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 TÚlÚ Poche, 1992

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"I think that I would have acted like my character : an Irish girl who, in spite of the religious and social pressures of the Fifties, fights for the guard of her child. At the time, the girls mothers were badly judged." This remark summarizes the temperament of Robin Wright. "As soon as I read the scenario, I knew that this role was for me. Morally, I feel myself near to Tara. I thus wanted to defend his cause very much." Far from Santa Barbara, - Robin left the show in 1988 - she makes, today, a way without fault on cinema. After The Princess Bride (1987), Denial (Loon, 1987), with Jason Patrick, and State of Grace (1991), she is the young heroin of the movie The Playboys come out recently in the USA. But her cinematographic career does not stop there. Currently Robin passes tests to play in the American version of Luc Besson's movie Nikita. Julia Roberts and Kim Basinger are also trying !

On screen as in life, the young woman knows what she wants. This will, this determination, she holds them from her education. "My mother had a personality which influenced me much. Alone with two children, she knew to face her professional career and her role of mother. She also helped me to carry out my dreams : that is to go to Japan, when I was 15 years old, or to support me when I decided to become an actress."

Her first weapons, Robin made them by exerting the job of mannequin in Paris. "A profession which teaches you humility : photographers often give you commands. A hard school which teaches you life. And prepares you to accept the requirements of the movie directors." Having now acquired a certain maturity, Robin is decided not to accept everything. "Hollywood is a world of men. I obstinately refuse to strip myself during a shooting. Nudity is not a peremptory necessity for the success of a movie." However an exception... Robin dared to show more than her nose in State of Grace, her last movie, starring Sean Penn. "I had asked him to carry off his tee-shirt first. I then followed him. But to show me naked stay exceptional. That will not happen any more !"

It is on the shooting of State of Grace  that Robin and the ex-boyfriend of Madonna, Sean Penn, understood that they felt in love. "We knew each other before. Instinctively, we felt a great complicity. But our connection was born once the shootings finished. And this is only a few weeks before the birth of our child, Dylan, that we decided to live together. One day, perhaps, we will get married !"

Robin Wright however does not hide that  the rumours which circulated on their couple made her much suffer. "Even if you are unaware of them, the comments on your private life finish by reach you. That's what I hate more, here, in Los Angeles." Love, however, carried on the gossips. The face of Robin is illuminated when she speaks about the love of her heart... "Sean learned to me how to be more expressive. Communication, between us, remains the essential aspect of our relation." The birth, in April 1991, of Dylan Frances, made only reinforce their union. "You should see us all three.   You would be surprised... To contemplate a man toched by his little daughter, it is the more tenderizing image. I always knew that Sean would be a dreadful father !"