Deathbed secrets !

 Soap Opera Digest, 1990

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What have they got to lose ? When soap characters are at death's door, all kind of secrets get spilled. And those secrets have had repercussions ranging from amnesia (The Young and the Restless) to parenthood (Days of our Lives) to heartache (All my Children). Sometimes on soaps, a character's dying words breathe into new life into all kinds of storylines...

The secret : Cruz and Eden's kidnapped baby, Adriana, was still alive.

Who told it to whom : At Sonny (Mason's split personality) and Gina's wedding. Sonny was shot by a hit man and went into a coma. At the hospital, Mason dead briefly. In that time, he had an out-of body experience and went to Heaven. The Heaven registry, he discovered, didn't have Adriana's name on it. Once he returned from the land of the dead, Mason told Cruz that his daughter was still alive.

The repercussions : This revelation spurred Cruz to continue his search for his missing daughter, whom he had presumed dead.

If Mason had kept his mouth shut : Cruz may have lost hope and given up his quest for his child.