«The best Ashley, it's me !»

 By Fabrice Dupreuilh, Télé Star, 2004

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At 20 years old, Eileen began as a model in California and in Mexico. She played until four roles in Days of our Lives. A few years ago, she was said to have an affair with Don Diamont, who plays the part of Brad Carlton in The Young and the Restless. At soon 45 years old, Eileen Davidson presents an irreproachable physique and a happiness without any fault. At the time of the Monte-Carlo festival, the beautiful Ashley Abbott had come with her family. She answered with no hesitation to Télé Star.

In 1999, you joined the team of The Young and the Restless again in the part of Ashley which you had created seventeen years before. Because you had not found anything else ?

(She raises an eyebrow.) But absolutely not ! I came back following the request of the producers. They insisted to take me again in order to reboost the ratings. Of course, I was immediately attracted by this challenge...

And by the cheque which accompanied it...

Well... yes too. (She smiles.) But you know, that was not easy to play Ashley again. The character had lost of her interest in my absence. It took me one year to make her interesting again.

Not very sympathetic for Brenda Epperson and Shari Shattuck who replaced you meanwhile...

It is difficult to judge their work, I did not watch them. But they had perhaps less charisma. The best Ashley, it's me !

Finally, are you satisfied with your career ?

I had the chance to play in soaps which had success. Even if I have a very bad memory of my passage in Santa Barbara (She was taking the part of Kelly played at her beginning by Robin Wright Penn). It was the last year of life of the soap. The scenarios did not have any coherence...

Because you find those of The Young and the Restless probable ?

Yes. Eveything that happens in this soap can happen in the life. Look at myself : I divorced three times. The only difference, it is that in Geona City (the imaginary city where the adventures of the Abbott family proceed), everybody knows itself.

It is said that you met your husband on the stage...

It is true. Vincent (Van Patten) played a minor part in some episodes, that of Christian. We immediately got along. The destiny made the remainder. Today, he is a great poker player.

Do the shootings leave you enough time to devote to your family ?

My schedules are perfect. I work three days per week. I can thus take care myself of my son, Jesse, born in May 2003. Anyway, notoriety does not interest me any more. And I do not dream of the role of my life any more. I am recognized in the street, but I can live my life in peace. This is essential !