Characters who have changed

Soap Opera Digest, 1989

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Not too long ago, Days of our Lives' Patch was a hired thug for such brutes as Victor Kiriakis. Now, he is championing the causes of Salem's unfortunate. The Young and the Restless' Paul Williams used to have only one thing on his mind when it came to women - and it wasn't commitment (unlike today). And One Life to Live's Gabrielle went from victim to villainess in a master of months. What inspired these transitions ? Take a look at the "before" and "after" profiles of the soaps' most puzzling personality changes.


Santa Barbara

Name : Mason Capwell

Before : Mason was a stiff with an extremely dry sense of humor. Embittered over his inability to please his daddy, C.C., Mason had meaningless affairs with women, got drunk often, spouted Shakespearean proverbs and rarely cracked a smile.

Transition : We saw a kinder, gentler Mason after he fell in love with saintly Mary Duvall, who met an early demise. Then, he fell in love with the self-righteous Julia Wainwright, who gave him a daughter. But when Mason fell victim to amnesia, a truly fun Mason emerged in the form of Sonny Sprocket - a side of his personality that apparently been submerged for years.

After : As Sonny, Mason is easy going. He hangs out at the country'n western bar, where he can be heard strumming the guitar and singing a tune every now and then. He knows how to have a good ol' time and finds humor in his family's plights.