, both actor and story were superb. Roscoe Born's characters were both sexy, dangerous men, but the actor (with the help of a very attractive British accent) made it clear who was who, even when the evil twin Quinn was impersonating Robert.

Clever twists milked the situation for all it was worth, thrusting cocky Quinn into situations that threw him for a loop. He thought his impersonation gig would be over in a week, as soon as he'd swiped Robert's fortune; instead, he discovered his brother was broke. Plan B meant marrying heiress Kelly Capwell; he doesn't count on caring for her. And all the while there was nasty Flame, hamming it up on the sidelines.

What a surprise that Born's wonderful portrayal of Quinn would be cut short by the murder of the character. As exhausting as a dual role may be to play, Roscoe Born's Robert and Quinn were never tiring to watch. Instead of another contrived evil twin take, we got a rich story with lasting repercussions.