Weddings to remember

 Daytime TV, 1993

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Santa Barbara not only had some of the best original characters on daytime, but also, the finest couples. When these twosomes decided to tie the knot, some of the most memorable weddings in soaps occurred ! Take a look back with Daytime TV from the beginning to the present and relive those magical (and not so magical) marriage moments of daytime's most unpredictable show.


Santa Barbara's first wedding was full of surprises ! Kelly Capwell (Robin Wright) fell in love with Joe Perkins (Mark Arnold), even though she found him standing over her brother's dead body with a gun ! He was found innocent of the crime and the two eventually married. Their happiness was short lived, however, when a jealous ex-boyfriend of Kelly's killed Joe.


One of Santa Barbara's wackiest wedding has C.C. (Jed Allan) and Gina (Robin Mattson) making a false start to the altar. The ceremony was perfect. They even had the popular singing group Air Supply to entertain their guests. The day was not theirs, as the bride and groom never made it to say their vows. C.C. and Gina eventually married in a less grand manner.

C.C. (Jed Allan) and Sophia's (Judith McConnell) relationship has been filled with ups and downs. The pair have been to the altar several times, but although devoted to each other, none of their promises to one another have lasted.

Kelly (Robin Wright) found love once again with Jeffrey Conrad (Ross Kettle) and the two were wed in a lavish ceremony. However, due to his mother's meddling and Kelly's infidelity and subsequent miscarriage, the couple divorced and Jeffrey left town.


No one ever believed that Cruz (A Martinez) and Eden (Marcy Walker) would ever marry ! The twosome fought long and hard to stay together, and love definitely won out. Magnificently dressed in antebellum attire, the lovers had a breathtaking seaside wedding.

Gina (Robin Mattson) and Keith (Justin Deas) both loved to torment the Capwell family so much, that they decided to attack them as a couple ! Although they truly cared for one another, Keith's shady business dealings got him in trouble with the government, and rather than involve Gina in the less he created, he left town.

After being caught in an explosion that nearly ended his life, Mason (Lane Davies) believed he was actually Sonny Sprocket ! Gina (Robin Mattson) took full advantage of his confusion and coaxed him to the altar. After the ceremony, Mason was shot by a mobster, had an out-of-body experience, and awoke, recovered from his amnesia. He quickly got their marriage annulled.

Their union was meant to be ! Mason (Lane Davies) and Julia (Nancy Grahn) professed their love to one another in a ceremony that was as romantic as it was beautiful. Unfortunately, Mason's drinking proved to be an obstacle the couple couldn't beat, so she left him and they divorced. Yet, she never let him out of heart.


Julia (Nancy Grahn) and Mason (Terry Lester) gave marriage another shot when they couldn't deny their passionate feelings for each other a minute longer ! Mason hadn't change his philandering ways though, and the couple split for a second time.


Getting married had never been as fun when Gina (Robin Mattson) and Lionel (Nicolas Coster) gave it a try ! While on the run from the police, Gina found herself playing the bride in a Shakespearian production, with Lionel as the groom ! The man who portray the minister was actually so, and the ceremony turned out be legit. Although they have their differences, the two eventually learned to love one another.

The third time's a charm ! That must have been what Mason (Gordon Thompson) and Julia (Nancy Grahn) were thinking as they completed their third attempt at tying the knot. Everyone in town, including the bride, believed they were attending a Capwell family member's funeral. But the romantic Mason surprised them all, especially his happy bride !