Kelly's new rivale

 By Alena Prime, Télé Star, 1990

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Eden, Cruz, Kelly and the others : where will they be in two years when we will watch on our little screens the episodes which are currently shot in Los Angeles ? The love adventures of the more followed television soap are so complicated than a book would not suffice to reveal everything. It would be better to maintain the secret and to raise only one corner of the veil : one day, the beautiful Kelly will marry a certain Robert and will just escape from the revenge of the ex-promised in marriage of this beautiful young man.

This tigress who will never accept to have been "stolen" her lover, is a Canadian young person - almost a Frenchwoman - who plays her : Roberta Bizeau. She is since recently in the studios of Santa Barbara, enchanted by a role which will however be without future : "My contract expires in one year, entrusts she. And as Kelly cannot die, the writers will have or to make me take holy orders, or to let me bewitch the old C.C. Capwell, that I find still quite attractive !"

Roberta Bizeau - she will be Flame in Santa Barbara - is not a beginner anymore. After her studies in Toronto, she played in the show Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer. But she is even closer to us thanks to her presence in an episode of Les Cinq Dernières Minutes and two French movies : La Danse du Scorpion, by Josée Dayan, and especially Comment Faire l’Amour avec un Nègre sans se Fatiguer (literally How to Make Love with a Negro Without Getting Tired), where she gave the counterpart to Isaach de Bankolé. A movie with a provocative title which known a certain success last year.

Roberta bursts of health and it is not the exhausting rhythm of the shooting of Santa Barbara which will break her big appetite : "I devour life, entrusts this lively actress, and I enjoy a lot with all the team of the show. That is incredible, one would say that less the actors love each others in the scenario, more they love each others in life !" But Roberta lets escape a little regret : "I would like to play in a movie in France again, a role of very sexy and very greedy girl..."