The Topsy Turvy's
Route 25, Santa Barbara

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In autumn 1989, we discover the bar in which Ric Castillo found a job as a barman : the Turvy's Topsy. Sometimes called also the Seedy bar, it deserves in every way its naming. Very dark, dirty, smoky, it seems to attract before all a clientele of amateurs of beers and fights. We enter the bar by a small angle staircase, what supposes that it is underground, which explains its total absence of window and thus of natural light.

A pink light floods generally the bar. Of here and there, some round tables occupy the space. On the walls, neon messages incite to the consumption between two posters stuck by fault or torn. Everywhere are lying bottles of alcohol or half empty glasses, papers, full ashtrays.

The left wall by entering, behind the counter, is constituted by shelves supporting bottles and glasses.

It is behind this long counter that Ric stands up most of the time. At the end of this latter, an old cash register serves to register the bills.

At the end of the room, between two stone pillars, a small room serves as playroom. In the middle thrones a billiard table, on which the parties never stop.

To the left of the staircase of the entrance, a curtain of pearl gives access to an internal staircase in the building. It allows to go in the small apartments situated over the bar. One of these studios will be rented by Cruz Castillo during his separation with Eden. It will also accommodate Nikki Alvarez, who will settle down there after Cruz's return at the beach house. Other studios are occupied by Ric, then later by Amado Gonzalez, Nikki's brother, come to get closer to his sister. Finally, Laken Lockridge will also come to occupy a small apartment at her return in town at summer 1990.

Few characters will dare to venture at the Turvy's Topsy. Beside Ric, Celeste DiNapoli will briefly come to work there as a waitress a few weeks before her disappearance. The bar, place of frequent fights, will disappear from the screen in the course of 1990. We shall see it again a last time in June 1991, when Dash Nichols will help there Maxine, a young woman close to be raped by drunk customers. It will then take the name of "The Corral".