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 Soap Opera Digest, 1990

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The Capwells, Santa Barbara

Family members : Patriarch C.C.; matriarch Sophia; their children, Eden and Kelly; C.C.'s sons Mason (by his first marriage to Pamela), and Greg (from his affair with Megan Richardson)

The Black Sheep : Mason. In his ongoing attempt to live up to C.C.'s expectations, Mason keeps falling short. If he would stop giving a damn about what his overbearing father thought, Mason would never have a reason to return to the bottle (he's recovering alcoholic) or turn into Sonny Sprocket (his split personality) again.

Candidate for sainthood : Eden. No matter what the trauma (being pushed into a tank full of sharks, going blind, becoming paralyzed, getting amnesia), Eden sails through with flying colors.

Family phantom : For all we know, Greg is one of those potted plants sitting in the Capwell atrium - that's how often we see him. And, now that we think about it, we never see Greg's wife, Emily, either. Maybe they're in the kitchen with Rosa, whipping up one of the culinary treats that C.C. is always raving about (Rosa's another one we never see anymore or maybe they're over in Europe with the never-mentioned Ted (another Capwell son).

We hate to be picky, but... Why is there still only one family in Santa Barbara ? The Capwells simply can't carry the entire show. If we've said it once, we‘ve said it a thousand times : Bring back the Lockridges !