Couples that can't stay apart

 Soap Opera Digest, 1989

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They can't live each other, they can't live without each other. They are the soap duos whose relationships are anything but boring, disagreements, deceptions and dissensions abound - but, in the end, they remain together. Take for example, The Young and the Restless' Traci and Brad, or Santa Barbara's Mason and Julia, or Days of your Live's Shane and Kimberly. All have had their share of problems. And all have separated. But they couldn't stay away each other for long.

Coming up, a look at these and other couples who can't stay apart. We also offer predictions as to whether they'll be together in the future.


Julia and Mason Capwell, Santa Barbara

They break up : Their initial encounter was a "business arrangement". Julia felt her biological clock ticking and wanted a baby. Mason agreed to get Julia pregnant and make no claim on the baby after it was born. Neither Julia nor Mason counted falling in love with each other - but they did. Despite this, the two were kept apart by his short-lived marriage to a pregnant Victoria Lane (she was carrying Cruz's child and Mason offered to make things legitimate). Julia and Mason were separated again when he was kidnapped by a couple of thugs working for C.C.'s illegitimate daughter Elena Nikolas (she plotted to kill all the Capwell offspring). And again when Mason developed amnesia, took on the persona of Sonny Sprocket and married Gina.

They make up : After Mason and Tori's divorce, Mason and Julia were finally free to be together. They also had a passionate reunion once Mason was released from his abductors, and again after the exorcised Sonny Sprocket - and Gina - from his life.

They can't help themselves : With the path cleared for marriage, Julia and Mason exchanged vows in June... But will they stay together ? We really don't think so.