Dr. Arthur Donnelly






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Identity   Interpreter
Children : Michael Donnelly, Dr. Heather Donnelly

Profession : Surgeon


Jon Cypher :
July 12 1988 (# 993) to November 25 1988 (# 1090), August 16 1989 (# 1272) to September 18 1989 (# 1295)


Authoritarian and narrow-minded, Dr. Arthur Donnelly is a C.C. Capwell transposed in the medical field. Heather and Michael's father arrives at the summer of 1988 to take over the reins of the surgery department of the Santa Barbara hospital. Immediately, it appears that his relationship with his children have never been rosy. Arthur has in fact never accepted his son Michael's commitment to priesthood, and that his daughter Heather got specialized in psychiatry, a field he denigrates.

Too much sure of himself and unable to recognize his mistakes, Arthur finds his new whipping boy in the person of Dr. Scott Clark, Heather's boyfriend, whom he never ceases to jeer at in front of her. He does everything he can to separate them : to hire Heather's former boyfriend, Dr. Zack Kelton, at the hospital with his daughter, to exile Scott in a clinic in a poor district of the city... But he however fails in his purpose. The conflict between Arthur and Scott gets more acute when Arthur operates in emergency Ben, Scott's father, without telling him. Ben dies on the operating table and Arthur is accused of murder by Scott. Then, Arthur lets quickly seen some really human feelings for once, while bursting out sobbing after the death of this man.

On his love side, Arthur experiences also a few failures, as with Sophia Capwell Armonti or Victoria Lane, whom he tries to seduce both, but in vain. After a slight reconciliation with his children, Arthur suddenly leaves Santa Barbara for long without explanation.

He is back in the summer of 1989, called in emergency by Heather to support Michael, arrested for murder. Arthur strangely returns to the hospital as if he had never left it. His behavior towards Scott changes completely, since he makes many efforts so that this latter resumes with Heather whom he had meanwhile abandoned for another woman, Celeste. The idea of knowing his daughter pregnant with a man she is separated with may be the reason behind this change. Still, he manages his way this time, because after her delivery, Heather will decide to go back with Scott. Arthur, as for him, will disappear again without explanation...

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