The tunnel connecting the Capwell and Lockridge mansions

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Built by Emmet Capwell and Horatio Lockridge, the tunnel allows to reach from C.C.'s office the Lockridge cellar. Some other access however exist since the gazebo or the guesthouse of the Capwell property. Its existence was known only by a few persons : C.C., Sophia, Minx, Channing Junior and Lindsay Smith. It is indeed in its many galleries and secret rooms that Channing Junior and his lover Lindsay Smith used to find each other far from the glances. It is still there that Gina and her drug dealer Hank Judson practised their exchanges.

At the beginning of 1985, an explosion by nitroglycerin caused by Augusta triggers a fall. Several characters present inside the tunnels (Cruz, Santana, Gina, Ted) get from there unscathed, but Augusta loses sight and Hank Judson life.

It is in this same tunnel partially destroyed that in 1987 Eden and Cain leave the Capwell mansion under Keith's nose, after Cruz's escape during the wedding of Kelly and Jeffrey. In 1990, Gina and Phyllis try to double Lionel, while exchanging with fake paintings the valuable pieces of art stolen to the Capwells and stocked there by the chief of the Lockridge clan.