Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo's first beach house
105 White sand lane, Santa Barbara

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It is in 1985 when Cruz Castillo leaves his boat moored to the port of Santa Barbara to settle down in a small wooden house, in border of the ocean. It is with the aim of his common life with Eden Capwell that he makes the moving in, even if it is especially with Santana Andrade that Cruz will live his first months within it.

By following a small paved road, we arrive at the front door of the house, next to which is fixed a bell which serves as an opening bell.

Just next to the door is a window which allows to see inside the house (it is from this window that Eden will observe Elena Nikolas's game with Cruz in 1987).

Once inside the house, some imbricated beams frame a small entrance, before passing in the lounge.

This one, made by wood and by panelling, offers a very warm and at the same time simple atmosphere.

Against the beams situated in front of the entrance (on which is hung on a target, sign of a male housing environment), we find the eternal sofa in rattan and the coffee table which accompanies it.

Farther in the room, a big table, where thrones a telephone, faces the window looking directly onto the beach.

At the bottom of this main room, in recess, is the kitchen, separated from the lounge by a counter, always in wood.

On the right of the kitchen, a glass door looks onto a small terrace, on the outside.

At the bottom of the room, we find a fireplace, placed along a wooden partition wall. Behind this partition, a vacuum space but which gives access to the door of the bedroom.

It is only when Santana Andrade will be married to Cruz in 1986 that we shall see this bedroom, under an aspect more modern and less rustic than the rest of the house. Indeed, Eden and Cruz will be mostly shown lengthened rolled up in blankets on a carpet in front of the fireplace of the lounge. A much more romantic and passionate set that the traditional bedroom !

Of this "beach house", we also know the garage, which can be reached since the house.

This house will be given up by Eden and Cruz during the year 1988 for another house, more spacious, but also more modern and regrettably more impersonal. At their departure, this first "beach house" will become the home of Carmen, Cruz's mother, even if we won't see its walls on the screens anymore.