Born to conquer : soap's power elite

  By Stella Bednardz, Soap Opera Digest, 1988

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Rich, ambitious people are a dime a dozen on the soaps. But, every so often, an especially powerful character comes along. One whose omnipotence pervades the very fabric of a community. They cast a long shadow that encircles everyone and everything - no one is beyond their reach. This species doesn't influence, it dominates. And though they share many common character traits, the members of the power elite are a diverse bunch, each with his or her own eccentricities.


Dour power : C.C. Capwell, Santa Barbara

The man is a bully. C.C. Capwell is so sure of himself that he doesn't even to try to hide his smug attitude. Cold, calculating, sometimes cruel, he can easily justify any action. Only, of course, if he is forced to do so. Capwell wears his power like a beloved mantle; he revels in displaying it. He would probably have been comfortable ruling an ancient empire.

C.C. tries, but frequently fails to extend his reign to his independent children. He loves them dearly and would do anything to bring them happiness. That poses problems, because Mason, Eden, Kelly and Ted's stance is, “thanks, Dad, but I'd rather do it myself”. Unfortunately, Dad can't take no for an answer. C.C. lives by a code that applies only to himself : he can harbor secrets, however, no one else in the family is allowed to do likewise.