«My part saved their life.»

 By Emmanuelle Litaud, TV Magazine, 2006

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Former top-model, how did you become an actress ?

My roommate, who was an actor, suggested me to take acting lessons to help me to become a top-model and I fell in love with the job. It was a real surprise, because I was very shy. One year later, I started to work, I had chance.

You arrived in the show (The Young and the Restless) in 1982 then you left in 1989, why ?

I began as a very young person and I wanted to try out different parts. I did not want to play Ashley all my life. Finally, I came back... ten years later ! The producers had often recalled me, but I had always refused their proposals. One day, Don Diamont (Brad) said to me how much the show was extra. I wanted to have a child and he convinced me that it was an ideal work to become a mom.

At the time, that has not been too difficult to take again your part ?

During my absence, two other actresses had played Ashley. I spent time to find the character I knew, because she had changed a lot. Ashley was rather vulnerable and I found her definitely more manipulator. It is besides an aspect of her personality that I do not like too much.

In the show, Ashley has a breast cancer, how did you live this period ?

That was strong moments to play. I had agreed to shave my head, but, finally, for practical reasons, the producers preferred that I cut my hair and that I carry a mask. We tried to make it the most realistic than it could be. I received many letters, of which a score of women who affirmed that I had saved their life. One of them explained me that her cancer was very advanced and that she discovered it just in time (she has tears in the eyes). After that, you see life in a different way.