Ashley will be the new Kelly of Santa Barbara

 By Joan Mac Trevor, CinÚ TÚlÚ Revue, 1991

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"I notice some similarities between these two roles", explains Eileen Davidson." Ashley and Kelly are both coming from rich families, though Kelly seems to me still more privileged than the first one. Then, I thought over, seeking to target the personality of Kelly. I then realized that I intervened at the time when the writers were forging a new identity to her. And I left play my imagination, knowing the role would give a new blow of whip to my life." That is true, Eileen Davidson does not look like the innocent, naive, but so much bewitching, Capwell girl, nor like the tormented Ashley Abbott. She appears riper. An intended fact, that producers of Santa Barbara seeking an actress more "woman", because the character must also evolve with the time (Kelly had even though been married three time), marked by the events of life.

Since last November 6, in the United States, the actress crossed the gates of Santa Barbara. "But my contract has a determined duration", she entrusts. "After one year, we will see where we will be : if, on their side, the persons in charge are satisfied of my performances, and if, by my side, I wish to continue this experiment." However, she will not appear immediately on the French channels because, to Robin Wright had already succeeded Kimberly McArthur and Carrington Garland. And the televiewers always follow episodes played by the first one.

Between her appearances in The Young and the Restless and those in Santa Barbara, Eileen Davidson played in two movies (Eternity with Jon Voight and Easy Wheels) and played a regular role in Broken Badges. "But I felt that this show was going to the end and I had, by my agent, quickly looked for another job. Today, I know that I cannot live without playing. I need this contact with camera. My moments of doubt, of anguish, are indeed finished. Two or three months after the end of my role in The Young and the Restless, I asked myself many questions, like "Is it really my vocation to be an actress ?", "What attracts me in this job ?", "Can I still exist normally ?"... I feared to not be able to answer it."

Ex-top model, Eileen began on the stages. But television offered her all she was waiting from life : glory, fortune and love. After having lived with Nicolas Coster (Lionel Lockridge in Santa Barbara), Eileen married Chip Mayer (T.J. Daniels in this same show), in 1985. One year later, they divorced. The actress currently lives a love-story with Don Diamont... who is Brad Carlton in The Young and the Restless ! "We talk a lot about our characters", she says. "It is wrong to believe that two stars from rival soaps (because she had already left The Young and the Restless in the United States) cannot get along. We do not want that jealousy kills our couple. Moreover, Don and me, we promised ourselves to never watch us on TV. Our families enough do it for us. You can see from here the agitation at our family meetings..."

Born in 1962, the actress is also a great sportswoman : she makes water skiing, rides horses... "I try to keep a good equilibrium between mental and physics", she affirms. "As soon as I have free time, I practise a discipline or another. But my most serious advantage reminds my memory. I retain all that I read, including the notes intended for technicians, scribbled beside the tirades !"