A million-dollar wedding

 By Simone Vollmer, Gong, 1992

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They are part of one of the most popular television series in the world. When Cruz Castillo and Eden Capwell, played by A Martinez and Marcy Walker, look deep into each other's eyes and forget everything around them in passionate embraces, viewers of the hit series Santa Barbara hold their breath. For four years, die-hard fans of the popular couple suffered : relationship problems, marriages to other partners, pregnancies and miscarriages, love affairs, a near-marriage prevented by a hotel fire, false murder accusations against Cruz, Eden’s paralyzed legs, the sudden blindness and then the news of her supposed death. No one believed in a happy ending anymore. But now it's time. Cruz and Eden finally say I do to each other in a dream wedding.

The show's producers spent 18 months looking for a romantic venue for the huge party and spent one million dollars in preparations. The sumptuous wedding took place at the luxurious Stone Pine resort in the California town of Carmel, where Clint Eastwood was once mayor. "Cruz and Eden's eventful relationship contributed a lot to the show's success", says producer John Conboy, and hopes it stays that way after the wedding.

"Marcy and I got along really well from the beginning. There is an attraction between us that the public also feels", says A Martinez. "This is our recipe for success."

Privately, however, TV's dream couple is growing apart. Both are married to other partners. "Because we have understanding spouses, our love of television is twice as much fun", says Marcy Walker with a wink. "It is always full of surprises".

Producer John Conboy has already revealed that the wedding won't be without surprises. Santa Barbara fans love this tension.