The next Kelly of Santa Barbara

 By Alena Prime, TÚlÚ Star, 1989

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When Robin Wright announced her intention to leave the show to launch out in other cinematographic and private adventures (she since shares the life of Sean Penn to who she gave two children), the production of Santa Barbara organized at once a big session of auditions to find the new Kelly Capwell as soon as possible. More than two hundred candidates presented themselves. Among them, a 24 years old girl whose charm compensated the thinness of a curriculum vitae on which appeared only very short appearances in TV movies and some advertisings. The chance had finally just smiled to Kimberly McArthur.

Two weeks after the departure of Robin Wright, she made, in June 1988, her entering at the Capwells. "Me who however am not superstitious, I could not prevent me from noting that my beginnings in the show took place the 13 of the month !"

Born in 1963, in Fort Worth, Texas, Kimberly, the younger of a family of three children, preserves of her years of youth of South girl some perfumed memories. "The pretty house of my parents was surrounded by an immense planted garden of honeysuckle. I adored, the evenings of summer, to breathe the sweetened odor of these flowers." With the divorce of her parents, the life of Kimberly was going to have a differently bitterer taste . Her father left for Houston, it was to her mother that returned the responsibility of educate the children. As well, apparently, since Kimberly continued without encumbers her studies at the university of Fort Worth. At her academic courses, the student, cherishing for a long time the dream to become an actress, had added lessons of dramatic art, song and dance. A formation which enabled her to obtain a role in a musical review entitled The Rock' n Roll Girls. "The spectacle had a such success than the troop was invited to play in Monte-Carlo. One month of dream in an idyllic place where I promised to myself to return one day."

To the joy of this first conclusive experiment succeeded a dramatic event : returned to the United States, Kimberly learned the death of her elder brother, killed in a road accident. "I do not know if I could forget it one day. I miss my brother so much." Running away from the too heavy memories to carry which attached her to Fort Worth, the young woman then left Texas for Los Angeles. That is there that she took note of the search carried out by the production of Santa Barbara for the replacement of Robin Wright. This role which she had accepted with enthusiasm, Kimberly however left it three months later, giving the place up to Carrington Garland. Since, Hollywood lost her trace.