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Complete name : Amado Ernesto Gonzalez

Date of death : September 21 1991

Sister : Nikki Alvarez

  Former known girlfriend : Laken Lockridge (1990-1991)

Professions : Barman at Bar None, Minx Lockridge's chauffeur


Rawley Valverde :
April 06 1990 (# 1434) to September 24 1991 (# 1805)


The character of the young Amado Gonzalez is introduced in spring 1990 as Nikki Alvarez's brother, whom this latter knows to be held hostage by a gang of drug traffickers. Saved by his sister, Amado then fears of being deported to Mexico, but has the support of Cruz Castillo to stay in the United States and in Santa Barbara with his sister. However, his pleasure is short-lived, since Nikki dies in an explosion a few months after their reunion.

Whereas he finds a job as a bartender at Bar None, Amado meets Laken Lockridge, with whom he immediately falls madly in love. If his feelings are reciprocal, this is not the same for his in-laws. The Lockridges, and especially Augusta, look in an unfavourable light the relationship between Laken and this Mexican immigrant from a modest background. Amado must then prove to Laken's family his seriousness and his honesty. He is besides hired by Minx Lockridge as a chauffeur so that she can keep an eye on him and watch over the development of his relationship with her granddaughter. However, he manages to convince Laken to move in with him, in order to protect their relationship from Augusta's verbal attacks.

The relationship between Amado and Laken know however some ups and downs, when he starts to become jealous of Stephen Slade, the movie director with whom Laken follows drama class. Then, it's on Richie Kenzoh, with whom Laken gets close, that Amado carries over his fear of losing his beloved. He however does not make a mistake in his target, since Richie, in order of dismissing him from Laken, sets up a plan to accuse Amado of stealing car radios. In the summer of 1991, Laken suddenly leaves town, leaving Amado single again.

His heart then starts to beat for Katrina Ruyker, whom he had already met several times at the time of his relationship with Laken. But he sees his advances rebuffed by Katrina, who prefers Dash Nichols. In revenge, Amado tells her that Dash has been charged with rape. Katrina, shocked by this revelation, decides to end her friendly relations with Amado. Depressed, Amado gets drunk and falls asleep at the engagement party between Cassandra Benedict and Mason Capwell. It is only late in the evening, when everyone had forgotten him, that it appears that he was hit by the bullet shot by Craig Hunt on Mason. Amado, dead instantly, then disappears of the show without a goodbye or a last smile...

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Any way you read it, Amado means love, 1990
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