The offices of the Santa Barbara Conscience
Santa Barbara

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It is in a quiet district of the city that in autumn 1991, Warren Lockridge sets up the offices of the newspaper that he has just created, the Santa Barbara Conscience. At first alone, then with a restricted team, Warren holds his daily newspaper with an iron hand. Among the more or less occasional journalists, we count Flame Beaufort, Suzanne Collier whom he hires at first as photographer, then Katrina Ruyker.

We enter the offices by a double wooden door, which gives access directly to the newsroom.

After the explosion caused by Craig Hunt which ravages the offices at the end of 1991, the premises are completely done up like new. The wood of the front door is cleared up and the furniture is changed. Of an important space, the newsroom seems however very empty for a daily newspaper. Editors are missing at the many desks, typewriters and computers seem used only by Warren, and there is a lack of excitement we could expect from such a place.

At the bottom of the room, an arch separates the space in two parts. The one which is given to us to see accommodates Warren's desk, the other part gives access to his living quarters.

Only Warren, as director of the newspaper, benefits from an official desk. He writes there his articles, reads over, thinks.

Next to the desk, by walking around a piece of furniture, we reach a "private" marked room. It is Warren's living quarters, the place where he spends his evening and his nights. Decorated with numerous exotic objects and with photos brought back from his multiple journeys worldwide, the room contains only few furniture : a desk and a convertible sofa which is also used as bed by Warren. At the bottom of the room on the left, a door gives access to a small bathroom.

It is in this room that in spring 1992, Warren accommodates the young Troy Rhodes, who turns out to be in fact B.J. Walker, the next love of his life...