The Capwell yacht

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Deserted since the tragic (supposed) death of Sophia Capwell, the Capwell yacht remains moored at the port. It is used in only brief occasions by C.C. Capwell for business lunches.

Of all the family members, Kelly is the only one to appreciate this place; it is besides there that she comes to spend her engagement night with Peter Flint. During this night, she confides in him that, every year, the family came to have a picnic on the boat, even after Sophia's death. It is also there that Kelly will see Joe Perkins again for the first time. Later, in 1985, she will come to spend there a few moments with her current fiancÚ, Nick Hartley. For a moment, Marcello Armonti will think of using the yacht as a place for his personal vengeance.

The Capwell yacht consists of two rooms : a main room (which is used for lunch among others) and a bedroom.

The Capwell yacht is regularly used with the come-back in town of Robert Barr in 1989. We then discover that its name is "Sophia". Moreover, we learn the drama which occurred on this boat, during a great party in 1979 : Raul Mondragon was killed there by Jerry Calhoun.

We discover on this occasion new parts of the boat, as the deck and the control room.